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U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan endorses Dave Bronson at massive blue-collar rally in Anchorage

Hundreds of Anchorage people turned out for a rally for Dave Bronson for mayor on Sunday afternoon at McKenna Bros. shop in south Anchorage.

Attendees said they have not seen a campaign event that well-attended since Sarah Palin got the nomination for Vice President in 2008. There were at least 450 people attending.

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During the rally, Sen. Dan Sullivan gave Bronson a full-throated endorsement, to the loud cheering of the crowd that gathered in the cavernous shop, where usually commercial-sized trucks are being worked on.

Sullivan told the crowd that in cities that have been overrun by “woke” politics, people are moving away. They are leaving the hard-left ‘woke’ areas of the country.

“Those people are moving with their feet,” Sullivan said.

“If you are a city and a community that is run well, that has a beautiful lifestyle like we have here, that believes in small businesses, and police, and law enforcement, and integrity of elections, then your citizens and your kids will stay. And people will come here. And I think Anchorage is prime for that kind of momentum,” Sullivan said.

He said that Anchorage, his and Julie Fate Sullivan’s hometown for the past 20 years, has over the past six years become almost unrecognizable because of the choices made by its leaders.

Also announcing his endorsement was former Mayor Rick Mystrom, two told the crowd that Bronson was the candidate to open the city back up. KWHL radio talk show host Bob Lester, a moderate, was the emcee who revved up the crowd with a pro-America message.

Bronson took the mic and thanked people for attending, introduced his wife Deb, and said he would be a strong supporter of law enforcement, that he’d work to rebate taxes that businesses had to pay, even while they were forced to be shut down by former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. He said the small number of homeless vagrants causing Anchorage streets to be unsafe would be addressed through law enforcement and treatment, where appropriate. He reminded people that the choice is clear: Bronson is normal, while Forrest Dunbar is a radical leftist who will turn Anchorage into another San Francisco.

Those attending were primarily hard-working Alaskans in the various construction, and trucking trades, but also spotted were former Assemblyman Bill Starr, former Assemblyman Larry Baker, former Mayor Dan Sullivan, and Mike Robbins, who ran for mayor and lost on April 6, but who was present for the entire evening.

But by and large, the crowd was made up of blue-collar workers and their companies, including snow removal, dirt hauling, paving, garbage, septic pumping, towing, car washes, and mechanics. This is the group of people who keep Anchorage going, and is the group that will have to leave if there is no city left to build.

It’s also a crowd that was never going to muster for the opponent Forrest Dunbar.

“The stripes and badges and bruises that this crowd has? Forrest could never get these people. These are not the union bosses and the lawyers. This is the hard hat and hammer crowd,” said Bernadette Wilson, who attended the event.

Field note: Many Anchorage don’t know there’s a runoff election.

The mayoral runoff is ongoing until May 11, with ballots still arriving in mailboxes across Anchorage.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Refreshing to see folks ditching the “mask” as well as optimistic narrative from Bronson.
    Very promising and hopeful for Anchorage.
    Good Job!!!

  2. Thank you for posting the video! I missed that, getting there at the tail end of Bronson.

    Had to work..

    What a wonderful event! Thank you to McKenna Bros.

  3. I pray this ends up being fruitful. Hard to think that with as much leverage as the voters gave these totalitarians over the last few years, that they won’t use them all to subvert the will of the people and slant the election toward their candidate.

  4. Were the police called like the last time the McKenna brothers gathered at a politicians house? (i.e. Oceanview Palin Brawl!)

  5. You could say that Mc Kenna Bros. is helping pave the way for Bronson.

    Ahahahahahahaha! Sorry … It was the voices.

    That’s not what they really said…………..

  6. Wish Bronson well. Remember Danny boy said he would campaign for Lisa the RINO also. Trusting any politician now is much like going playing slots. Just saying.

  7. Praying for Bronson to be the next Anchorage mayor. He is needed. Get the word out as much as possible to Anchorage citizens that they do indeed need to vote again! It seems there has been some confusion and many believe Bronson to already be elected.

  8. That’s a joke, right? Just search “Dr. Ted Noel, MD mask demonstration” It is hilarious, and just three minutes long. It tells (and shows) everything you need to know about masks.

  9. Jacqueline:
    There is just as much science demonstrating masks are useless as their is supporting their use. However, there are dozens of drawbacks concerning prolonged mask use.
    Your comment clearly indicates that you do not understand what science actually is. It is constantly questioning. Science never declares something is proven. It is always challenging and requiring additional proof.
    Anti-science is accepting the opinion of an expert without question. People who really know and understand science will say “prove it!” They will never say “this is proven.”

  10. The union leadership and lawyers don’t speak for the hands on working people. They are corrupt and piss away the union dues by giving them to the democrats.

  11. The people who swear they understand science by complaining over no masks at this event are as scientific as a child wearing a lab coat pretending they are a scientist. Seriously you can’t make this stuff up anymore. I just laugh at those who pretend to understand science as they repeat what their slave masters tell them on TV. Wearing a cloth mask to protect you from a virus is as scientific as using a chain link fence to keep mosquitos out of your yard. When people are told what to think by fear based propaganda they just stop thinking all together. The last 14 months have proven that to be true and the people in control of this shit show know it far too well. Oh, and these shots aren’t vaccines either, but instead experimental mRNA operating systems to reprogram your DNA protein synthesis of unlimited creation of spike proteins under the guise of giving you immunity from a virus you have a 98.9% of surviving anyway without the experimental shots. The long term implications of these experimental shots are completely unknown; however, far too many have been told otherwise by the propaganda machine, so they roll up their sleeves to be a lab rat, pretending that these shots will make their lives go back to normal. Vaccine deaths have rose considerably in the last four months to a whopping increase of 6,000% according to the CDC VAERS database, that is more death from vaccines in the last four months than all of vaccines given in the last 15 years combined! And trust me when I say, this vaccine death party and health the complications they cause is just getting started. But don’t expect the TV to tell you of the dangers of that either. Critical thinking and freedom were by far the largest causalities in the this plandemic. The sheeple have proven that much by their responses and actions. And the people sitting in on the top of the power structure are laughing at us all, laughing all the way to their rising bank accounts. Murder, sickness and the death of freedom for profit. Eugenics are in full swing and the world you knew prior to Covid is never going to return. That world has died and took true freedom with it. Enjoy the new eugenics utopia. Because this tyrannical party is just getting started. Welcome to the decade of convergence. Remember you were warned.

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