Boom: Sen. Sullivan leads Senate to knock down Biden vaccine mandate for businesses


U.S. Sen.Dan Sullivan on Wednesday voted with all 49 Senate Republican colleagues and two Democratic senators, to overturn President Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate for businesses. Sullivan and Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana used the Congressional Review Act (CRA), an expedited process for Congress to eliminate an executive branch rule.

Sullivan and Braun’s joint resolution, S.J. Res. 29, provides congressional disapproval of the rule submitted by the Department of Labor entitled “COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing; Emergency Temporary Standard,” which would result in hundreds of thousands of Americans potentially losing their jobs.

The House must also approve before the Biden mandate can be invalidated using the CRA method. Companion legislation, H.J. Res. 65, in the House of Representatives currently has 212 supporters, with every Republican, including Congressman Don Young, cosponsoring the resolution.

“President Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates have been wreaking havoc on American businesses and hard-working families across the country, including in my state of Alaska. It’s an issue my team and I hear about from constituents on a daily basis,” Sen. Sullivan said. “I am glad to see a bipartisan majority of U.S. senators standing up today for hard-working Americans by rejecting this gross federal overreach from the Biden administration. These mandates are not supported by the Constitution or statute, a fact that courts just keep reaffirming as they hand down loss after loss for the President and his administration.

“In 2020, Congress and President Trump worked in a bipartisan way on an agreement that we would provide relief to American businesses on the condition they keep their employees. Now, Joe Biden is taking a sledge hammer to that employer-employee connection. Firing hard-working Americans who have made the personal choice not to get vaccinated not only undermines the significant work Congress and the Trump administration did to save millions of jobs during the pandemic, it also exacerbates the workforce shortages employers are already facing. No one should ever be forced to choose between getting vaccinated or putting food on the table for their families because of an unconstitutional mandate,” Sullivan said.


  • On September 9th, President Biden announced vaccine mandates that extend to 80 million private sector workers, and additional mandates on millions of federal workers and contractors.
  • To implement this mandate, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) issued an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS). Employers that fail to comply will be fined $13,653 for each offense, and willful violations will result in a $136,532 penalty. This rule places unrealistic compliance burdens on employers—especially at a time when business and supply chains are already under duress. For example, 30 days after publication, all requirements other than testing for employees must be in place. In addition, 60 days after publication, all testing requirements must be in place.
  • The Congressional Review Act (CRA) can be used by Congress to overturn certain federal agency regulations and actions through a joint resolution of disapproval. If a CRA joint resolution of disapproval is approved by both houses of Congress and signed by the President, or if Congress successfully overrides a presidential veto, the rule at issue is invalidated.

Watch Sen. Sullivan remark about the CRA vote at this link.


  1. Remember that Chuck Schumer approved this vote. This is sham to make Jon Tester and Joe Manchin look better to their Republican constituents. Pelosi won’t hold a vote in the House so it’s going nowhere. No credit to Dan Sullivan

    • ^^ This is false.

      Congressional Review Act resolutions are “privileged,” meaning the majority leader cannot prevent them from coming to the floor and they only need a simple majority to pass. CRAs cannot be filibustered in the Senate. In the House, they only need a simple majority to bring the CRA to the floor and bypass Pelosi (e.g. like 5 Dems)

      Also, your argument that this is a “sham” vote doesn’t really make sense. Schumer wants a vote to make vulnerable Dems “look better” but Pelosi doesn’t?

  2. Well, we know the Pres isn’t going to sign so how much of a chance do we have that the veto will happen? Or is this all pop and circumstance? A show, so to speak?

    • Real vaccines that confer immunity do work, unlike Big Pharma grabs that failed to prevent COVID-19 infection in their own trials. Additionally, almost everyone alive has a >90% survival rate after contacting COVID-19. Grow up, get over your first world problems, and quit panicking over a mild illness.

      • I had covid, and it was no big deal. A few flu-like symptoms and then a positive test. Now I’m immune. I wonder how many people have had covid (with few or no symptoms) and didn’t know they had it?

  3. I’d be surprised if this isn’t political theater. Good chance the senate knows the house will fail to pass this measure to stop the mandate. Dan and the rest are just talking the talk. Absolute failure is the best way to describe how the Congressional representatives represent its subjects. I regret that we at this time, are no longer citizens.

  4. Interesting. I wonder how Senator Sullivan was able to get around Democratic Leader Chuckie Schumer and have the resolution scheduled for a vote. Ordinarily, a fella like Senator Schumer would use every means available to block such a vote.

