UAA propaganda takes conservative men head on to get them to take ‘the jab’


At the State of Alaska’s regularly scheduled Covid community conversation this week, a University of Alaska Anchorage Journalism professor presented some approaches for convincing conservative men to get the Covid-19 vaccine:

Tell men that if they get the virus, they’ll lose their ability to get an erection. That will do it.

Joy Chavez Mapaye, who has a PhD in Journalism and who teaches at UAA, told the group of mainly health professionals that since “conservative men, 35 and younger” were so resistant to getting the vaccine, they need a message that gets them where they live. The propaganda must be targeted to their penises.

Thus, the professor went through some sample messaging that might work on this group, messaging developed with Rep. Liz Snyder of District 27 and a group of primarily women, and which is full of gender stereotypes about younger conservative men. The takeaway: Messages must appeal to this group of men’s masculinity and virility.


The State and Anchorage municipal health professionals are working on ways to break down the public’s resistance to the Covid vaccine, and their work is informed by surveys done online, as well as in focus groups. The study took into consideration the images from the popular dating app Tinder as the group tried to understand the young, conservative male mind, which they view as having a greater likelihood in engaging in Covid-19 risk behaviors, such as not wearing a mask and not getting a vaccine.

Banner Health, a health care company, says erectile dysfunction is, indeed, a side effect for some men, as Covid-19 affects the vascular system, or blood flow in the body. The Banner Health report is here.

Mapaye chairs the Department of Journalism at UAA and is a former reporter for mainstream media outlets. Last year she helped with a study that showed 77% of respondents in Anchorage said they either mildly or strongly support the Berkowitz mask mandate, while only 11 percent said they would defy it.

Mapaye has called the COVID-19 issue a “pandemic of misinformation.” 

“Communications in this is really critical,” she said last year to public broadcasting reporters. “You want to get the right messaging out to the right group, in order for folks to understand and know what they need to do.”

This year, the right message is: If you’re a man, you can keep your equipment working by getting a Covid vaccine.

You can view the professor’s slide desk at this link:

Some of the transcript of the meeting is at this link:


  1. Interesting. My husband had COVID and all his parts worked before, during, and after. But today, I am literally watching him as I write this, out like a light on the couch with a 100-degree temperature – sweats, chills, body aches, moaning…and why? He got the “shot” in his bicep yesterday. I doubt he’s up for any hanky panky right now. Thanks, vaccine!

  2. WOW! So a lie told often enough becomes the truth? The state of Alaska in in budgetary crisis and we are paying for this garbage? How about conservatives think for themselves and try to ferret out facts as opposed to hysteria? COVID is a risk to some, as is the vaccine. The key is to look at the risks and decide which is greater. But don’t waste money fomenting more hysteria, we’re tired of that.

  3. Why are the people we’re paying trying to manipulate people into choosing the option they want?!

  4. It sure seems dreadfully important to the libs that we get this shot. If the government wants you to do something that badly you can rest assured it is NOT in your best interests to do it.

  5. Hahaha … what a way to scare young men. Tell you what, if at that age I was bound and determined not to get the shot, well, no amount of advertising would get me to change my mind. Another liberal attempt to control hearts and minds. Sad as it may be, there’s more danger in this brazen attempt to control than there is to persuade. The premise is to see how people are going to react to going along with the “vaccine and its promises”, and then see how much they can control the population. This pandemic is just an excuse, and we Alaskans need to see it what it’s really doing to our people and their livelihoods.

  6. I was traveling yesterday and was approached by someone in Seattle that ask if I had gotten a covid vaccine. My reply off the cuff was ” no bot I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night and had a rectal exam.” She seamed stunned as I walked away

  7. Wow, what an obnoxiously condescending viewpoint to harbor. No wonder academic NPR/PBS types are so anxious to set aside traditional concepts of individual rights. They want the power to force the rest of us to conform. They really do see those who disagree with them as stupid and possibly dangerous borderline subhumans.

  8. Oh. She teaches at Marxist UAA.
    That explains her political bigotry against conservative (white) males.

  9. Fortunately, as a conservative male, albeit one no longer in his thirties, I do not think with my penis, and can therefore understand and avoid the emotional manipulation this ***hat professor is attempting to use. Instead, I’ll rely on facts, logic and my own personal experience to determine the option most likely to lead to a favorable outcome for me. Hint: it’s not running out to take an experimental vaccine, released under an emergency authorization, to protect me from a voodoo-flu that’s got a 99.6% survival rate, even for people in my age bracket.

