Tuckerman Babcock: What is treason?



Recent illegal immigration is an invasion of the United States by millions and millions of foreigners, many sworn enemies of the USA.

How does this happen? In a word: Treason, as defined in the U.S. Constitution.

The time has come to hold those Americans supporting, encouraging, aiding, and abetting this flood, this invasion, by nearly uncountable millions of illegal immigrants, accountable.

The invasion by millions of military age men from around the globe, has happened only by the willful decision of certain civil servants to ignore the law, refusing to enforce the law and determined to break the law.

What else should we call the promoting of an invasion by foreign enemies but treason?

Would a reasonable American assess the actions of President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and all their direct agents and the malignant supporters in Congress to be committing treason as defined in the Constitution?

Is the flagrant, cynical and arrogant abuse of their offices to assist foreign enemies of the USA to gain entrance, residence and finances nothing less than treason?

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Is not opening the floodgates to drugs, criminal mischief, rapine and murder by these millions of illegal invaders, and further, seizing the property of Americans to finance and promote the invasion as vile a betrayal of national sovereignty as has ever occurred in the history of these United States?

Does not treason best describe the treachery and betrayal — with malice aforethought — committed by President Biden, Vice President Harris, and those many federal officers and members of Congress who have encouraged, aided and abetted the invasion of the USA by foreign enemies?

All should take heed and be warned that a day of reckoning will surely come to those who have done this evil to our great nation and who have aided and abetted the hostile and illegal invasion of the USA and secretly spirited the invaders across our land, our states, cities and communities.

Can anyone dispute that these actions — this treason — threatens the very existence of this sovereign nation and the very existence of several states?

When called to account, let none plead ignorance or vainly protest that they were only “following orders.”

The time will surely come when each and every traitor will face pointed accusations, fair trials and, if found guilty, the punishment due traitors.

God bless the USA and the tens of millions of legal immigrants (of every pigment, tribe, description, and varied national origin) who are the foundation of this magnificent republic.

Tuckerman Babcock is a citizen of Alaska.


  1. When individuals in the federal government collude with Facebook, Twitter, Google and others to actively prevent the New York Post and other media outlets from releasing accurate, albeit damaging, information about the Democrat candidate for President and his family on the eve of a national election so that the things you are describing above could then be carried out, does that not also meet the definition of treason against the United States?

      • MA, I expect to hear a public apology from you when this is all said and done and it is proven that Rep Eastman was right all along.

      • Masked ,
        How old are you? ( you sound childish- loosing your brain or undeveloped?)
        Politics is not a game . It’s supposed to be public service.
        Those who “play politics” with the sacred position of public servant are betraying the nation which happens to define treason in the general sense .
        It may not meet the definition of constitutional treason but when you betray your country men and make it unsafe for their families and undermine the principles our nation was founded on it’s considered technical treason.

        Masked I will assume you had good intentions because you feared nearly anything can be twisted and thought democrats would proclaim treason against republicans for opposing ideas .

        What eastman is getting at is the Biden administration is actually ignoring laws on the books restricting unlawful immigration while aiding and abetting this crime which is easily considered treasonous acts especially as it puts our nations security in jeopardy as well as individual citizens safety.
        When our own government ignores its own laws it creates anarchy a danger of itself. At that point vigilantism becomes justified. Not good.
        That undermines our government which equates treason.
        Eastman is 100% correct.

        Your dislike of eastman has blinded you .
        Do better my masked friend.

        Under the constitution it was the state’s right to determine who and how many people to allow in . Not the feds .
        Putting this power into the feds hands betrays our republic which is treason to our nations ideals .

        Allowing in unvetted people from enemy nations is dangerous and aids and abetts our enemies. = treason.

        Masked- Eastman is on your side. Be constructive.

    • “……..does that not also meet the definition of treason against the United States?………”
      Yup. By the officials as well as the guilty media outlets.

    • Unprecedented in scope and time- in all context, it is impossible to avoid reference to the spiritual dimension, though the demographic that provides staple to an emerging and persistent ethos would condemn as delusion or “cult” . Most troubling, perhaps, in consequence of what they are doing has been the introduction of varied entities within our country that will exploit any scenario – my inference is that the actors in this deliberate ” transformation” are gambling that they can manage it- literally risking all welfare and security, including their own, in the gamble. If there has indeed been negotiation with the CCP ( again this is speculation) , they have, in my opinion, seriously mis- judged their position in that relationship, as with any other such. The cold reality must be recognized that the future may indeed be rather unthinkable. Like so many others, I’m sure enough, we could not fathom a short time ago that it could climb to the realm of probabilities.

