Federal Reserve Bank blog suggests soy might be a good, if not tasty, economic choice this Thanksgiving


The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is suggesting soy is a more economically efficient Thanksgiving meal option than turkey.

“A Thanksgiving dinner serving of poultry costs $1.42,” said a tweet about a Federal Reserve economic data blog post. “A soybean-based dinner serving with the same amount of calories costs 66 cents and provides almost twice as much protein,” it said, signaling that soy may even be superior to turkey, pound for pound.

The blog post, at this link, said that the average global price of poultry has been six times higher than the price of soybeans.

“As of the third quarter of 2021, a hearty Thanksgiving dinner serving of turkey costs $1.42. A tofurkey (soybean) dinner serving with the same amount of calories costs $0.66 and provides almost twice as much protein. Keep in mind that this plant-based meal would be almost 3 times larger by weight than the poultry-based meal and may either keep you at the dinner table longer or provide you with more leftovers. Of course, our calculations here don’t include the time value, energy costs, and additional ingredients required to cook the meals,” the blog noted.


  1. Information we will welcome when we are unable to purchase protein? I suspect Venezuelans could have used that advice once their money was worthless. Are we at the tipping point?

  2. I might seriously consider using soy instead of turkey, as soon as the politicians and government drones do so.
    No problem. I will wait.

  3. But But What is the Biden/Harris position on the subject.?? surely they ran such a decision by the White House for approval before releasing such important findings!!!

  4. So now the Godless, turncoat, America haters are encouraging us to forgo the national tradition of killing and eating a real, undead turkey in order to promote their feckless, traitorous dislike of good ol’ “Merican red meat.
    Resist! Do not go into that darkness. Go out there and get yourselves a hearty portion of natural grown, Alaska red meat, (Please, NOT the two legged, non-feathered kind…wait, I’m looking for the appropriate politically correct descriptive term here….oh crap! Too much GOP propaganda! Just go ahead and make your own choices, but choose wisely) along with native sweet potatoes and cranberries and All American whipped cream, and have yourselves a wonder, Thanksgiving stuff-fest. That’s what I’m gonna do.
    God Bless America!

    • Homo, Soy is loaded with Estrogen. Sadly one has to be careful in choosing which processed foods to consume these days since it is used in just about everything. As a man ages it is important to reduce the intake of this female hormone, unless of course you like getting weepy eyed at the end of the movie.
      BTW, Happy Thanksgiving to you Sir, may God continue to richly bless you.

    • For those of you uninformed, keep in mind that the only reason for the turkey to exist is to be slaughtered and eaten by people. It is bred, fed and raised only for that purpose (and anyone who ever attempted to raise turkeys knows how difficult this is). Same for the hog, the cow and every other domestic source of meat protein.
      And every animal in the wild exists only to be most cruelly killed and eaten by others. Even the bear will likely ultimately be taken down by another over territorial battles.
      The turkey is only given life to be celebrated at Thanksgiving, so enjoy it. And remember, in Brandon’s world: Tuesday is Soylent Green day.
      Oh, and for those expecting everything be given to them, remember, It’s a cookbook! (To Serve Man).

  5. Soy, as in ‘Tuesday is Soylent Green day’ for all the Soy Boys who stormed the beaches at Normandy to protect us from Nazism. Or did they?

    • Are you serious?? Are you one of those who prefer manipulated non-meat ?? There are less vitamins in this soy stuff, and people have to go out and buy supplements to replace what vitamins and vital nourishment that’s is in the meat!.

  6. MSNBC Declares Thanksgiving Is all about White People Celebrating “Genocide And Violence” Against Blacks


    And all these years, I thought it was about Native Americans…..

  7. Monsanto would be proud. Turkey- shaped tofu drizzled with soybean oil and baked to a golden brown. There is no shortage of turkeys, just truckers who refused take their government shot. Same with beef. Except that the Chinese has bought out the meat packing industry in our country, plus the new shortage of truckers. Let’s go Brandon! I will serve moose.

  8. Soy Boy

    Fed said on Thanksgiving eat soy
    To turn you more girly from boy
    Increase your phytoestrogen
    Keep you from being manly men
    Sounds like a communist ploy

  9. In 15 years of marriage, the only thing my wife ever cooked that I could not eat was barbecued tofu! Yechk. I’ll pay double for the turkey, thank you. Nice try fed res. You haven’t starved me out yet. Take your soybeans and putem where the sun don’t shine, or sellem to China. Perhaps that will improve your bottom line (pun intended).

