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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Tuesday fundraiser for Gov. Dunleavy

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A fundraiser at the Petroleum Club for the reelection of Gov. Mike Dunleavy is set for Tuesday, Nov. 23, from 5:30-8 pm. Hosts are John Sturgeon, Bob Bell, Rick Rydell, and Larry Baker.

Dunleavy became governor in 2018 when he beat Mark Begich and Bill Walker in a race in which Walker dropped out in the last two weeks of the campaign, after his administration became disgraced.

Dunleavy is facing Bill Walker again in 2022, and also former legislator Les Gara, a Democrat.

More information is at this link.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • And if you attend this fundraiser for our AWOL governor, you can get a free COVID vaccination, if you want to.

  • I’m saving up for a turkey. So sorry.

    • You’d be getting a turkey either way.

  • I hope everyone is over at Anchorage Baptist temple. Dunleavy should have been over there. Alaskan’s lives and health are potentially at stake. Seems the governors priority should be the health and welfare of the citizens of Ak. At least a little curiosity by the governor, would have gone a long way in my opinion.

    • I agree with you. I am trying really hard to find a reason to support him again. He needs to take a few lessons from Ron Desantis of Florida. Now there is a leader! Of course, I do not want Walker back in there either. Is anyone else running that is a true conservative? Maybe Mayor Bronson?

  • He lost my support because he did not stand up and fight for what he said he would. He rolled over and played dead. With all the stuff going on one would hope he would lead but he is not home.

  • Enjoy your 1 term as gov, Mikey.

  • I announce my bid to be governor of this state
    The theme of my campaign:
    I promise to at least do something!!!
    What the hell is Dunleavy’s campaign going to say this time???

  • and Bill Walker did better???? BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

    • LJ:
      Some of these trolls are so delusional, that they would vote for corrupt Bill Walker even if he showed up with Byron Mallot’s ghost and several underaged school girls.
      Go Big Mike!

      • This is why Alaska can’t have nice things. Instead of admitting Dunleavy is a complete political failure and recruiting someone new, we get this.

  • Well, look’s like the choices are, a coward, a grifter or a commie. Good luck with that.

  • I got nothing …………..
    Rather fitting wouldn’t you say

  • The face and name are vaguely familiar, let me circle back with you………….. 🤔

  • He is better than Walker or any Democrat. At this point that is one of the only reasons I’ll support him.

  • If you want ANY Governor to do anything other than lose ground to special interests and elites, you need a new LEGISLATURE. Let’s remember this guy got elected with two (supposedly) GOP controlled houses, and they worked AGAINST him the whole time. Two years later, we bounced a few of the turncoats, and ends up we were just exchanging them for more, turncoats (who also happened to be totally inept) as again, he was supposed to have Majorities for his party in both houses, and again, the legislators sold us and him out. Not to mention the judiciary which made the ridiculous recall possible.. With Walker you lose. With Gera you lose more. With Dunleavy you hold the line, and you get a chance to win, but only if you can send some legislators that aren’t bought and paid for, gutless, or there only for themselves.

    • Well said.

      • AMEN!

  • Not a chance. I bought his lie once.
    Never again.

  • What a choice – the Cowardly Lion or the shyster lawyer! We are screwed either way.

  • While the Dunleavy cheerleaders prance and warn you of the Walker debacle, and how evil the legislature is (both true), consider…
    At every chance Dunleavy had to fight back, he caved. He gave away the few things he actually won. And worst of all, hid behind Ben Stevens while Alaska began to collapse.
    I will never vote for Dunleavy again. Not because he lost. Because he didn’t even try.
    If that’s enough for the pro Dunleavy crowd, go for it. I prefer a man who fights and loses than one who runs and hides.

  • I didn’t realize we had a governor

    • Well, Mike Dunleavy is governor-in-absentia, if that counts.

    • Patience Dan! Just wait for fundraising or time to run for elections, they’ll show.

  • It seems no one is interested in the US Constitution any longer except for Governor Dunleavy. He is staying in his lane Constitutionally. So often people act as though it should no longer exist. The local assembly persons in Anchorage feel quite unlimited in power and they seize the day. Everyday it seems they recognize some new ungranted Constituional power that they have exclusively. Perhaps we should review the charter to bring it into compliance with the 1776 dicument. They are firmly against the US Constitution which has only three branches. Government isn’t supposed to “grow” and award itself new but ungranted, merely imagined
    powers” like the right to dictate any health service contracts as demanded by some third hostile party. Who thought this arrangement up?

    • You’re missing the point. Dunleavy has stayed in his lane, true. While hiding behind his desk.

      Abbott and DeSantis both follow the constitution. Thing is, the lead. Spineless doesn’t. Dunleavy is the Kurt Cousins of politics. He gets minor wins here and there. But never when it counts and never under pressure

  • Remind again… what should inspire Deplorables to care?

  • If Dunleavy has a fourth of the cohones of DeSantis he’d be twice the man!

    • It’s spelled “cojones”, but I agree with your sentiment here.

  • Stand up and support a forensic audit of November 2020’s election. And support Lindell’s SCOTUS suit. If you do that Mike, I’ll support you

  • Dunleavy was attacked relentlessly, thousands went in to the recall effort,the legeslature kept flopping from a R majority, only to be stabbed in the back by turncoat RINOs giving the majority to the Democrats.
    I say he made tactical retreats, ..
    We need to give him a conservative legislature to do the work, and then see…. Don Young is a bigger problen IMHO,, voting for a multi billion vax tracking system, Pelosi’s fake infrastructure bill, Defense authorization bill stripping military of basic gun rights,…. I wish someone would run against that ex-schoolteacher turncoat.

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