Two Don Young bills on floor for vote this week for Tanana hospital site transfer and Pacific salmon research


 Two bills set for expedited action in the House today were sponsored by the late Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), whose legislative agenda is still moving even four weeks after he laid in state.

One bill, H.R. 441, is called the Don Young Alaska Native Health Care Land Transfers Act of 2022, as amended. It will have the federal government convey 11 acres of land in Tanana to the Tanana Tribal Council. The site is a former Indian Health Service hospital, which was demolished in 2006 by the tribal council under a contract with the federal government.

The tribe has worked on removing the building rubble and has a written understanding that the Indian Health Service will transfer the entire campus to the tribal council under a quitclaim deed. The tribe hopes to build a modern healthcare facility on the site. More about the history of the hospital and its cultural significance is at this link.

The other bill, H.R. 6651, would require the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to launch a research task force in conjunction with other agencies to study Pacific salmon. Young introduced the bill on Feb. 8.

Young died March 18 en route to Alaska at the age of 88. His seat is now the focus of a special election to fill it temporarily until January, and a regular election to choose a congressional representative for 2023-2024.


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  2. Three ways to help Salmon Runs 1. Stop raising so many Pinks 2. Regulate the Seattle Draggers kills on all species of Fish. 3. Pull the nets out of the inlet and let more Fish into Spawn, and then maybe the fish will return.

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