UFO debrief: Intel officials say US has retrieved craft of non-human origin


The federal government is being pressed to reveal evidence of unidentified flying objects, after a former intelligence official is on the record saying that the government is in possession of “intact and partially intact” vehicles of alien origin.

David Grusch, an ex-official who spearheaded the analysis of unexplained anomalous phenomena (UAP) for a Department of Defense agency, contends that these extraterrestrial crafts are known to the US government. Grusch shared his alarming revelations with the Debrief, declaring that information on these vehicles is being unlawfully withheld from Congress.

UAP is the new preferred government acronym for what most Americans know as UFOs.

Grusch’s 14-year tenure in US intelligence ended suddenly in April, following what he describes as retaliation for turning over classified information regarding the alien vehicles to Congress. His departure and subsequent revelations have fueled renewed interest in the study of UAPs and the potential existence of extraterrestrial life. He has become a whistleblower.

Corroborating Grusch’s claims, Jonathan Grey, a current US intelligence official at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, confirmed the existence of “exotic materials” in an interview with the online publication called The Debrief. “We are not alone,” he said.

Robert F. Kennedy, a Democrat running for president, commented on the revelation in a Twitter post that jokingly referred to the movie “Men in Black.”

This information surfaces amidst a recent uptick in sightings and reports of alien ships, revitalizing the discussion around extraterrestrial visits.

But it raises questions about whether the government has been truthful about what it knows about extraterrestrials, or if this is an election-year distraction for political gain. If the government was untruthful before, what makes its information more credible now? With a presidential election on the horizon, will this be the new national emergency, as the Covid-19 virus was in 2020?

The reality is, this has been simmering for years among military pilots. In 2021, the Pentagon released a report documenting over 140 instances of UAP encounters that couldn’t be explained, including military footage showing apparently inexplicable happenings in the sky. Navy pilots have spoken of their frequent encounters with strange craft off the coast of the United States.

One of the authors of The Debrief article, David Blumenthal, spent 45 years as a writer for the New York Times. He said that he and co-author Leslie Kean took this story to The Debrief because the Washington Post was taking too much time and the authors were under pressure to publish it quickly,. This indicates the story was getting leaked out to other media and the two were fearful of getting scooped.

According to a report this year in Popular Mechanics, former U.S. Air Force personnel told the Pentagon about their encounters with UFOs back in the 1960s. The officers reportedly recently told the government’s “All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office” (AARO) that they had several encounters with the objects near U.S. military bases. The AARO office was set up by the Pentagon for investigating UAP sightings.

“Former U.S. Navy officer Sean Cahill, who claims to have witnessed the infamous ‘Tic Tac’ incident sighted off the U.S.S. Nimitz aircraft carrier in 2004, said on Twitter recently that he wants more information on UFOs. He urged his followers not to let ‘those [with] agendas and cognitive blocks … use the current balloon flap to muddy the water.’ He added: ‘Don’t take the bait; demand identification and evidence of each incident’s origin.'”

Read the entire story at The Debrief.


  1. Totally not a pys-op to distract. I mean “whistleblowers” aren’t universally persecuted for speaking out and usually lose it all- their career, their freedom, and sometimes their family and life. This guy, David Grusch, looks like he is eating very well.

    Totally not a pys-op… Ukraine is fine. Dementia riddled president is fine. Economy built of debt, smoke, mirrors and fraud is fine. Birthrate plummeting below 2.1 replacement rate is fine. Mass epidemic of addiction, mental illness and suicide is fine. Military unable to come close to meeting recruitment is fine. No culture being produced and what we have being degraded is fine… I could go on.

    • What if the aliens do not have male and female?! How will we know what pronouns to avoid? And how do we address any aliens that claim to identify as human? Human what?! Human man or human woman? Where are the progressives to tell us this information? The horror!

      • And what if the aliens naturally have five or six different genders? Just think of all the potential trans- possibilities! It’s enough to make a wokester positively green with envy.

