Sullivan offers bill to balance trade relationship with China


China has had the trade advantage with the United States for decades. Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan says it’s time to change that and create a level playing field.

Sullivan and Sen. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland introduced the True Reciprocity Act of 2023, legislation to address a significant imbalance in the relationship between the United States and China in trade, media, and non-governmental organization activity.

Specifically, the legislation directs the Biden administration to develop an in-depth report to Congress detailing the lack of reciprocity in these areas and a strategy for addressing them.

In 2022, U.S. exports to China totaled $153.8 billion, an increase of 1.6% ($2.4 billion) from 2021; U.S. imports from China totaled $536.8 billion, an increase of 6.3% ($31.8 billion).

The trade deficit with China was $382.9 billion, an increase of 8.3% from 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security.

“For decades, American citizens, businesses and organizations operating in China have faced significant restrictions and censorship, in sharp contrast to the treatment faced by their CCP counterparts who operate largely unencumbered in the United States,” Sullivan said.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, U.S. consumers benefited from the flood of cheaper goods, but millions of Americans lost their jobs due to import competition.

“The United States has long accused China of pressuring American companies to hand over their technology, or pilfering it outright,” the council reported in September. “The optimism that accompanied China’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) twenty years ago vanished as Beijing embraced state-led development, pouring subsidies into targeted industries to the detriment of U.S. and foreign companies. Meanwhile, investment by Chinese companies has raised national security concerns.” As U.S. President Joe Biden embraces an increasingly aggressive approach, the future of the economic relationship is uncertain.”

Sullivan wants to address that with steps that tamp down the excessive influence of China.

“Our government has raised this lack of reciprocity with the most senior government and CCP officials, and these officials have consistently committed to leveling the playing field but never take concrete actions to right this wrong. In fact, the imbalance continues to worsen—in favor of the CCP. The result is an unacceptable, unreciprocated level of CCP access and influence in the U.S,” Sullivan said.

It is up to Congress to establish the principle of reciprocity, and protect the interests of American citizens and businesses, Sullivan said.

“Senator Van Hollen and I are continuing to push this very basic concept, the lack of which puts the U.S. at considerable disadvantage in our global competition with China. We encourage our colleagues to join us in pursuing a bilateral relationship defined by something understood by every American citizen: reciprocity and fairness.”

The full text of the bill is available here.


  1. Should include a requirement to disclose how much the “Big Guy” has gotten in “honorariums”.

    • Nice try Greg. If the playing field wasn’t severely tilted by political corruption, I’d be inclined (pun intended) to agree with you.

  2. Bright side. while Americans bargain hunt looking to spend less for products that are more likely made by Chinese laborers of all ages, we at least continue supporting the store associates with the work to keep the shelves stocked for American shoppers.
    I think though Americans should be serving and building the very products we buy as well as buying and selling them into other nations. But also are Americans ready to serve and do such work like manufacturing work? And be happy and content doing it seeing its value without complaining?
    It’s hard enough finding Americans regardless their citizen status content and to stay in the one employment until retirement.I’m old enough to remember when going to the store, hotel, restaurant seeing the same faces for example. Today likely you are to be served by a new employee each visit. If Americans did the manufacturing work at least we will know our products we buy and sell aren’t being forcibly made by the hands of children, the elderly, the sick, political enemies of China, or oppressed Muslims and Christians. Plus the work quality and value more likely will increase if we made our furniture, entertainment technology, clothes, toys, and food packaging.

    Anything made in China though I use it as a teachable moment to encourage my daughter to develop a heart of appreciation and respect for the things we collect. Don’t throw it around and ruin it because someone more likely was enslaved to make it sweat, tears, and even prayers poured over that Ty beanie baby. Because a Chinese sister in Christ and brother in Christ may had sewn that stuffy or put the product together not at their own will. As well as teaching me and her to pray for Christians in China we never met who are making American products we buy.

  3. Costco,where I love to shop, is full of Chinese made products which reflect the latest technology.most likely my apple iPhones and iPad made there as well!!

  4. Whoever invented that hand-held bug zapper deserves a Nobel prize…
    Where is our inventiveness and work ethic?

  5. There are more efficient ways to diminish Chinese influence, for example stop supporting the NBA. Those over paid athletes suck up to China every chance they get

    • Well bless my soul! I find that I am, probably for the first time, in full agreement with ‘frank rast’.
      Will wonders never cease?!

      Even before the current ‘woke’ pandering, though, I never had any use for sportsball, a chronic addiction and mental weakness of the average American male. I have much better uses of my time than to sit on a sofa for hours watching grown men play children’s games.

  6. Dastrardly Dan you got to be kidding US no us The USA has been “Trading with the Enemy” since Regan said Tear down this wall GORBY A bit of history here from that speech writer for Regan ” The day the President arrived in Berlin, State and NSC submitted yet another alternate draft. “They were still at it on the very morning of the speech,” says Tony Dolan. “I’ll never forget it.” Yet in the limousine on the way to the Berlin Wall, the President told Duberstein he was determined to deliver the controversial line. Reagan smiled. “The boys at State are going to kill me,” he said, “but it’s the right thing to do.”

    Know your history Dastrardly Dan.
    Really reciprocities… with our Enemy wow what a unique concept! We need Mottly’s opinion?

  7. Neil. I think a loyal US military will have to stop the Bar Association loyal to the monarchs. The monarchs don’t like Trump’s loyalty to the
    US Constitution points or our civil liberties. Most Americans have become proud constitutional dunces anyways. Thank you for your service!

    • Actually, Walmart offers more American made products than the rest of the stores. At least in present day Alaska.

  8. But I recall the last effort to balance the trade with China resulted in germ warfare. That was not much fun. Not looking forward to round two, since they have now allied with our other enemies. Under this administration, we best keep buying their crap and like it.

  9. China is the number one threat to America on every front. Why are we not sanctioning them and or placing heavy trade tariffs on them like Trump did? They have infiltrated almost every level of our government and our universities. They are stealing our technology and have surpassed us militarily in sheer numbers. They have spoken openly about using unrestricted warfare against us, which is why they attacked us with the COVID virus. They knew they had to get Trump out of office because he was applying pressure through trade tariffs returning some of our money and strengthening our military. He was also rooting out their spy network in the country. Can someone please tell me why Dan Sullivan isn’t sponsoring a bill to punish them for what they have done and continue to get away with in our country. Dan, you are a disgrace and need to get real and transparent with America. Why should China benefit in any way from trade with us. They need to be punished for their crimes against us. When you deal with communists, you get stabbed in the back! I’m also still waiting for you and the rest of the Senate to stop the illegal invasion of our country on the southern border. Another threat you are ignoring. Biden is allowing an invasion into our country, there are terrorists already positioned here in the USA. Why will you not address it?

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