U. Penn transgender swimmer is smashing records in women’s meets — unfairly


Until 2019, Will Thomas had been competing in swimming as a male. He was a middling quality swimmer. The he took a year off due to Covid, grew his hair, changed his name to Lia, and made the outward physical and chemical transition to appearing as a woman.

Now, Thomas is competing on the University women’s swim team and smashing records. He doesn’t swim faster than before, but he’s now competing against women who don’t have the upper-body advantage that he does.

In two events — the 200-yard freestyle and 500-yard freestyle — Thomas has the fastest times, and the season has just started. H/she is one of two swimmers in each category to meet the “A” qualification that results in an invitation to the national championships in March. H/she has already broken the conference record in the 200 by 3.22 seconds, and in the 500 by 2.25 seconds at the Zippy Invitational.

Thomas’ dominance in the pool is unusual to do from the Ivy League, which has had only one swimmer — Cristina Teuscher — win a women’s NCAA individual title in any event.

Thomas is the national top seed thus far in two NCAA events and fifth in a third — the 1,650-yard freestyle.

To compare, Alaskan and Olympic Gold Medalist Lydia Jacoby swam the 100-yard breaststroke in 59 seconds at the the Alaska state high school swimming and diving championship in November. The famous Seward swimmer’s time was a state record and will likely rank her at the very top among American high school swimmers. It was a remarkable swim.

But if Jacoby had raced in the boys’ 100-yard breaststroke final, her time would have put her in sixth place.

If the boys’ champion, Patrick Foy, a sophomore from Juneau, had decided to take a year to transition to appearing as a female, his time would have wiped out the fastest woman ever, of any age, during any time in Alaska. As a boy, Foy may end up with pretty good results on the national level. With that said, although he was over four seconds faster than Jacoby, his ranking will not be nearly as good as hers. They are in different categories, ones that reflect physiological differences.

Boys are significantly faster at swimming than girls, as a rule, thus boys and girls are in two different, incomparable categories when it comes to many sports. Foy’s 100-yard breaststroke is quite good, while Jacoby’s breaststroke, though four seconds slower, is phenomenal. Much like a bicyclist has a clear and unfair mechanical advantage over a runner, young males have a clear physiological advantage over young females — an advantage so clear and unfair that they belong in different categories. 

Thomas told the University of Pennsylvania student newspaper that, “Being trans has not affected my ability to do this sport and being able to continue has been very rewarding.” It’s certainly been rewarding for him. He is soundly defeating his female competition at the NCAA Division 1 level and taking home the medals.

It’s not rewarding for his competitors, however. Allowing biological males to compete in female swimming competitions denies every female swimmer their rightful, promised opportunity, after these girls and women have trained hard, day after day, year after year for most of their young lives, just so they have a shot at their moment in the sun.

Men swimming in women’s divisions are destroying the sport for women. Schools that permit it should be found in violation of Title IX. Women athletes would be in their right to sue for discrimination because of the unfair advantage these men clearly have.

Thomas would still have ample opportunity to compete in NCAA swimming even if he weren’t allowed to do so against women. Thomas would just have to compete against those athletes who share his physiological advantages. 

In the likely event that Thomas goes on to win multiple events at the NCAA women’s national swimming championship and break multiple national records by large margins, women swimmers are wondering: Who is he going to brag to?


  1. A man competing in women’s sports is just wrong. This kind of insane behavior needs to stop before it does damage that cannot be reversed. The women that compete against him and lose cannot get back there wins in the future. When they should’ve had a first second or third Place showing instead of him being the top performer.

    • Lack of self worth. Lack of spiritual perspective. Lack of strong, healthy role models. All leads to following the latest trend and identity in order to feel some sort of purpose in this world.
      Also, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc…

    • When you compromise with the left over and over the only result is for American values to move further left. Take clean water and ‘compromise’ with filthy water a little at a time and you ultimately end up with nothing but filthy water.

  2. I can imagine as our new champion swimmer is glad-handing it with the rest of the ladies in the dressing room afterward, it will be yet another awkward moment, even for the “woke” girls trying to look tolerant (and modest) while he/she is swinging his, uh, medal around….
    Sorry ladies. You’re done. Face it. All the animals are equal. Just some more equal. So glad the tolerance and equity sermons are finally revealing their faces…in your face.