    • Here’s a better puzzler: Would the triune Christian God also be the God of these aliens? Let’s let the theologians cogitate on that one for a while. I’m sure they can think up something.

      Care to comment Jen?

  2. Unalienated craft. Drones from outer space. Dividing up their great human experiment with CRT, LGBTQ, Trump/Biden, and Bud Light. Horrible visitors.

  3. Finally! Now we know that Mary-P and Daddy’s Little Princess were implanted here from afar, as a Manchurian Candidate // Trojan Horse, with the intent of human destruction!!!

  4. This is a topic I studied for decades, beginning in 1974 when we were stationed at Malmstrom AFB. Why? Because we saw one ourselves in broad daylight hovering over the old copper mine smoke stack in Black Eagle, a small area in northern Great Falls. It must have been around August of that year. I had just turned 10 in May. It was the first time we bought a house off-base, and my mom and I were in the yard talking to the realtor & her husband who owned the house behind us. Our neighborhood was on a hill overlooking Great Falls. My mom saw the sun reflecting off metal and we all looked and wondered what it was we were seeing. It was a large saucer-shaped craft hovering silently. When it moved, it moved in ways I’d never seen a craft move, more akin to a hummingbird.

    Call me crazy if you wish, it wouldn’t be the first time I’d heard that. But I won’t deny what I saw.

  5. Craft or crafts are most likely being detained until the currency conversion method has been developed to make sure “The Big Guy “ is (cough cough )
    Not rewarded in any way.

  6. My question would be, why would any species advanced enough to achieve interstellar travel be interested in us? That would be like us being fascinated by ants.

    • There’s a lot money tied up in research… including ant research. Not sure they’re productive research projects but it is definitely a govt (taxpayer) funded industry.

    • Why assume that any non-human contacts must be from another star system? Any number of other possibilities exist — time travelers (the aliens are us!), visitors from parallel realities, aliens from worlds within our own solar system (with biochemistries radically different than ours), even creatures from our own world, but hidden from us, say deep-sea-dwellers (the deep sea is still 99% unexplored). Personally, I believe that if non-human intelligences have in fact been observing us and visiting earth, interstellar visitors are actually the LEAST likely possibility.

    • Why?
      FOR SPORT!
      Like throwing rocks at a bees’ nest or smashing apart an anthill (to piggyback on your analogy).

  7. I have always maintained: “The X-Files” TV show isn’t fiction but rather based on actual events. The Truth is Out There.

    How else can Biden and Trump be explained?

  8. What The whistleblower also said was that there are many species of aliens. Not just the typical grays or the reptilian or the blondes. Back in the 1950s when Thor visited with Eisenhower and Nixon and The joint Chiefs in the Pentagon, all this was set into play. One thing somebody may ask is why are they crashing so many ships if they have such great technology. Accidents happen and our weather patterns may be greatly different than what they’re accustomed to. It could be a way of them trickling technology to us rather than just handing over a hole basket full of goodies. They want to make us work for it. They may actually only be a few hundred years ahead of us. The founder of Lockheed Martin skunk works said once that whatever you can imagine 50 years from now, we are way past that and that’s just what you can imagine. It’s what you can’t imagine is what we can accomplish. He also said Star wars Star Trek that kind of stuff been there done that. So I believe they’re possibly preparing to come clean with some big announcement in the near future. It will be a big non-event because more than 50% of the United States and probably the world believes in extraterrestrials. Even the prime minister’s wife of Japan said that she took a ride on one and that Venus is beautiful. Most other countries are not as closed about their extraterrestrial sightings and close encounters as we are. That’s because we have the most lies to the public to try to hide.

