Unanimous again: District 14 Republicans endorse Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate


Following on the heels of District 15’s announcement Tuesday, District 14 Republicans on Wednesday endorsed Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate.

It appears to be a trend in the Republican Party in Alaska. The Alaska Republican Party in March censured incumbent U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski and, by a vote of 77 percent of the State Central Committee, vowed to seek a replacement and ask Murkowski to not run as a Republican. Three weeks later, Tshibaka announced she would run for the office.

This makes nine establishment Republican groups that have endorsed Tshibaka: District 21, 12, 14, 15, both Kenai Republican women’s clubs, both Mat-Su Valley Republican women’s clubs, and the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club. Also, Bikers for Trump, and former President Donald Trump himself.

District 14 is a conservative part of the state, centered in the Eagle River area of Anchorage. In 2016, when Lisa Murkowski ran for re-election, Joe Miller did surprisingly well in this district running as the Libertarian candidate, getting two votes for every three votes Murkowski won; Miller took 2,145 votes, while Murkowski took 3,004 in the district that year; Margaret Stock, the Democrats’ “independent” candidate, was also on the ballot that year, getting just 611 votes out of the district.

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  1. Kelly left Alaska after high school graduation in 1995 or soon after and didn’t come back to live in the state until 2019 when she and her husband landed high paying state government jobs. She has no military service and no private sector experience. A total government bureaucrat who did well in Obama’s Swamp. Yet everyone just fawns over her “Alaskan values” rhetoric. She’s spent her entire adulthood outside this state and now she’s come back to tell us about her deeply held Alaskan values. I guess Alaskans can’t see through that BS.

  2. Back in 1980 the Democrats decided to remove a sitting US Senator in the primary and run a largely unknown candidate. Not surprisingly, the move didn’t work out very well. Frank Murkowski was a sacrificial candidate on the Republican ticket and stumbled into a win when running against the guy the D’s elected in the primary.

    There is an echo of this kind of silliness with the folks who are prepared to dump Lisa Murkowski and run a peculiar candidate with limited experience based in Alaska and now legislative background. Sure, you can carp and snipe about Lisa having been appointed by Frank the Bank but she has done a decent job representing Alaska for decades. Lisa Murkowski has seniority on the important appropriations committee and will be missed if she is sent home by Kelly T.

    Oh well, it happens in this little experiment we call a democracy. We deserve what we will get if Kellly the T is elected, which will be rhetoric disconnected from reality.

  3. PJ and Joe, Lisa has swayed too far left to represent the average Alaskan anymore. She should at least say that she is right leaning democrat rather than a Republican.
    Her playing both sides of the fence to “help” Alaska has been totally ineffective. Just like when beggich told us he could get anwar opened up as he was a democrat and he could get the votes. Again, the other dems used him for his votes against the 2A and social issues but never returned the favor.

    Dems are a one way street and should never be trusted. Lisa has either become a dem or is too stupid to know she is being played. In either case, she is not good for Alaska anymore. I would rather see a dem in that seat than lisa.

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