  10. “Keep in mind that this plant-based meal would be almost 3 times larger by weight than the poultry-based meal and may either keep you at the dinner table longer or provide you with more leftovers.”
    At least the Fed understands that the nutritional value of soy does not compare to animal based protein.

  11. I would say the Fed needs to stick to their day job but they aren’t doing a very good job at that, so I understand why they’ve resorted to the gig economy and trying to pick up a job wherever they can find one.

  12. Let them eat soy?! What about those of us that are allergic to soy? As well as many other legumes. No protein for us I guess ?. I will stick with turkey, or prime rib, thank you very much.

  13. Tofurkey??? Are they even remotely serious? They likely just want all us serfs to let them have the real birds. When it comes to soy curd, all I can say is that it reminds me of a line from a Crocodile Dundee movie… excepting I couldn’t possibly live on it. Get ready for all the air quality alerts for Black Friday… How much are they going to pay the sculptor they hire to make a 25 pound block of tofu look like a turkey? At least no one will be gaining weight.

  14. Soy drumsticks for Thanksgiving? So sayeth the Federal Reserve. Sounds like Jimmy Carter wanting everybody to put their cardigan sweaters on and turn down the thermostat to save high fuel costs. These clowns running our country are all about establishing new norms downward due to either their corruption and/or incompetence. Time to wake up America! These people are not acting in our best interests.

  15. This administration and their state-level imps have destroyed an entire economy. Two years ago during the beginning of the pandemic, both my wife and I had great paying jobs and could afford to eat any damn thing we chose. In less than a year, we have had to move states, reduce living standards further just to compete with the burden created by these clowns. From states shutting down, regulations, mandates, etc these people have kicked the entire country into the gutter and told us to suck it up, it’s our fault. We need more De Santis and fewer Browns. It is amazing how quickly they have reversed the living standards.

    • Or, Sven, you could take responsibility for your failures. The Universe doesn’t owe you a living and neither does the government.

  16. Soy is one of the main triggers for Migraine headaches. So thank you again for interfering in my personal health issues. Pass the turkey please.

    • Down here I paid $0.49 a pound for a 20 lb turkey this year. If you want to just the turkey breast it was $1.29 a pound. Tofu was lots higher than that. I’m not sure why they said to eat more soy unless the government has a surplus they trying to get rid of like peanut butter.

  17. Preparing us for the “Age of Austerity” that they are ushering in with their America last policies. The resistance must be strong. #redwave2022

  18. They could just make more government peanut butter then since that’s mainly soy oil, peanuts and sugar. You are probably right but if they could force or brainwash every American into the vegan cult, the govt. could then sell our livestock meat at a premium overseas. This has been done and is being done with other commodities in other countries.

  19. “Let them eat soy.” I seem to recall in my history books, the last entitled person who came up with a response like this was retired from service. I believe her name was Ms. Antoinette. “Let them eat cake”… Maybe it is coming time for the crimson Madame to be once again placed in service. Freedom isn’t free!

    • This historical figure that you are referring to was despised primarily because she was Austrian, a despicable foreigner. In her lifetime, women were brought up in a highly cushioned luxurious environment with an objective to be married off in order to increase or maintain political power. You could say they were often clueless pawns.
      Historians disagree over this quote as well as to whom it should be attributed. Some experts even say it is an urban myth.
      Today is Thanksgiving throughout the USA, an excellent opportunity to lay down weapons, insults and snide comments, and reach across to all fellow Americans regardless of their political leanings.
      Just one day, folks, a ceasefire of sorts.
      Warm thoughts to all!

      • Many blessing to you as well Catherine.
        Marie Antoinette and her king hubby Louis the XVI were despised because of their largess and opulence while the regular French Folk scrabbled. Back then it was common practice for the leading royal houses of Europe to marry their eligible sons to a German/Austrian princess. Katherine the Great being the prime example (hubby Peter did not do so well)
        I respectfully disagree, Marie was not a clueless pawn. Her mother was Empress Maria Theresa, who was very shrewd. Marie played her cards very well until Robespierre and the revolution, changed her plans. From what I have read she never uttered the “Let them eat cake” quote, but I supposed it described the common sentiment at the time.

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