UAF grad Tom Emmer withdraws name from House Speaker contest


The House will not have a University of Alaska Fairbanks alumnus as its Speaker. Only hours after being nominated by Republicans to become the Speaker, Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota withdrew from the race.

Although Emmer had prevailed over six other candidates in closed-door caucus votes, former President Donald Trump publicly said he does not support Emmer’s candidacy. Emmer needed 217 votes on the House floor, which it became obvious he did not have after Trump weighed in.

He follows the failed nominations of Reps. Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan in a House drama that was initiated when harder-right Republicans joined with Democrats to vacate the House Speaker seat, which had been tenuously held by Rep. Kevin McCarthy since Jan. 7, when he was able to secure enough votes to lead the House of Representatives.

About 25 House Republicans said they would not vote for Emmer when his name came to the floor. Others who have dropped out include Dan Meuser of Pennsylvania and Gary Palmer of Alabama.

The House has been without a Speaker for three weeks. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is the nominee for Democrats. The Republican nominations are now down to these six:

  • Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Mich.
  • Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla.
  • Rep. Kevin Hern, R-Okla.
  • Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La.
  • Rep. Austin Scott, R-Ga.
  • Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas


  1. You reap what you Sow Republicans. Shouldn’t have hitched your horse to that Orange traitor. Well now you are seeing the consequences, bunch of 10 yr olds you are

  2. No great loss with this one. And the bright side is the Gov isn’t spending money. Maybe the Gang of worthless Senators will have to pay for there Junket out of there own pockets🤣

  3. What a bunch of clowns. Couldn’t find their way out of a cardboard box. They’re almost as embarrassing as our geriatric Commander in Chief.

    • Interesting that a reference to Stalin is made here as there are remarkable similarities with the government today and the Stalinist government. For example, take a look at the 1937 Soviet Union legislative election. By the numbers, there was basically a lock step vote, similar to what we see with Congress today, but this only after the Stalinist government changed the rules half way through the election year due to fear of political opposition. Again, remarkably similar. Those especially persecuted were the individuals who attempted to hold the government to their promises. These ones were indicted with false crimes and arrested. Again, very similar. There were also mass arrests made by the NKVD around the election time to drive the point home. The uni-party government in the US today is literally repeating history now. The results are evident with the current state of both houses and the executive branch as well.

  4. There are about 5 different factions or denominations of the Republican Party, I for one am fiscal conservative, I vote for what helps my business interests, I hope.
    Then there is the extreme radical right wing that I also see comments from on this site. Too many extreme radical right wingers want to interject what they think is true to they’er religion, at least they think so, but constitution endorses no one particular religion.
    Emmer was anti maga.
    Much of this division has to do with support for Ukraine. and with Israel vs Middle East Islam, we are in the beginnings of WW3.
    So we’re stuck with a bad president that has even more power.

  5. Let’s re-title this article so it’s accurate: “Exploiter of UAF who got a free degree for playing a game quits.” The fixation with sports and giving degrees to people for playing them is yet another thing wrong with this country.

      • UAF gives a free ride to sports players – mostly to out of state and out of country people. Those of us that pay for our degrees are paying for this both financially as well as having our degrees degraded by people who are given a pass in classes so they can stay in good standing to play their games. Sports have no place in any school. They detract from actual education and at best are entertainment.

        • Hear hear, Me!

          I agree with you 100%, the playing of children’s games have utterly NO place in any institution putatively dedicated to education. In fact, they are antithetical to education.

        • Seems more like UAF exploring the taxpayers. Can’t blame him for taking a free ride if offered.

          • Just like all freeloaders….welfare recipients, BLM rioters, etc….like I said, it shows how broken our country is….can’t blame anyone for stealing money from others.

  6. Good riddance. Emmer is a Uniparty loyalist. The House in turmoil could be a good thing at this particular point in history.

  7. How ironic that the Republican conference essentially uses ranked choice voting to nominate a speaker. They vote on the whole pool then the candidate with the least votes is dropped and they vote again on those remaining. As with RCV, if your first choice is eliminated you get to vote again for one of the remaining candidates if you want to. If RCV is ok for the Republican conference in Congress then why is it such a problem here other than it reduces the influence of the parties to control who we get to vote for?

    • You should stop lying. RCV dilutes your vote with each succeeding vote you cast after your first choice.

  8. It’s funny to see some people incorrectly calling Trump a traitor while totally ignoring Biden directly giving arms and money to sworn enemies.

    Illustrative of many things:
    -obsession and paranoia.
    -mental illness
    -poor command of English (probably a public school graduate)
    -inability to put forward a coherent argument of any kind

  9. I would like them to work through the process to find the right person for the job, someone with conservative values and the ability to lead. Do we really want to unify under a RINO just to save face? As an employer do you pick the first applicant that comes along or do you sift through a pile of applications, interview applicants that illustrate key markers, and then, test or interview the winning applicants again to ensure a good fit?

    • I agree they need to work through the process, but your analogy to hiring the best candidate is a little off when you need to convince 217 people that you are the best applicant.

      What you value in an employee is not always what the guy across the hall thinks is the best candidate.

      It comes down to compromise. Whether within the Republican party or with some folks across the aisle.

      But in some minds, Gaetz, MTG, Bobert, Gosar, etc, any sort of compromise, whether within the Republican party or with the Democrats, is akin to treason. And if they don’t get their way, they will try to make it so no one can do anything.

      Politics is about compromise. It is “Lets Make a Deal” on steroids.

      • Weird how it’s always the constitutional side that needs to compromise which just means selling out the country to the left. That’s how we got in the mess that we find ourselves….weak appeasers who want to pretend we are a democracy of mob rule and not a constitutional republic.

  10. Too bad they couldn’t elect Jordon, I thought he was an excellent pick. If there’s no business getting done, do we get a credit on our taxes, or do the Congressman and their Staff take a hit in the pocket book? Seems like the Elected Leaders and the overly paid Staff reap the benefits and us Taxpayers continue to suffer the consequences and stuck with the expense!

  11. How does this end? My money is on a handful of non-Trumpians making a deal with the Dems to elect Hakeem Jeffries. The deal may have a simple price tag of five to ten billion dollars for each of the five votes necessary. Political deals get made by the folks in the middle, not on the extremes.

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