  10. So the very individuals who accuse others of “stereotyping”, “fear mongering” and ‘perpetuating false information’ are actually participating in the same exact activities they deride other individuals for… isn’t that the very definition of hypocrisy?

  11. Nothing good ever came about something needing to be peer pressured.

    These people are unbelievably pushing these vaccines so hard on the world.

    I want to know why. Unfortunately I have to wait until time passes to find out why.

  12. Nah, I’m not usually up for s*x when I’m sick either… Only a FEW have circulatory system issues that linger after “recovery” – about the same percentage that have them from the vaccine. But the fastest way I know to get people to not trust something or somebody is to LIE about it. This ad is about as effective as a rubber on a banana. I agree with the above comments.

  13. These so-called educated elites think that they can just pull the wool over the public eyes. We men think a little different and have some common sense. We are not the sheep they are we think for ourselves and don’t need them are the government telling us what is best for our bodies and our health.

  14. This ad should get the gold-plated steer manure award for gutter-thought, prevarication, and sexist stereotyping… The employees involved should be disciplined, Snyder should get an ethics investigation. P.S. I got my shot – both of them – in my deltoid… where they usually poke you. I guess they think men are ignorant cave-man types who don’t know what a deltoid is… Snyder and professor magpie must be having fantasies… More seriously, I had no ill effects from the vax – the second one just left me a little run down the next day. But then, I’m a bit past their fantasy age limit… Remember when the CDC claimed that smoking marijuana would grow breasts on young men?

  15. Hi, Suzanne and Must Read Alaska readers. This is Joy. Here’s more research on emerging ED data if you’re interested. As you know, the effects of long COVID are unknown. There’s a lot we don’t know about how COVID affects people in the long term.

    Another recent study shows issues related to mental health

    Here’s also the data on COVID-19 mitigation and vaccine hesitancy. See behavioral health surveys.

    Please note: I did not say “need a message that gets them “where they live.” I actually don’t talk like that. I’m very respectful. I try in every way to help others because I care about Alaskans and our state. I’ve been in Alaska for close to 20 years and have friends across the political spectrum. This is not some effort to hide any information or manipulate anyone. As people know, I believe in transparency and I truly appreciate different points of view. This is called message testing. It’s part of the process we use in strategic communications. It helps us refine messages so we reach the right audiences. The focus groups of men at JBER liked this and some of the other concepts but thought the concepts needed to be refined. I agree. We’re working on revisions now. Will update everyone. I’m also working on cancer prevention messaging, Alzheimer’s caregiver communication, along with research on grief and end-of-life care in addition to other public health research projects.

    Everyone is doing their part to help fight this pandemic. Good communication and credible information will help end this pandemic sooner. We all want to get back to normal as soon as possible. I respect the readers here and your attempt to provide an alternative voice, Suzanne.

    Thanks for reading.

  16. “Mapaye has called the COVID-19 issue a “pandemic of misinformation.”
    Interestingly, she is correct, but just not the way she meant it because she is a psychopathic liar.
    The misinformation comes in the form of what all the “experts” and the MSM absolutely refuse to say, in favor of pushing misinformation propaganda, and that is that metabolic health is the one constant in determining how one fares when they catch the Corona..
    Every single person has it within their power to improve their metabolic health by reversing their insulin resistance or IR, lowering their A1-C, and raising their blood levels of vitamin. (and by doing so, alos eliminating a lot of other comorbidities)
    If they choose not to, but prefer to spend the rest of their lives wearing a useless face diaper and getting the shot(s), that is their choice, but they have no business making the rest of us who know better and are willing to make the dietary sacrifices to improve metabolic health….conform to the paradigm they chose for themselves.
    And besides, if the shots work, and you got yours, then why on earth would you give a rip if I got one or not? Isn’t that admitting that you are not protected from me (if I catch the Corona) by your vaccination?
    If you see me, unvaccinated, coming down the sidewalk, and you recoil in terror and cower in fear of my unvaccinated self…….maybe you were lying about the efficacy of your vax, hmmm??

