Anchorage’s 12th seat on Assembly election ends June 21


A special election to fill the newly created 12th seat on the Anchorage Assembly takes place over the next several weeks. It’s a mail-in only election for those in the district, which is a specially created liberal district.

The 12th seat is an extra representative for the downtown area of Anchorage, now only represented by Assemblyman Chris Constant. A second seat was approved by voters in 2020 and will make it much more difficult for conservatives to reassert control over city government. In the map above, District 1 in red is the area of town that will get another member on the Assembly.

Here are the key deadlines for the election:

May 10: Candidate filing deadline.

May 22: Last day to register to vote in this election.

May 31: Ballot packages mailed to qualified voters.

June 21: Special Election Day. All ballot envelopes must be postmarked by this day or returned to a drop box or Anchorage vote center by 8 pm.

City Hall Vote Center hours: Weekdays, June 13 – 20, 9 am – 6 pm. Saturday, June 18, 10 am – 4 pm. Sunday, June 19, noon – 5 pm.         Election Day, June 21, 7 am – 8 pm

Five Secure Ballot Drop Box locations: City Hall Parking Lot, Clark Middle School, Election Center, Fairview Community Recreation Center, and West High School.


  1. Since the boundaries have all changed, shouldn’t we ALL get to participate in this special election? By the looks of the map districts 3 and 6 likely shifted more conservative.

  2. Our country is a Bible based country our founding fathers made it that way so in GODs name we take the oath of integrity. The Bible is giving to us ethics say a how to live a righteous life how to treat others how to be in a society. The Bible tells us do not take an oath to GOD if you can’t produce Ron deSantis gets it president trump gets it. Oath breakers effect all of us and and destroy the faith based system of integrity in our elections and justice for all. Trouser make my check payable to Ron deSantis or president Trump or not to go over your head make it out to Sara as a donation for oath integrity sir. Jesus taught love is the greatest I say oath breakers are the worst they hit us all.

  3. Suzanne I understand your hands are tied somewhat here I try to watch our 2 local news stations but they just don’t get it the fakes must of bought them out and they have to report what they do. I was shocked to see my post or letters come to life on your site must read ma’am. Suzanne gives both sides to the citizens and give us the truth I am shocked this exists and love this site more than all. Thank you. I just feel if we have fear of GOD we have oath integrity and we all should stand for oath integrity. Jesus would of I’m sure. Suzanne your a cut above the rest. I hope when they come to steal you away from us you stay in Alaska.

  4. Anchorage is a lost cause. Sane areas like Eagle River need to secede from the city. Sane people need to move out.

    • I have no idea why someone would move to Alaska to live in Anchorage. If the mid-size city lifestyle is really what you want, there are so many better options.

  5. Thank you for the municipal map. No one else in Anchorage provides maps at which the assembly launches projects like projectiles at the unfortunates The valuable map is unreadable even zoomed enlargement with added magnification. Completely unreadable. This is their standard operating process. Hurry along then jam down throats. I do not wish to be sedated prior so I do not attend the observatory at the Loussacq falsely called an assembly of the public ($), by the public, for the public. I do not appreciate the standard non-operating procedure of the Assembly. Totally not representing the city at all.

  6. As a downtown voter who has been completely alienated by Toxic Chris, it’s worth noting that no one even ran against him in the last election. I’m not expecting much more from an astro-turfed candidate pool for this unnecessary seat.

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