  2. Very well written and absolutely correct. Those treasonous individuals are putting their greed and personal desire to stay in power over the good of the Nation simply by admitting voters favorable to them.

  3. I am so glad you wrote this, i completely concur.
    Democrats, those voting as a block (which is too many of you), and RINOs voting along with democrats, will be brought to trial as every last German/nazi soldier was after the holocaust. America will find and prosecute you, government employees, ngos, whoever you are in this mass chain of treason. You will not be able to say you did not know or understand what you were doing, you understood perfectly, you are funding, aiding and abetting treason. You are actively working with the enemy to aid them in illegally invading our nation.
    Where are all the whistleblowers?

  4. Well now, this is ripe. What’s the diabolical plan that those in charge would have conjured up to allow all of these military aged men, from several countries that purportedly hate us, to enter our “sovereign” country illegally? Fundamental transformation ring any bells? Listen, this Constitutional Republic experiment has run its course and its time to roll out the “new, unimproved” Democratic Socialism that will “save our Democracy”. To do so, you need votes. Votes from people who have come from that very same system, sold on the idea that their freedom will be greater here than there.

    • And many Chinese and Cuban refugees can tell you that the “transformation” is almost complete. The only thing between us & the government is our “militias”. The ONLY thing.

  5. Just another reason to vote for Trump, this illegal invasion into our country has to stop before it is too late.

  6. The US Constitution clause on Treason is as follows. “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort” Attacking the US Capitol and the White House Police could be considered treason. Calling criminals who plead guilty to crimes attacking the Capitol and Police “Patriots” and promising pardons qualifies as treason by Babcock’s description.

    • Frank, evidently you have watched different videos of what actually happened there, let me guess, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, yet you read and freely comment here. I suggest you expand your view to include both perspectives before drawing and promoting your viewpoint. Cheers –

    • Frank, is strolling through the Capitol building, taking pictures, “levying war against them (The United States?). Is rioting, sans weapons, at the Capitol levying war against the U.S.? By my understanding, not one participant in the goings on of 1/06/2020 has been charged with Treason or Insurrection. In fact one could easily and reasonably argue that those there that day were mostly protesting and while a few were rioting in defense of their nation, your nation, our nation, these United States. Babcock lays out clearly the planned and executed harm many in our Government have inflicted, purposely, on us, these United States. I would hope you aren’t in favorable agreement with them.

      • ” . . . or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances”.

    • “……..Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort………”

  7. Tuckerman,
    These “Illegals” are now roaming around in Alaska. I saw some at Walmart the other day. They speak only in Spanish, look like gangsters, stare at you as if to invite a confrontation, and walk around in packs so as to intimidate others.
    Girls should be very careful.
    It’s real. There here!

    • Yes they are here. Over 15,000 of them. They will be flooding our schools and we will be required to teach them english! Not to mention they are sucking off the tit of Alaskans and all other states. Infiltration at it’s highest. Keep Voting DEMONCRAT and this is the results! Have a nice day.

        • “………Ten bucks you have no evidence to support your claim of 15,000 immigrants………..”
          Easy (and lazy) bet. Their numbers are hidden for obvious reasons. Now, how about an audit of NGOs on federal monies granted for the care of “refugees”? There are ways to get the numbers……….

        • Tata, you have no evidence with which to dispute his claim.
          But 8 million unvetted illegals is ok with you, I’m sure.

      • Go to a tags and title and all the people NOT speaking english getting state IDs. It is incredibly hypocritical for the US Government to give up what I earned, in taxes, so that the money can be transferred to someone from a foreign land that didn’t do a damn thing for it.

      • And to all the liberal women who move to Alaska from California, Oregon, Colorado and the East Coast in pursuit of love, a government job, a husky dog, and a voice for the planet’s environment………..get a firearm.
        Many of these illegal men from South and Central America, and even Mexico, are predators from gangs. They will rape you. If you want them here…….good luck trying to find a red-blooded American man to protect you. Take firearm classes and practice……if you want a longer life. They ARE here, and they are bold!

