Untold stories of vandalism at Camp Berkowitz


The reporting by the mainstream media on the Occupy to Overcome protests at the Delaney Park Strip in Anchorage painted a much more benign picture than the one that is emerging from witnesses.

At least two cars had their windows smashed as they were parked near the Park Strip on the morning of July 19, when the protesters were finally forced to move out of the downtown park or face arrest.

Witnesses say that many of the protesters were angry and belligerent at the eviction, when they moved to the edge of Valley of the Moon Park.

As the were packing up and leaving, between 8:30 and 10 am that day, vandalism to at least two cars occurred, according to the owner of one of the vehicles. He provided a photo of the other vehicle, owner unknown, that had its side window smashed out that morning.


“I take walks during my break, and I had been walking around my car to make sure they didn’t vandalize my car, but lo and behold, I knew something like this was going to happen. I already filed a police report, which will do absolutely nothing. Basically, I’m set back roughly $600,” he said.

In addition, garbage was left behind on the Delaney Park Strip and in the street, including several bottles filled with urine that were thrown onto the street by the protesters, as shown in the photo at the top of the page, and in the photo below, taken on July 19.

The groups taking responsibility for the occupation of the park are:
  • Defend the Sacred
  • Native Movement
  • Alaska Rising Tide
  • Alaska Poor People’s Campaign
  • Alaskans Take a Stand (this is the Recall Dunleavy group)
  • Fireweed Collective


  1. When the mentally ill throw a tantrum this is what happens. Actually, this is a fairly mild tantrum, they could have done much worse.

  2. Disgusting. Leftist strategy – keep them dumb, drugged and dependent then put ballot and black pen into their hands and make sure they fill out ‘properly’.

  3. Well, those groups have proven they are nothing but disgusting degenerates and they have done nothing but hurt their supposed purpose.

  4. I think I saw one of the protestors later at Carrs, he was lying on the floor kicking his feet and screaming because mommy wouldn’t buy him candy.

    These people vote. We have to be diligent and get off the couch next election and make sure their kicking and screaming stays in Carrs, and not the legislature.

    VOTE like your well-being and your city depend on it.

  5. Given the overall tone of reporting found here on this topic, I’ll withhold the name of the group I’m associated with, which isn’t mentioned in the above list. While the camp hasn’t been discussed in the group’s meetings, at least four members are actively providing support. When talking with my pastors and members of my church community, I learned that there was a reluctance to get involved because of the political overtones, which mirrored my initial take. I changed my mind during the second week when I saw people who were sincere about sobriety, self-support and seeking a long-term solution, something which hasn’t happened within the social service mainstream. I believe it was an active member of the Fairview Community Council who used the term “whack-a-mole” to describe certain members of the homeless community, people who keep returning to the same old same old no matter what you do for or to them. You’ll find that in abundance along the street if you drive down East Third, but you won’t find it so much over at Valley of the Moon. I’m not in denial; of course there are conflicts and struggles in that community. The important thing is that I’m seeing more progress there in two weeks than I’ve seen in years elsewhere in town.

    • If Berkowitz has such affection for the homeless, why doesn’t he take a bunch of them into his own home and adopt them? Then, he can write them off on next year’s federal 1040 form. Isn’t this what Lefty’s do from the heart?

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