Chinese illegals swarm border in record numbers since Biden sworn in as president



The number of Chinese nationals illegally entering the U.S. – primarily single, military age men – has skyrocketed under the Biden administration.

Of the more than 140,000 Chinese who’ve illegally entered the country since fiscal 2021, one recently was apprehended at a Marine Corps base at the southwest border.

El Centro Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gregory Bovino reported that Border Patrol agents “responded to a call from the Marine Corp Base about a Chinese national who entered the base without authorization, ignoring orders to leave.”

The Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona, is not far from the El Centro Sector, which lies directly west of the CBP Yuma Sector. The El Centro Sector spans 71 linear miles along the border with Mexico in primarily desert and mountainous terrain. To its east is the Yuma Sector, which covers all of Nevada, a southeastern section of California and the western part of Arizona.

The MCAS Yuma is where all Marine Corps tactical aviation units train, and is home to multiple squadrons, including fighter, air combat, and aviation weapons and tactics squadrons. A Naval Air Facility Base is located in El Centro, California, 15 minutes from the Mexico border and is a key training location for pilots.

The Chinese national was “confirmed to be in the country illegally,” Bovino said and “his purpose and intent behind his actions are still being investigated.”

Of the record number of Chinese nationals illegally entering the U.S. along the southwest border, the majority are entering California; at the northern border, the majority are entering in New York, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data.

Since fiscal 2021 through February 2024, 140,839 Chinese nationals illegally entered the U.S. nationwide, excluding those who evaded capture.

In fiscal 2021, 23,471 Chinese nationals illegally entered the U.S. nationwide. This number increased to 27,756 in fiscal 2022 and to 53,700 in 2023.

Current numbers are on track to exceed previous fiscal years, with 36,912 having been apprehended through February 2024. The greatest number to illegally enter in a single month was 8,518 in December 2023.

From fiscal 2021 through February 2024, nearly 50,000 illegally entered through the southwest border. Nearly half that number, over 24,000, illegally entered at the northern border over the same time period.

Of those illegally entering from Mexico, the majority are being apprehended in California, totaling a record more than 35,000, according to CBP data. In fiscal 2021, 263 Chinese were apprehended. By February 2024, fiscal year to date, 22,098 have been apprehended.

The second greatest number have been apprehended in Texas of over 26,000 over the same time period, according to the data.

Of those illegally entering from Canada, the majority are being apprehended in New York, over 10,400 during the same time period.

In every state and sector, nearly all being apprehended are single adults. The majority of the single adults are military age men, officials told The Center Square.


  1. Ah, Grandpa Bloodstains wanted to be historic. He’s gotten his wish by being the man who did the single most damage to America.

    All this in 3 1/2 years. Impressive in a pathetic and catastrophic way.

    • In truth, I wonder if it is not the “Muslim” president in his third term that is ramrodding this disaster. To me that is what it appears based on all of his hold overs in the White House watching and guiding the ‘Big Guy’

    • MA; Actually President James Buchanan was considered the worst President, handing President Lincoln 7 seceded states and splitting the Republican Party. At one point he asserted that federal government could not stop states from seceding and Lincoln showed him where he was wrong though approx. 1/2 a million lives were lost in war.

    • MA; Correction for 3rd, James Buchanan was a democrat ;-), Lincoln was of the split republican party, glad I caught that.

    • Grandpa is a doddering old dude who was a fool when he was younger and at least had an inkling of what he was doing; now he shuffles through the White House, sees his portrait on the wall, and asks: “Who’s that??”

      • Wimleitch, the probability of us becoming decrepit increases with age. However, it is not a foregone conclusion nor is age the truly relevant factor. For example, Obama, being a relatively young man, did great damage to our republic. We must simply acknowledge it is the misguided ideology of politicians that causes problems–not age. Biden has been misguided since his youth; he has always been essentially communist. As to old age, we are all getting there if we are blessed to do so. Therefore, “don’t ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

  2. The politicians take an “OATH”, unfortunately they don’t honor it. Their word is meaningless. This is a planned invasion.

  3. Many illegals in Anchorage, working on homes without legal Lic/Bond/Ins while resident citizen contractors suffer loss of work as homeowners never request the same.
    Illegals are also winning a nonviolent war and taking over our country little by little.

    • The way you vote 3rd Generation you are just guilty as the rest of us for allowing this mayhem. I ain’t contributing to it anymore. I did when I first started voting at 18 and young adult years. Now I know better and who to vote for. You gotta be take your share of accountability over this too

    • We all here know you been open about your support for Sen Murkowski and Alaska’s moderate leadership that got Alaska here and the nation whrrr it is today

      • Jen, Joe and Jen; Our Senior Senator has done more for Alaska, second only to the Honorable Senator Ted Stevens who was very similar to or beloved Senator Murkowski, they were both pro choice, Anti foreign owned pebble who were found for fraud June of 23, Ted and and Lisa never seen a defense spending bill that they didn’t like.
        Senator Murkowski has helped many Alaskans, infrastructure package, broadband for rural, all new bridges and highways all over the state, brings in more money per capita than any other state , colleagues all stand when she takes the senate floor.
        In 5 years, you all may be best to vote for her because you will be with the vast majority;-)
        Fighter squadrons, new Ice breaker being assembled and on and on and on.

        • Wow 3rd Gen, you sure do try to sell a line don’t you. You had me almost laughing. In five years, we’ll all be sitting in our little “apartments” that have been assigned to us thanks to people like your dear senator that works for the lizard people. You totally got me at the broadband for rural – that is the biggest money pit and Hoffman (and his friend Murkowski) are going to benefit nicely from the installation of that broadband.

      • You’ve changed on here. First you were churchy, or tried to be. Then, you got caught up in the hate war, meant to keep everyone on edge because it generates money and power. Now it seems you are on the dark side. Try not to stray to far away from the light, less you loss your way home.

  4. Biden says,
    “Let them in. It’s a return favor for all of the money the Chi-Coms slipped to me through Hunter.”
    Obviously, Joe Biden doesn’t give a damn about his own country. Pathetic. He must go down in the 2024 election.

  5. What is really a concern is that these Chinese people did not just decide to leave China on their own. They have been selected to emigrate to the US. They have been flown to Mexico City or Montreal by the chi-com government and guided to our border. Many have military training. When they join up with the various bad actors from the middle east and the cartel members also in our country, you will be glad you have an AR-15.

  6. We have lots chinese spies that come to Alaska, I see them as I work close to the travel industry. We had the chinese army training in Canada in the Northwest Territories secretly. It barely made the Canadian news, and didn’t make our news at all. ‘

    • “We had the chinese army training in Canada in the Northwest Territories secretly.” Not sure how secret this news was because I heard about it from several very large alternative news sources. I wonder how many of those guys walked across the Alaskan border in the midst of all of the smoke from the fires in Canada?

  7. None of this could be happening without support from our elected leaders neglecting our laws either by omission or commission.
    I can’t travel through Canada without a passport, I cannot board an Airplane for a domestic flight with out security looking at my I.D. Given the restrictions placed upon our citizens, I ask how is it possible that we are being invaded by hordes of foreigners, many hostile towards us and most not willing to assimilate to our culture and laws? Are there October 7 events to be played out here in the USA in our very near future? I wonder what our alphabet agencies are not telling us? After all FBI Director Wray keeps warning of dire terrorist possibilities.
    In the meantime, do not let them takeaway your means of defending your loved ones and families.

  8. Christ on a bike, you guys need get out of Alaska once in a while. The world doesn’t revolve around your inane conspiracy theories (thank god!). And remember, “opinions” really are just like assholes; everybody has one, and they usually stink.


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