  17. …and then the Dirt Doctor she told me what to do,
    she said that OO-EE-OO-AH-AH, ting-tang, walla walla bing-bang….

  18. Ms. Mapaye used to be a reporter for, I believe, KTUU. A degree in Journalism but, she’s stepping into the psych-marketing arena. They coerce people into compliance by scaring them thus, as soon as the vaccines came out, they’re rolling out the African, Brazilian and Lithuanian variants. (kidding on the Lithuanian). I’m not getting the shot, not drinking the Koolaid and, after the surviving the Wuhan, I ain’t (walkin’ with a) limp.

  19. Or, in other words, lie to the public and misrepresent information to get what you want. Nothing new here. The liberals/democrats are up to their usual antics. In this case, yellow journalism!

  20. If they can’t manipulate everyone into getting the shot the only thing that’s going to go flaccid is Big Pharma profits and associated special interest kickbacks.

  21. Now that is funny! ” Good communication and credible information will help end this pandemic sooner.” Neither of those things are in abundance when it comes to COVID or the vaccine.

  22. Individuals can get COVID infection more than once as antibodies from “natural virus” tend to wane whereas immunity from the vaccine is more effective, reliable, and durable. 1/4-1/3 people who survive COVID infection end up with long-lasting symptoms and disability which will impact their ability to work and ultimately the economy, making vaccine a much better choice. Here is the latest from Pfizer. We now have data through 6 months after vaccination which means they can now apply for full FDA approval. The vaccine provided over 90% reduction in risk of symptomatic disease and 95% reduction in risk of severe disease compared to placebo controls. The efficacy is still very high at six months, so protection will likely last much longer. And, some early data that shows effectiveness against one of the worrisome variants that appears to be more contagious and lead to more severe disease ie the 501Y.V2 variant, also known as 20H/501Y.V2 (formerly 20C/501Y.V2), B.1.351 lineage and South African COVID-19 variant. Overall, really excellent news and reason to celebrate and get vaccinated!! Please stay safe and be well.

  23. UAA is a cesspool of progressive propaganda. Seriously, a banana in a cape ? A bandaid on a man’s BICEP? Shots are never in the bicep. What the hell? These people are so ignorant. Targeting conservatives? How about this? Let people decide for themselves and quit the social engineering.

  24. 1. Buy a BIG pickup or SUV
    2. Put you phone in the glovebox
    3. Don’t hog the middle lane doing 55 whilst chomping on that super-sized Mickey D’s.
    That’ll save move lives than your unproven experimental vaccine. #youarewelcome

  25. Joy obviously thinks very little of conservative men if she expects them to fall for her lame propaganda. Most conservative men I know are reasonable and will spend time researching a subject before rendering an opinion on it. Comparatively, far too many men on the left have lost their masculinity. They are eager to embrace, without question, whatever their leaders order them to do. It’s sad. For daily statistics on the deaths and damages caused by the vaccines, go to: childrenshealthdefense. org
    You will not hear this from the democrat media anywhere!

  26. Well guys if you have the Wu Wu Flu and it’s all working then make sure to send photographic proof to Joy since she believes in “strategic messaging”.

  27. My health concern is different. With the population rapidly submitting themselves to this series of injections if they are effective the vaccinated are exuding droplets and waste into the state. If you are in close proximity you are receiving droplets of nanotechnology in unknown amounts depending upon your location. It is possible to breathe in biologic pharmacologic particles against your uninformed will without consent. Thus for years to come you may experience excessive attention to social distancing to delimit your own exposure. What if neurologic sheathing becomes fragile and ineffective for you. That’s the science. No amount of good cheer is particularly possible at that time. None of this is well intended. Reproductivity may be delimited with there being less humans in coming generations. Families foreclosed. This not God’s purpose. Try to be wise Alaskans. Not laughing about loss of the human family.

  28. I just read somewhere that Suzanne Downing recently became a full-time resident in Florida, is this true?

  29. Being a Marxist propagandist takes away any credibility one may have had as a journalism professor.

  30. I find it interesting that the Professor depicts a banana sheathed in a condom. Perhaps this represents her life’s experience in such matters? Just asking for a friend. I hope she responds.

