Turnout in South Anchorage high, ballots spilling out of mailbox at Huffman post office onto ground


Voters putting their ballots in the mailbox at the Huffman Park Drive post office were disturbed this afternoon to find ballots had overstuffed the mailbox and were strewn on the ground. The photo above was taken after a citizen stuffed the ballots back in the mailbox, but they were clearly visible and reachable. The photo was taken at 5:42 pm and the last collection time for that box is 6 pm. The postal employees were notified by a citizen that ballots were insecure in the mailbox outside and the employees had emptied the box by 6:02 pm.

House District 28, which is in the vicinity of the post office, is typically the highest-voting district in the state. The situation raises questions about whether the State of Alaska Division of Elections will be prepared for over-stuffed mailboxes during the special primary election on June 11, when Alaskans will begin the process of choosing a placeholder congressional representative and will not have the option of municipal drop boxes, but will be primarily using the U.S. Post Office to get their ballots into the Division of Elections.


    • I drove down to the Eagle River ballot drop box instead of mailing it at the Chugiak Post Office. I’m not so sure that was a good idea either. I miss signing the voter roll in person with ID before getting my ballot and voting. This new process is not secure.

  1. This vote by mail system must be stopped….Ballots belong at a polling place where a voter must show up with ID, sign the book and cast his or her vote, have the ballot processed and leave…..it is our right to have fair and clean election process….

  2. How do we know they aren’t phony ballots. Overstuffed u.s postal boxes? I thought conservatives were being encouraged to drop in a muni ‘secured’ mailbox, or vote in person on election day. This is as suspicious to me as Dunbar for mayor signs spray-painted over like it was a devious self-sabatage smear against Bronson and Save Anchorage (which this season not one democrat sign was vandalized, to my surprise considering the extensive damage done last season)

  3. Is there any video footage of what the drop boxes look like all over town? I’m wondering if the “secure drop boxes” might be a little more secure than than the US Postal Service??? I mean… they’re bigger, and they only take ballots. And you can’t fit your hand down in one. No US Mail going through them as far as I can imagine. Then there is the question of who are the people picking up these “secure drop boxes”? Are they credentialed? Bonded? Who exactly is paying the people transporting our ballots? Other than our ferral gubment for sending USPS people out to pick up errant ballots laying around on the ground around an overfull mail box. This BS has to stop. If everyone can drive their ass down to the drop box or the post office, they can surely drive their same ass to the polling place and sign for a ballot and fill it out. There is no legit reason for preferring a less secure system.

  4. Totally unacceptable! Again, where are state authorities in this matter. It is quite clear by now that the municipality cannot, or will not, conduct secure & legal elections!

    • FFF, the situation is totally acceptable, and as desired, by those who installed this untransparent and fraud-prone mail-in voting system to their advantage.
      For those (radical leftists above all others) who seek power and the exercise of power at any and all costs, any and all measures to obtain that power are not only excusable but demanded.

  5. At the quietest time of the day if you listen very closely you can hear Mr. Bronson growing an even larger pair. He will figure out a way to bring the poofter cabal to heel even if the numbers and the befouled voting system work to his disadvantage.

    What tools do they have, really? Mess w/ the clock, call one of Anchorage’s most diligent and capable reporters a c*nt, mutter inappropriateness under their breath on a hot mic. Low brow petty bs. Either way, they’ll be neutered.

    It would be nice though if it were at the voting public’s hand.

  6. The Huffman branch always has their drop off mail boxes overflowing. This is nothing new, it’s always understaffed. Either that or the southside just really loves our snail mail.

  7. A byproduct of the democrat administrator of the bankrupt US Corporation and corporations created pursuant to it like the US post office corporation has caused mail delivery to no longer be the main mission of the USPS. Consequently all other corporations and households will have deminshed reliability snd crap service instead as tbe democrats surveil their enemies in complete bolshevik capture of our once enviable mail service in the US. It now sucks in Alaska as well. Thanks democrats.

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