  9. How come the world can believe in UFOs and Aliens BUT you can’t believe in Jesus, when Jesus has more documented historic documents about his life, death, and resurrection. Here the world rather believe in something that can come out of a si-fi movie. By the way why would governments want the public start believing in UFOs
    now—- ? Bevelyn Beatty mention something thought provoking could it be when a world miracle happens millions of true believing Christians are taken up, the governments will console the grief stricken and shocked public that those hating, fear mongering, racist, Christian’s were abducted by aliens. Cause I grew up in the generation if you believed in aliens and UFOs you were either nutty or crazy. Me personally I don’t know. I will find out when I get to heaven and let you know.

    • Sightings Jen. People are reporting things they believe they saw. In the present.

      Christian sightings tend to be of Mary, not her son Jesus.

      Have you been to Fatima? It’s stunning. Funny it is named after Mohammed’s daughter.

  10. Let’s explore how far American (and Alaskan) self-delusion has apparently come:
    – Trump won.
    – Trump is a great businessman.
    – Covid vaccines cause clots.
    – Other vaccines cause autism.
    – Masks don’t help.
    – More guns make us all safer.
    – Fewer guns won’t reduce gun deaths.
    – Teachers are pedophiles.
    – Sandy Hook was a government plot.
    – Government is the root of all evil.
    – God is real, omnipresent, and omnipotent.
    – Two cells constitute a human.
    – Humans have souls.
    – The Bible is the unerring word of God.
    – American Christianity is the only true religion.
    – An Alaskan birthright includes large PFDs and the right to never pay taxes.

    And now we can add to the list:
    – UFOs (UAPs) are real.

    How long before we can add:
    – The World is, after all, flat.

    How is it that so many people remain so intentionally gullible and deluded?

    • You are hilarious. Let’s just start with this one question, Whidbey: How many cells do you say constitute a human? What’s your number?

    • Almost your entire list consists of incontrovertible facts, Cur.

      Indeed, how is it that so many (propagandized, brainwashed, conformist, unthinking) radical leftist ‘people’ remain so intentionally ignorant, gullible, deluded and insane?

    • That is a pretty good list, Whidbey old boy…

      Better be careful or some of that stuff might start sinking in when your demons aren’t looking.

    • SAT scores have been falling every year since 1974. the elecorate is becoming more stupid.

  11. Ezekiel in OT chapter one describes God’s glory in his sighting that could have been described today as UFO. Same thing with John writing about Heaven in Revelation. What if UFO’s are cherubims -angelic hosts- or Lord himself? Then a mysterious king (Melchizedek) appeared and visited with Abraham after his band of 300 men defeated chedorlaomer and the kings with him. Bible and Jewish history is full of wonders. The John Ankerburg Show be a good place to listen to its past interviewed scholars on the subject matter.

    • What will you do if Jesus is a hybrid? If angels are aliens? If heaven is another plane of existence like another dimension? If the chariots of fire were space ships? If people really did love to be 900 before the flood? If there really were giants on the earth because aliens impregnated the daughters of man? What will you do Jenny?

  12. I thought you read the bible. Enoch and others were taken up in UFOs. Revelations tells about a chariot of fire. A wheel within a wheel. Those were aliens, not gods. Aliens took Jesus up. Angels don’t need wings to fly. Even king Solomon rode his magic carpet. Noah was a hybrid. He was all white and glowing when born. His dad didn’t think he was the father.

    • Of course. The Japanese were mauled by a big UFO. Later on during the briefing when the Men in Black showed up, everyone was told this never happened and we were never here.

    • I doubt it. There was one that crashed in Mexico and black helicopters and Men in Black went down there and ran the Mexican police off so that we could claim it.

  13. I hate talking about this because it makes one sound like a Conspiracy Nut. I for one believe that there are no aliens and that the concept of aliens/UFO’s are a convenient and entertaining cover to hide in plain sight advanced weapons systems the U.S. Government does not want leaking out. I believe this has been going since the fall of the Third Reich where a number of German Scientists were utilized in various Western Countries to augment their engineering capabilities.

  14. It requires extraordinary faith or extraordinary pride to believe that we are alone in the universe and the peak of intelligence.

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