  31. I wonder if the good doctors here, (and we are not talking M.D.’s) are making this appeal to Conservative men, because, well they are MEN. Perhaps within their circle the men they encounter have become something less then satisfactory? Could it be that this appeal really isn’t altruistic but perhaps a selfish errand? To insure the survival of the real men amongst us and an opportunity to hang out with some manly men who know how to use their gun, excuse me, their rifles?

  32. Ughh, no. Had it middle-aged. Plumbing still works fine. Now 8 have immunity instead of a lifetime of mystery shots to look forward to…

  33. PMEYER, you spout a lot of speculation and projection, but the fact is that COVID has not been around long enough for us to know, nor has this new RNA vaccine. Time will tell, and conservatives tend to be cautious. Might you be old enough to remember the ‘wonder drug’ Thalidomide? Its tragic long term effects? We will wait and see. And remember, 99.7% survival is based only on those definitively diagnosed. LA is showing antibody proof of infection in about 40% of the population, most of whom had minimal or no symptoms-but that doesn’t make the nightly propaganda report.

  34. It is a new and barely tested vaccine. Any thinking person should be cautious about any new vaccine and it will be time and track record that ‘break down’ resistance.

  35. Some say the vaccine affects the gait of woke men. It makes their limp more pronounced. Perhaps best they sit it out. 2-ways good for population control!

  36. I will never take this vaccine. You can put a bullet in my head before I will ever allow this shot to be put in my body. We must protect the unvaccinated from oppression to be imposed by the fearful shills that promote this..

  37. Looks like, according to the journalism prof’s illustration, that the vaccine leads to Peyronie’s Syndrome, curvature of the penis, and that is a serious condition.

  38. Why should they get the shot so they can become a useless ——- like you. Present the facts let everyone make there own choice

  39. Here’s the plan….

    This script being played out worldwide. It’s about control and money.

  40. Typical liberal University staff defaulting to their degenerate thought pattern in order to push an agenda. Sick, lost souls.

  41. If those who want the vaccine get it, who cares about those who don’t want it? Why care? Those who are vaccinated are protected, and those who refuse are protected from whatever it is they fear. So what’s next? Will these people persecute those who don’t want the vaccine? (For the record, I got the vaccine as soon as I could, I get the flu vaccine annually, and couldn’t care less about those who don’t).

  42. AK Whitty, everything is fine for now; however, let’s see what your health is like in 10 years because these types of mRNA injections are known to cause cancer in the long term. Or let’s see how you fare in 10 years with possible autoimmune response, or lets see (depending on your age) how your offspring is affected in the years to come. If your family will become sterile in the long term. But maybe you don’t care about having children or grandchildren. Either way, all of these unknowns are now part of your future because you chose to be injected with an experimental shot for a virus with a 98.9% survival rate. You know have a high probability of experiencing these future outcomes because you willingly decided to be a guinea for big pharma’s stage three and four clinic trial of this experimental shot. Truth be told, you won’t know if your fine for a long time coming. So good luck. I refuse to be a guinea pig and its sad to watch the misinformed line up to be experimented on because the propaganda machine told you to do so. I really hope you are still alive in 15 years with a decent quality of health. Only time will tell how well you fare. It must be so nice and loving to voluntarily subject yourself to medical science experiments with your DNA protein synthesis. I, however choose to let others be a guinea and not me and my family.

  43. Is Joy implying that gentlemen can now give themselves a covid tests in the comfort of their own home?

  44. I am sick and tired of government pushing their agenda and propaganda with taxpayer dollars. That is not their job!

    It seems every 3rd commercial in the media these days is a garbage message by different levels of government telling citizens how to run their life.

    Stop wasting our money with your tired messages and get to work! We don’t care about the opinions of people who can’t do something productive, so the go to the trough of a government job with ridiculous entitlements and now think they are justified telling the less enlightened how to make decisions.

  45. I think you forgot to write WHITE conservative men cause you have to be a white man. Some of us without political allegiance just want to see how the test trail turns out. Lots of you have never been the federal boogie man and it shows.

  46. PREVERE, so I wonder why our federal and state budgets are upside down? That plus the media pretty much all oppose conservative values, yet we fund them.

