Tsunami warning after 7.4 in Aleutian Islands


A tsunami warning has been issued for the Aleutian Islands after an earthquake with a 7.5 magnitude was centered about 67 miles southeast of Sand Point at 12:54 pm.

The nearest communities are:

  • 67 miles SE of Sand Point
  • 97 miles S of Perryville
  • 101 miles SE of Mt. Dana
  • 103 miles S of Mt. Kupreanof
  • 110 miles SE of Pavlof Volcano
  • 111 miles SE of Pavlof Sister
  • 114 miles SE of Emmons Lake
  • 114 miles E of King Cove

Residents of the Kenai Peninsula received the warning in their smart phones just after 1 pm.

The warning advised of severe building damage possible and to move to higher ground due to the wave. Sand Point is about 39 feet above sea level and has a population of about 1,130. The wave is estimated to arrive in Sand Point at 1:55 pm and Cold Bay at 2:45 pm. It is estimated to reach Kodiak at 2:50 pm.


  1. Not all that far from Scotch Cap. Not familiar with the place? It was wiped off the map in the 1940’s by a tidal wave in the dark of night.

    Anyone in the area familiar w/ the story of the missing Scotch Cap Lighthouse would’ve been mighty concerned to hear of a 7.4 in the hood.

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