Field report: Many Anchorage residents are unaware there’s a mayoral runoff election


Reports from the Bronson for Mayor ground team indicate that as many as one-third of the voters in the Anchorage municipality are unaware there’s a runoff election in the mayor’s race.

The ballots were mailed by the Washington state printer on Wednesday, April 21, and some residents reported getting ballots on Friday. Others in Anchorage, Eagle River and Girdwood, say their ballots have not yet arrived.

The Bronson for Mayor campaign volunteers hit the neighborhoods Saturday and knocked on about 1,000 doors in Anchorage and another 1,000 in Eagle River. Volunteers said while a few people had already voted, others had not received ballots, and a shocking number of residents didn’t know about the runoff; they assumed that Dave Bronson had won, since he edged out Forrest Dunbar in the April 6 election, 33-31 percent. There were 15 candidates on the ballot.

The Charter specifies if no candidate for mayor receives more than 45% of the votes cast, that a runoff election is required to be held within three weeks of certification of the election between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes. That’s Bronson and Dunbar in a race that appears to be neck-and-neck.

The runoff is a vote-by-mail or drop-box election. Traditional polling places will not be open and are not an option for voting on Election Day, but there are Anchorage Vote Centers that will allow people to vote in person. The final date for the ballots to be received is May 11.

More information, including where to drop your ballot if you prefer to do so rather than mail it, can be found at this link.


  1. Now the municipality wants to follow the “charter?” Of course when things don’t go their way. Bronson should just declare himself the winner and March into his new office and claim it. Austin got the seat without even holding an election/vote right?

  2. I knew it!!!!!! Thats why i been reminding everyone a pass remember there is a runoff and “please vote for Bronson.”
    By the way I found my First ballot on the street. I was going to tear it up. Going to my neighbor’s house to meet them will be so much better so I can tell them,” see this is why I hate mail in ballots I could vote Bronson twice using my ballot and my neighbor’s.” Heheheh

  3. It’s the apathy shown by most residents that is bringing the city, (and our country), down. It’s more convenient to go along to get along, rather than make an effort to stand up for yourself and your community.

  4. Most voters are sheep bleating in the field. It’s this lack of interest which landed you where you are Anchorage.

    You deserve Dunbar and the Assembly. Truly you do.

  5. If you don’t take back the city
    It’s over, Anchorage/Portland 2.0
    Let the burning begin, don’t forget to wear your diaper masks Forever in anchorage.

  6. If the left secures this victory Anchorage is finished. These aren’t the old days when things swing back and forth. They are playing for keeps now. With whatever time and resources they are allowed to have to they will build up a bulwark to make sure they never lose again and will embed the city bureaucracy with true believing Marxist’s. This is it. Stand up now, Anchorage, or don’t complain when you become San Fran North..

  7. So, it gets down to one of two choices … do voters in this city want:
    Anchorage, Alaska,
    Los Anchorages, Alaska …


  8. No wonder the assembly is a bunch of socialists, the people are uninformed and don’t seem to care.

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