  3. Will women’s sports be abandoned or will the charade continue once the only competitors remaining are artificial women?

    Will those be replaced….buy robots that identify as women?

    You Betcha!

  4. There is no such thing as “transgendered”, as such a person would necessarily have to have had their entire genetic structure throughout every cell of their body radically altered. That is impossible today, and for the foreseeable future. In practice, there are people who are psychologically confused and/or damaged, with mutilated bodies, but that does not make them “transgendered”, any more than shaving my head and my body hair would make me a “transspecied” dolphin.

    • Every female athlete, in every college in America, should just start tanking at every event and stick it to these colleges.

  5. Maybe with enough foolishness people will stop watching other people exercise for entertainment and just go exercise for themselves.

    As far as looking like a woman, he needs to get a refund.

    • First of all why do you assume that these women wish to be “equal”.
      Second what an absolutely asinine comment. Not even the doped up Russian Olympic women competitors back in the 80’s beat the men. This has nothing to do with equality but testing ones ability against competitors of equal makeup. Even men’s wrestling and boxing has weight classes. Per your logic, wrestlers and boxers should all now be expected to compete in a free-for-all lottery system to be equal to each other???

      • Well, if he was allowed to make a chemical transition, the girls should be allowed to use P.E.D. s to be more equal to men.

        • Okay?? So according to you, what would be the point here? To see who can dope the best???
          It is quite clear that you think this swimmer is still a man, even after he chose to chemically alter his body, since you believe that these women (not girls) should aspire to be equal to him.

  6. Thomas was quoted in the Huffington Post as claiming his trans status has not hindered his ability to participate in the sport.
    Wow, what a hero.

  7. I am much more worried about what has been done to this child, and so many more. Truly a crime against the LORDS law, as well as humanity.

    • Hmmmm wonder how he is fitting in a women’s knee-skin. I can tell you it would take our daughter 20 minutes to get hers on. That tight and put on inch by inch. No room at all for “the man junk”. Perhaps it is gone? ?. Good grief such discussion should not even be on the table!

  8. But, but, but….we were told things like this wouldn’t happen.

    I’m curious. Was he like Bruce Jenner, wanting to be a girl all his life? Or was he tired of losing to men and wanted to beat girls? We’ll never know and if he’s smart he’ll never say.

    Funny how the “party of women” tosses women over the side for a rabid minority of less than 1%. Party of women, indeed. When they are convenient and not one second longer. The left are the standard bearers of the War on women.


  9. So women’s sports will be over if this insanity is allowed to continue. So many college students have relied on those athletic scholarships to help them get their education, yet with this new stupidity, only males will benefit from athletic scholarships. Coaches will be compelled, or forced, to seek out the fastest, the strongest. So much for Title IX.

  10. Isn’t this exactly what the left has fought for? Is this the “equity” they are looking for and not the “equality” they claimed they were looking for? In true “equity” and “equality” shouldn’t there be other events held for these special people who can’t equitably or equally compete for medals in the standardized groups of competitors? Maybe every he\she\they\them needs their own division so everyone gets a medal for being different.

  11. I’ve boycotted women’s sports ever since the first trans was allowed to compete. It’s not even a sport anymore, just a circus.

  12. How is this any different than Megan Youngren, a transgender from Soldotna, winning the women’s Mayors Marathon this year? No one said anything then! It’s NOT fair!

  13. Good, I hope he crushes every NCAA record for women swimmers. Embarrass the girls for even showing up at his events, then stand up and pee in the pool. Maybe after his records have stood for fifty years we’ll get back to believing gender benders aren’t women, no matter how much they pretend to be.

  14. Suzanne: including this story in MRAK is clearly trolling and, judging by the comments, you got what you wanted.

    • So you think the ruination of women’s sports by letting biological men compete in their events is not newsworthy? This story is a glaring example of the degradation of morals and standards that are essential to a vibrant culture. Every woman on that team, and the participants in every other women’s sporting events where a male is allowed to compete, needs to immediately boycott. The administrators allowing this to happen need to resign or be fired. Stand up women! Now!! You don’t know what you got till it’s gone and it’s going.

  15. Oh how this brings so much honor and respect to transgenders. How do people not see how this is completely counterproductive for bringing honor and respect to transgenders?