  47. UAA the Alaskan indoctrination center for Marxism, staffed by brain washed socialists that are teaching the next generation of socialist teachers who will teach your children and grandchildren. TAKE A STAND or we will lose generations to these socialist traitors.

  48. This takes ‘Fear Porn’ (so beloved by liberal media shills) to a disgusting level.
    If they are receiving salaries for this load of tripe someone needs to pink slip them and fast……

  49. To People’s Academician Joy Chavez Mapaye, who has a PhD in Journalism and who teaches at UAA:
    Not without reason are journalism and journalists perceived as the propaganda arm of America’s Radical Left Democrat Party.
    Not without reason is UAA perceived as a bottom-listed backwater college, useless for little more than a stash site for children who got too big, too old for their high-school desks,
    … the “little more” being: (a) a haven for arguably worthless “professors” who can’t get a job at a top-rated college, and (b) a termite mound for government-spawned propagandists.
    To People’s Academician Joy Chavez Mapaye, who has a PhD in Journalism and who teaches at UAA, it seems reasonable to ask whether this apparently gender-discriminatory fetish with male erections arises (!) from the natural obsession of your kind to be assured that Planned Parenthood has the requisite amount of conservative raw material to fulfill its Holy Mission
    … or Joy might be worried that China Flu renders conservative men incapable of differentiating between Viagra and vaccines, clearly a no-Joy syndrome for somebody?
    Wait a second… if the object of liberals is to get rid of conservatives to make the world safe and healthy and sustainable, why should Joy care if conservative men catch China Flu and can’t procreate?
    Obviously conservatives who can’t procreate will entirely self-cancel as a species, saving Joy and friends a lot of time and energy, which would otherwise have to be spent re-educating conservative Americans
    … leaving Joy to the World with a whole new meaning, yes?

  50. I called the nurse on the covid hotline as I did at the onset of this planned demic and politely asked for the same treatment that President Trump took and both times I was told that they don’t have any information on how I would get this medical cure treatment for covid.

  51. For now, lets see what happens to your health in 10 years. The reason these were permitted for emergency use only is because mRNA could never make it past animal trials due to cancer developments. So let’s wait and see how your health fairs in years to come. Cancer, autoimmune, sterilization, and possible prion development is what you can look forward to as you age. That’s what the future holds for human guinea pigs.

  52. Although the lying media claims this can never happen, there is a biological mechanism through which mRNA vaccine fragments can be transformed into DNA and then inserted into your own human genome, altering you forever.
    This could cause cancer, infertility, birth defects or critical health problems leading to death. There are zero safety studies examining this possibility, and the vaccine industry is covering it all up, pretending no one could possibly be harmed or killed by mRNA vaccines.

  53. Reply to Joy:
    Thank you for the links.
    Shows research.

    I have a link too – included within it is research – on 18 reasons to NOT take the shot:
    https www . deconstructingconventional . com/post/18-reason-i-won-t-be-getting-a-covid-vaccine

    Sharing my personal thoughts:
    For those who guilt others into taking the vac let us consider:
    #1. Natural immunities – allow your body to work.
    Yes, I am of the thought that death will come to us all. If you think you’ll avoid this you’re kidding yourself. And getting sick is no fun and possibly dangerous.
    But! Using fear based manipulated fact reasoning, will not convince me to think outside of this box.
    Too soon to take the poke for my comfort zone.
    I am at the age of reason and chance choice – over 60 – but so far it is a free country. Perhaps for a bit longer.

    I am sick to death of people casually asking: Did you get ‘your’ shot? (badge of honor)
    A. It’s none of their business
    B. What happened to my body my choice
    C. Read the reasons in the link I posted for my replies (stop trying to guilt me into thinking that my choice NOT to take the shot is blatantly harming other people)

    I am willing to wait to see the real time outcomes of those who have submitted ‘willing’ in this ongoing clinical vac trial. (Thank you for volunteering)
    Time will tell.

    I’m ‘willingly’ throwing the dice with my body’s ability to fight this created infection, trusting it to build up its immunities and trust my body ability to naturally get ready to fight the next stage of COVID that will come.

    I’m cool with the risk.
    my body, my choice – long live freedom.
    For now.