    • Congressional Review Act resolutions are “privileged,” meaning the majority leader cannot prevent them from coming to the floor and they only need a simple majority to pass. Trump and Senate Rs were able to use the CRA to revoke a ton of Obama regulations in the few months after he left office.

    • Schumer agreed to hold the sham vote because it will help red state Democrats get reelected, without actually repealing the vaccine mandate

  5. Let’s go Sullivan!!
    He continues to attach himself to useless activities and legislation, only to get his name in the press. He’s quickly becoming a Murkowski lib-tard. If he comes to our church again, he’ll get an earful from me.

    • Some people will never be satisfied when someone does something good… They’d be mad and condemning even if Jesus Christ were in the Senate. Thank you Senator Dan.

      • Rich, .
        What good, Dan said something?
        Are you falling for the dog and pony show? No mandate has been defeated, this is a NPR style piece for Sullivan. Red meat for us Alaskan’s way back up north, brought to us by one of our favorite writers. I do hope I’m wrong and this unconstitutional mandated is tossed.

    • Exactly!
      This is just more of the same kind of sham political theater that Princess Lisa engaged in when she repeatedly voted to repeal Obamacare, knowing that those measures would never pass the then-Democratic House. THEN, when there was an ACTUAL opportunity to repeal it, she voted against the repeal. What a cynical, unprincipled, self-serving —–.

    • I agree. If he really wanted to fix something, he should fix the voter fraud and cheating. He should start impeachments on Biden. Poor excuse when you have to say, “I voted for the Infrastructure Bill”, even though it’s all garbage, because it would help Alaskans”. Maybe he should have voted “NO”, and brought forth a better bill. This would at lease show he has a backbone to vote NO.

      He already knows how Alaskans feel. He is trying to “Save Face”.

  6. Welcome to the Party Dan, you’re late even by Alaskan standards. The Biden Administration had been discussing as far back as August and September. Where were you then? Remember way back when Suzanne reported the exodus of medical professionals?
    I reckon you were “biden” your time to see what the court of public opinion was before taking a stand for Freedom and Liberty.
    Sad. But I and many others are gradually beginning to accept your power plays as typical Washingtonian political tricks. Nothing different from the other two, placing Liberty and Freedom in the trunk while driving around special interests.

  7. Boom? Dan-O is sure trying hard to get a head of his screw-ups. This is going no where. Nancy will have the mic drop when it is not brought up for a vote, since the P(Resident) was told he will veto it.

  8. You nailed it Ross ! He votes with the commies when they need republican votes, but mostly votes republican when there is no chance. Very clever.

  9. Mike Braun led the Senate effort, where is the accolades for Senator Murkowski, she voted the same as Sen. Sullivan?

    • Yeah, Frank, Princess Nepotism is well known for voting “the right way” when the bill or measure in question has no chance of passing, then voting the opposite when when it does have the chance to pass.
      Self-serving, cynical and hypocritical political theater: that’s our Princess Lisa!

  10. Frank, accolades for Murkowski are usually printed or parroted, in the WaPo or adn… know where you get your “news” from. You’d be more comfortable posting this drivel over there.
    We typically don’t have much applause for Lisa in this forum.

  11. “When the representative body have lost the confidence of their constituents, when they have notoriously made sale of their most valuable rights, when they have assumed to themselves powers which the people never put into their hands, then indeed their continuing in office becomes dangerous to the state.”
    Thomas Jefferson

  12. Has anyone thought through the reason we may be led to believe that “brave” politicians like Sullivan are standing up against this mandate? Perhaps it’s because they know it doesn’t matter because it is not going to be stopped. One, it’s unlikely that the house will go along. Two, if the house does go along, then Biden will veto it (his parrot already said he would today). Three, we could be being led down the merry SCOTUS road after they give us a “win” with the abortion case and using the rationale from it to rule in favor of mandates. If Suzanne won’t post the link, do a search for “The War Over Life, Liberty, and Privacy Rights From Abortion to Covid 19 and Beyond” – it’s an interesting assessment of that scenario.


  13. Dan is no different than pelosi. He said he voted FOR the infrastructure bill in “hopes” it will give Manchin more leverage… How is this any different than when pelosi said, “We have to vote for it so we can see whats in it”. This guy is a sneaky all things biden. He sure can talk a good game for the show, but look at what he just did. Look at what he voted for!!! Its not the first time either. He knows these things will not effect his family so he shows us he simply doesnt care. Just like the filthy democrats.

  14. These sort of actions, whether ultimately successful or not, serve a purpose. The more there is awareness and press coverage of Biden’s unlawful and unconstitutional executive orders, the more political pressure is applied to those who are on the fence and unwilling to take a stand on these issues. We all like to see home runs, but singles win games too.

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