    This and allowing transgenders into their preferred bathroom in public schools is going to make the left more and more cultish and play the victim more and more as they aggravate. Hopefully they get spanked in every election and become humbled. That’s our only hope to avoid this escalating to some serious unrest and even more severe destruction to our civility. The crazy thing too is that it’s global with the international olympic committee being apart of these shenanigans.

    • False feminism has come full circle to completely obliterate women. Where did we think we’d end up by insisting on killing our babies and throwing them in the trash to get ahead in life?

  16. Using the the word transgender has to STOP. Words do matter. Transgender is a made up term and false reality period.
    The International Olympics allow men to compete in women’s sports.
    So there fore I do not participate in viewing the Olympics sports that allow this charade.
    Being a father of two women who have careers in male dominated professions, it sickens me to see how a up hill battle for women has gotten harder.
    But does this really matter?
    The real test will be in Professional Sports. Yep when a man wants to compete in the Women s basketball league or Women’s Mixed Martial Arts, then let’s see what the handicap will be on the betting line in Vegas.
    In the mean time unless your kid is in a religious school be ready to have Fred competing against Sally in women’s tennis.

  17. Is it a male or a female? Let’s ask the forensic anthropologist and put the argument to bed. The bones (and tendon attachment points) tell the truth.
    Everything else is dysphoria and liberals bending themselves into pretzels to accommodate it.

  18. He is channeling is inner Abbie Hoffman – maximizing the contradictions.

    Scott Adams is of the opinion that sports itself is broken. Proposes to eliminate completely the sexual restrictions and instead admin the various sports based on ability. For instance, there would be a pro level, with mostly (completely) men. A second level would be the functional equivalent of college would be mostly men with a few high performing women. A third and fourth level would have increasing numbers of women participating.

    Note that in all of this, it is the men competing as women making the big splashes, never the other way around. Even the most dominant women’s athlete (that I can think of), Serena Williams, would get hammered in the men’s game.

    Might be time to look at this problem thru different eyes. Cheers –

  19. “Dude looks like a lady?” Or… lady looks like a dude? This reminds me of those steroided up Russian women in the Olympics during the ’70’s

  20. This is all just excellent. Men died at Pearl Harbor so that this could happen. Uncle Joe Brandon needs to address this. He would bring great clarity to us all on this matter. Jen Psaki could help him with the words.

    • JMARK, more and more I get the impression that Dr. Jill is running the country. Joe is hardly ever seen and if he is out only with a strictly scripted message. They always moaned about applying the 25th Amendment for his predecessor, but here it seems to actually apply.
      As for Dr. Jill, as a good and superior liberal she probably views this cheater as a victim and in need of her support. You see we, who object, are not woke/sensitive/caring by having the audacity to demand that biology matters.

    • Uncle Joe Brandon (BIDEN?) can’t really address anything any more.. His brain is basically sawdust. (sorry for this expression)

  21. “Imagine, instead, the women’s swimmers had all walked out. Imagine they had stood together and said: We will meet any competitor head on. But we will not grant this travesty the honor of our participation. We did not spend our childhoods setting our alarm clocks for 4am every morning, training for hours before and after school, to lend our good names to this fixed fight.”
    From “What I told the students at Princeton, Show some self respect and reclaim your freedom”, Abigail Shrier December 9, 2021

  22. He needs to go to the “funny farm”, because that is what he is.. thinking he can compete against women when his body is still functioning as a man in sports.

  23. Well women have always wanted too be treated equal in a mans worlds ( so too speak ) Voting, same rights ! Just like anybody wants too be treated fairly in thoughts and how things should be ran?
    Womens Lib~! Whatever!
    So make a twist? ( And have a drink with that twist ) and you want a man in a man’s body wanting a womens body and world? then you want a women to be man in a mans body???

    Either or can dress and change their looks too match what they want? and do gyms too buff either way???

    I’m sorry! if you have certain parts down there…you should be in that field of play! in sports!
    Wanna be a man being a women then do mans sports! women wanting to be a man do women sports!

    At this point it’s like taking a knife too a gunfight! I’m definately, not picking on the transgenders!
    Have had a few great friends that were and was! and we did have conversations about this!

    It’s taking advantage, being unthoughtful, and down right cheating in a sport!

    You wanna dress up! do so has a man or women! and have fun! but don’t force it down everybodies throats! we all not trans and believe even playing field! Stop using everybody!

