Utah Senator Mike Lee endorses Nick Begich for Congress

Sen. Mike Lee and Nick Begich III

In an announcement made Thursday, Nick Begich, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress from Alaska said he is endorsed by U.S. Senator Mike Lee, a Utah Republican.

Senator Lee’s support underscores Nick’s commitment to conservative principles and effective government, the Begich campaign wrote. The endorsement comes on the heels of the Freedom Caucus endorsement that Begich announced last week.

Sen. Lee said in his endorsement: “Congress needs real conservatives with the energy and grit to push back on the radical left, return to constitutional governance, and unleash true American innovation. I’m endorsing Nick Begich for Congress because it’s time for a true Alaskan voice to join the fight and unlock the potential of America’s last frontier.”

“Senator Lee’s endorsement means a great deal to our campaign,” Begich said in response. “He has been a steadfast advocate for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberty. His support underlines our shared vision for a stronger, more prosperous America, and Alaska’s place in that prosperous future. I am honored to have his confidence and look forward to working with him to champion the values that matter most to Alaskans.”

Lee has been at the forefront of the senators who have fought against warrantless searches by the FBI, against the Green New Deal, and against an unsecured southern border.

Nick Begich is the leading Republican candidate for Alaska’s at-large seat in the U.S. Congress. Also running for Congress against Democrat Mary Peltola is Republican Nancy Dahlstrom, Alaska’s lieutenant governor, who has won the endorsement of the National Republican Congressional Committee.


  1. “I hired that young man to show him the ropes, run for the job, don’t run against me…it’s not loyalty, nor is it honest…That’s a person I don’t want to serve me in Congress.” Don Young.

    The only experience Begich has is as a junior intern.

    • M, you are a broken record. We have been through this a hundred times. It was Don Young who screwed Begich and Alaska and then died of old age in office. Begich was his chosen replacement and the only one with the stones to run. It was only when Young realized he was going to be retired that he turned on Begich and Alaska.

    • Nick is honest and sharp I’m all in on him winning, we don’t need career politicians we need real Americans with business savvy. Politics isn’t rocket science it’s managing our country and making sure we are all safe.

  2. Nick is the best candidate by far. He is so well versed on all subjects and he gets where money comes from. He can really make a difference in geting our country back on track. Please encourage everyone you know to turn out for Nick.

    • “he gets where money comes from” The money’s all gone. It’s just a printing press in the basement at Treasury named “Democracy”. The only SERIOUS candidates will outline an emergency plan to drastically reduce the size and scope of the federal government, get us out of the U.N., immediately secure the border., and take major steps to secure our monetary system without going to a digital currency PERIOD.

  3. I’m very selective with whom I donate to. Nick will be receiving one soon from what’s left of our budget. I’m beginning to realize that’s how the left orchestrates it. Meaning that the average household has little left for which to donate all the while their coffers are continuously topped off by the dark money they say they are against.

    • We know, Chuck, because you have gone on ad naseum about Sarah Palin, who famously told everyone to wear a mask. You smart people stick together, I see. ‘https://www.fox29.com/news/sarah-palin-urges-people-to-wear-masks-after-she-several-family-members-test-positive-for-covid-19

        • Chuck, I have really hit hard against your lies on Nick Begich and these conservatives, who endorsed Nick Begich “being bought off” I understand, now where you are coming from and I don’t think now that you are a democrat; however, I won’t say you are conservative, because what you are falsely claiming is not conservative and playing into the democrats hands and if you truly want to seek answers, as someone else on here claims you do. Then, you won’t be bashing Nick; you will actually go and ask him questions. When I had questions, I spent months seeking answers, not on here making statements as if I knew something, when I didn’t factually on Nick. If continue this, you may not be a registered democrat, but you are not any better than an a solid pro-Mary Peltola supporter with what you are doing.

        • Chuck, but Sarah has over 50% negative ratings…
          For the math challenged that means she would never win Statewide. Outside of the Mat- Su Sarah was considered a joke.

          • Sarah was not considered a joke outside of the Mat-Su, only by those with Palin derangement syndrome.
            Re the math: The math shows she beat Begich last time. He came in third.

    • So, who are you going to vote for Clark? Mary Peltola, do you trust her more than Nick?? What non-sense, I am fairly convinced you folks who are never-Nick are not conservative in the least and in fact are secretly supporting supporting Mary Peltola, and not republicans, much less conservatives because you aren’t.

      • You are SO Wrong about Chuck and all your Assumptions and accusations about him. He is just thinking and wanting more in depth answers and proof about NB3 than the superficial reasoning that includes blind faith of so and so endorsed him. He is entitled to his opinion, reasoning.

    • Chuck, also you think these conservatives got bought off by Nick Begich; you really are a democrat! Your lies and nonsense will never convince me or any true conservative. You either a useful idiot or real democrat. Enjoy Mary Peltola, obviously you aren’t the least concerned about defeating Mary Peltola.

      • You are Wrong again. Chuck is neither lying nor a Democrat. False accusation in an attempt to bully, silence and intimidate.

        • Correct. The radical right want to silence anyone who dare speak out against their views. Hair jell boy and his smile look like they belong in one of those public service commercials on SNL.

        • With all do respect, yes he is lying about Nick and you want to accuse me of false accusations, I am responding to his false accusations and lies about solid conservatives, such as Mike Lee and all these being “bought off by Nick” get actual facts before you states such nonsense. I agree someone should go get facts if they want answers; publicly bashing Nick isn’t seeking answers.

        • Plus, if I am so wrong; why doesn’t he attack Mary Peltola in his statements here, only Nick. It’s interesting… I will he vote for Nancy Dahlstrom or Nick Begich; I really wonder who he truly supports. I’m either stating if it comes down to Nick Begich versus Mary Peltola will he vote for Nick – currently I doubt it, but if he truly wants to get answers, he will be seeking actual facts not accusing Nick with absolute lies, acting like he knows what he is talking about, when he doesn’t regarding Nick.

  4. Mike Lee is detested in Utah, for many good reasons. His endorsement is a badge of shame.

    “Then fool’s approval stings” – TS Eliot

  5. Caleb, who do you support for President in 2026 and for US Congress? It is important to state, who you think folks should support; since you are publicly bashing Nick Begich and Sen. Mike Lee.

  6. As far as for Scary Mary. I can trust one thing about her. That she wil l do exactly the things I oppose the most. Doesn’t mean I’d even give her a last-place vote. Unlike Nick!’s voters did last time.

  7. Looking at NB3 businesses, how many businesses show he and Uncle Mark are/have been listed as having interests in the same business? Concerned because I don’t see a firewall between their joint family interests and it could affect his decisions.


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