Utqiagvik says ‘so long’ to the sun, but Deadhorse has a few more days of sunlight to go

The airport view to the south in Utqiagvik at 3:43 pm on Nov. 19, 2023. Photo credit: FAA camera

The sun has set in Utqiagvik for the winter, and will not be seen over the horizon for another 65 days.

For the month of November, America’s most northern community has lost a total of six hours as it headed into the Big Dark, more than a month before the official start date for winter. The sun rises again on Jan. 23, 2024.

Southeast of Utqiagvik is Deadhorse, also above the Arctic Circle, and the work center for Prudhoe Bay oil fields. The sun will set there on Nov. 24 for the winter.

Airport view to the south in Deadhorse on Nov. 19, 2023 at 3:44 pm. Photo credit: FAA camera.


    • I followed a certain Facebook discussion during the last week. Someone posted a photo from there and had the temerity to say Barrow. When challenged by numerous people, he explained that he was actually there on the ground and the locals he encountered only called it Barrow. It’s important to note that all of the people chastising him for using that name were taniks in and/or from Anchorage. For further reference, hunt down Josiah Patkotak’s campaign commercial for NSB mayor and see what he calls it. If Suzanne is using the other name, bear in mind that journalists live and die by style manuals and how they dictate the naming of things. Mary Peltola was never Mary Peltola until she started campaigning for Congress, and now we’re supposed to believe that she was never known by anything other than Mary Peltola.

      • Six votes made it Utqiagvik, and frankly, none of us who don’t live there should care what they name it, but … clearly the town is divided over it. – sd

        • There is literally a street down the middle of the village dividing Browerville and Utqiagvik – the airport is still Wiley Post PABR Barrow, according to the FAA.

          • The best part about FAA’s decision to stick with BRW is woke Seattle Airlines who serves the community cant use the new name the newly elected youth chose (over the majority of the elders for lack of voter participation).
            I am curious how long the Will Rogers/Wiley Post monument will remain standing honoring their failed attempt to reach that destination alive before it is replaced with something less “white”

            The other looming question is: If the children on the Anchorage ASSembly decides to change the name of the big city to “Homeless Haven” will FAA go along???

        • Thank you, Suzanne. Officially, it is Utqiagvik, one of the traditional names. But most of us up north still say Barrow. Or we use both, depending on context.

  1. Already this season I found myself becoming fixated on green trees and vegetation on TV or online to the exclusion of whatever the plot or subject of the program may be about.

      • I grow very tired of those who say the people should decide, then cry fowl when the people choose opposite of their (the complaints) preferred result.

        Elections have consequences and voter apathy more so.

  2. Seems that people in that city could capitalize on both the last sunset and the first sunrise as well. Bring in some off season tourists who seek exotic destinations to brag about at the club. Maybe a five star viewing lodge.

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