        • Marla. DO NOT believe Sean Hannity or defendant Trump! Immigrants commit fewer crimes than locals. Sure, get a gun, but don’t expect to kill more brown people than white people when you feel the teensiest threatened.

          • You say immigrants but you forgot to add illegal .. what % of immigrants have a criminal background? Not many I would guess. But illegal immigrants? Id guess higher. You didn’t hear about certain asian organized criminal enterprises caught infiltrating the US?

  8. I’d only you’d put this much energy into making the AK Republican Party worth a damn.

    You are walking a very dangerous, very thin line with this. And doing it with all the finesses of a farting moose.

    Equating an asinine political agenda with treason is a hard charge to effectively prove. Failure to do so invites the worst kind of retribution.

    More, it stupidly open the door for the same to happen to the right. With a vengeance.

    For once, use your damn head and think this through before kicking a hornets nest.

    Bad policy is stupid, destructive, and counterproductive to society. But rarely treason.

    The founder put a high bar, nearly unprovable for non military, to avoid the stupidity you seem to be endorsing.

  9. What an amazing thread. The two most feckless, ineffective, incompetent members of the AK GOP get together on a concept.

    No wonder this state flipped blue.

  10. Great article, Tuckerman!
    Close Alaska’s borders to all illegal immigration.
    As it stands today, any illegal person registering a vehicle through DMV or by contract Titles, is signed up to vote in our sacred local and federal elections. From a valid election card, it’s easy to sign up for the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend.

    We have a constitutional right to protect our ballot. We would not give up our guns to the to the Feds or State, why do we give up our constitutional voice, our ballot!

    Same day voting, paper ballots, and local hand counting!

  11. Treason is actually spelled d-e-m-o-c-r-a-t with another close spelling being i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t…examples being Murkowski and Peltola

  12. Exactly, this regime is the enemy of the republic and people. The other party is not doing enough to stop this invasion. The justice system is totally broken and the Supreme Court has been neutered. What are we to do? I say buy ammo and non parishiables.

    • “……..I say buy ammo………”
      AKA “precious metals”. Liquor is also excellent barter material, and not as hazardous to the grantor………

  13. Do y’all think it’s treason to coerce and threaten an elected Secretary of State to “find” non existent votes with the intention of subverting the core tenet of our Constitution, the document Republicans profess to revere?

    “I just want to find, uh, 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state.” During the call, Trump falsely suggested that Raffensperger could have committed a criminal offense by refusing to overturn the state’s election results.

    • If the Executive or Judicial branch of a state, such as Georgia and Alaska changed the voting laws prior to a federal election, that is operating out side of the US Constitution. Our law was changed to state that mailed in ballot signatures did not have to be verified. Our legislators did not do that. That’s all Mr. Trump was saying. Who knows? If any of his cases were actually heard, he may have won them.

  14. What? No mention of the NGOs funded by the feds recieving and deploying these invaders to key political locations nationwide? Governors Abbott and DeSantis figured out that the best response is to simply bait the invaders into buses and re-deploy them to urban playgrounds with de-funded police departments and enjoy the loud lamentations and gnashing of teeth. Time to saddle this gift horse up and ride it like you stole it. Destroy communist cities with communist soldiers imported by communists.

  15. Thank you, Tuckerman, for penning this. A day of reckoning is definitely coming to these traitors. GOD will not be mocked and HE is not done with America.

  16. What is treason? Treason is when members of Congress hold dual citizenship or accept campaign contributions from foreign lobbyists. Treason is when former intelligence officials lie to Congress in order to influence an election. Treason happens when corrupt judges use our judicial system as a political weapon. Treason occurs when a President deems another countries’ border security more important than our own border security. Seems to be a lot of treason happening in the United States nowadays!

  17. ” . . . or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances” – let’s stop wading around in the weeds and get back to the basics. It’s estimated that 250,000 people were in D.C. on J6. Of that, approximately .001 broke the law. We were then “told” by fence & firearm “zombies, sit down and shut up or we’ll ruin you” (our government). The states were, by design, intended to defend us from the Federal government. The states have failed us. We have only one thing remaining that works to our benefit.

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