  54. De-fund UAA. In total. Now. Let them get ALL, not just part of their $1 billion per year from the CPP.

    They do not deserve the over $1 billion in Alaskan’s money that could be better used to provide PFD’s & medical care to all Alaskans. Yes, indeed, this is just another prime example if how Alaska wastes over $1 billion dollars a year on this UAA trash company. Do we need any additional reasons to completely de-fund UAA? They are not a university; they are a trash company. Trash in, trash out. And it only costs us $1 billion a year. What deal, huh?

    Contact your Alaska representative today:

    Defund UAA. Now. In total. Send your representatives this article and demand their written support to de-fund UAA. Now.

    Anyone heard of Felix Rivera? Another of the many UAA shining stars.

  55. Joseph Goebbels would be so proud. Heaven forbid a man should make his own health choices based on personal experience, health history and information available. “Vaccine hesitant” simply means petty bureaucrats consider us too stupid to fully commit to the correct choice without Nanny-State guidance and disinformation convincing us of our duty to the “masculine and patriotic choice”. And all at taxpayer expense.
    Sick statist bastards.

  56. What a joke!!! Thanks for the laugh I need it after the latest “emergency orders” that basically holds Anchorage hostage until it gets to a arbitrary level of 70% vacinated. Why is the number of people who had and recovered from the virus and according to the laws of immunology are also immune not included. Include them and your basically saying no normal till almost 100% of you are immune. The municipality cases continue to go lower and have been since the end of March. Bronson save us!

  57. Time to be out with signs and medical research literature to pass out to the public at store fronts, hospitals, clinics and vaccine centers. Not informing your loved ones and communities members to the dangers of these experimental shots is showing how one doesn’t care if someone lives or dies. Covid has a 98.9% survival rate. The survival rate on the vaccine is unknown. Nazis were the last ones to force experimental shots onto their population and we all know how that turned out. I have known too many people who have been damaged by approved vaccines. Who knows what the damage will be in 5-10 years from these experimental ones. This is criminal and Alaska needs to stop this now before these tyrants start forcibly injecting the public through the use of vaccine passport systems! Shot in your arm or a bullet to your head, either way these fascist pinkos will make sure you are dead!

  58. I confirmed that I didn’t have it last night. Verified same again this morning.

    I could get pretty good at this kind of self administered science. Good call, Joy. If the same were repeated with a mask on would that be like a double blind test? Asking for a friend.

    Medical science can be very relaxing.

  59. I do not want to glow on the dark (due to experimental gene therapy and nanotechnology) like frogs they’ve already modified by injection similarly. Pleasantly, I believe the God designed immune system working 27/7 in humans will largely defeat this dead and unplicatable virus and its many ensuing variants on March 31, 2025 according to published UN budget documents. It is so interesting they know what date it will end. So much centrally and secretly planned before then. Media wouldn’t tell anyways.

  60. Covid Boy Trump got the vaccination.I guess that makes him a sheeple. He hates covid and thinks it’s a hoax, but got vaccinated anyway. Hypocrital much?

  61. I find this tactic, targeting conservative men, insulting. As if conservative men value their sex organs to such a high degree that you think you can use it as leverage.

    First of all, I am always guarded and skeptical when someone uses FEAR as a motivation for action.

    Secondly, why are liberals/socialist always pushing their points of view through to the point of taking someone else’s freedom and degrading them when they don’t conform. Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness are INDIVIDUAL rights given by God and confirmed in our Bill of Rights. You have the right to receive this vaccine in that pursuit as equally as the person who does not want the vaccine. I have not seen one instance of a conservative harassing someone who wanted the vaccine to not receive it because that is YOUR choice.

    Lastly, I have never in my half century of life ever seen so much fear mongering to achieve an action. The Bible states over 300 times to not FEAR and I believe the reason is that people are easily manipulated when scared. Anytime fear is used to accomplish something, the reason is usually diabolical.

  62. LOL, I don’t know why young conservative men aren’t getting it in the first place. I happen to be a 15 year old independent, so I’m relatively close to that demographic. However, I really want a vaccine, so I can feel more safe.

  63. TYLER MOSELEY, be intelligent and do your research first. Your demographic is not threatened by this virus. Look hard at all of the vaccines and the ones in the pipeline-there is one under testing that does not use RNA. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Ben Franklin.

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