    • Ralph, I assume you are being sarcastic.
      If not please explain how any of this is fair and why it is okay to treat a biological male with greater deference than the women competitors? Sounds like back-door chauvinism to me!

  24. When the people reject Yahweh Yahweh Elohim, it opens a door for Satan to bring them great delusions, delusions so great that they can’t even realize that they’ve been deluded.

    “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

    In other words: Except for Yahweh’s direct intervention, you are hell-bent zealots, determined to destroy all life on earth, even the microbes living underground.

    • Well that sounds pretty depressing. You do know that viruses are necessary for our evolution right? God sends some in every once in awhile to clean house and change us a little bit. Nothing to get all bent out of shape over. It’s all part of his master plan. Or hers depending on what gender you think God is.

    • Well, since we’re now on the subject of religion, I guess it must be that going trans is part of God’s Plan for Thomas. He’s using him/her in His Own Way.

      How could it be otherwise, with omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, and all that?

      • The theologians have that part all wrong. The Father can’t even look upon sin, which means that He doesn’t see absolutely everything. Close your eyes. What do you see? Nothing, right? God closes His eyes on us when we sin. That’s what makes sin so dangerous. At those moments we are completely vulnerable, in a position where even God can’t help us. Like the story of Job though, Satan isn’t allowed to kill us, just muck up our lives.

      • Don’t forget, Dog. He’s omni-everything but He’s really bad with money and needs yours. Send in a bucket or so and He should be good to go. That’s roughly what it’ll take to make Sister Thomas here whole. Or whatever the term is for going full-on Stage 4 chop.

      • Mentioning the themes in the Christian Bible are annoying to the unbelievers, and members of other religions. Religion itself is annoying.
        However, neither philosophy, science, Marxism, or any other ism ever inspired peoples to greatness, like some religions have.
        Which religion inspires the best I don’t know, but without that kind of inspiration, the world becomes a more evil and dangerous place.
        Certainly religion has caused much grief itself, but the vacuum of no religion can’t be filled by anything else.
        And if there is a real God? Not the little god of our religions, but a real one. A real creator that has been explained so poorly.

        • Who has become great based on religion?
          Are you talking about like, televangelists that have gotten rich or are you talking about some other great thing like The Crusades or maybe the Spanish Inquisition, the sale of forgiveness for future indulgences… great stuff like that?

          • Respecters of persons consider people like presidents, the wealthy, the famous for being famous as great.
            Yahweh commended the poor widow who gave two mites, all she had… The mother who risks her life to shield her child from an oncoming car… The neighbor who lifts your windshield wipers so they don’t get frozen to the windshield when you forgot… Those are the great ones of history.
            As unsung as they may be, they’re still the great ones.

      • Just for Whidbey and Trouser: The Father is in all things – At the macro and micro levels, to sustain the Son’s creative works. The Son created all things which were created, but the Father sustains it, in an impersonal way. However, while the Father is in all things, He separates sustaining the creation, from His participation with mankind. While He sustains every bit of matter and energy within our bodies, He manages to do it in a way which doesn’t intrude upon our personal space. He doesn’t spy on our thoughts or feelings. This is the meaning of Cor 2:11 “No one can know a person’s thoughts except that person’s own spirit, and no one can know God’s thoughts except God’s own spirit.”
        Just as we can’t spy on God’s thoughts or feelings, He has set a barrier so that even He can’t spy on our thoughts or feelings.
        This would explain how the Son didn’t know that Judas would be the one who would eventually betray Him, until the shortly prior, or during the last supper. Otherwise the Son would have been disingenuous, in accepting Judas as a trusted disciple. He knew and understood the prophecies concerning the one who would betray Him, and He could easily observe that Judas was fulfilling all of the prophecies of the betrayer. No mind reading there at all. Just wisdom with the scriptures.
        All that omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience is a construct of the theologians who write for their own peer group, their fellow theologians. I’ve read their stuff, and it’s not written for you or me.

        • The Father and the Son are a lot nicer than what our religions have taught us. They want us to become part of a caring family, not be just slavish worshipers. The Son called us His friends.

  25. God: Trouser, this is complete BS; she’s cheating. Screw this chick.

    Trouser: I agree Lord. Wait. Hey whoa now.

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