Tshibaka wins Alaska Republican Party endorsement for U.S. Senate


Kelly Tshibaka asked the Alaska Republican Party State Central Committee for its endorsement today for U.S. Senate. The State Central Committee debated the question on procedural matters briefly, and quickly took a vote.

By a margin of 58-17, Tshibaka won that endorsement handily. The support for her Senate candidacy was over 77 percent of those voting, with just five voting members abstaining.

Tshibaka announced her challenge to Sen. Lisa Murkowski on March 29, two weeks after the Alaska Republican Party had voted — by the same 77 percent — to censure Murkowski over her history of actions that have been counter to the platform and interests of the Republican Party. However, the 58 votes to endorse Tshibaka was greater than the 53 votes in March to censure Murkowski.

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“I am grateful and thrilled to have the strong support of the Alaska Republican Party, which voted overwhelmingly to endorse my candidacy for the U.S. Senate,” she said. “We all share a unified goal: to promote the principles upon which our country and state were founded. I have pledged that I will be true to our shared, conservative Alaska ideals and be a senator upon whom they can depend to make every decision based on what is best for our great state.”

Over the past several weeks leading up to the Republicans’ quarterly meeting, several Republican districts voted to endorse Tshibaka, and earlier this month she was endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

“We now move forward with a united front, determined to defend Alaska from the continued onslaught of the radical Biden administration. We need a senator who will stand with Alaskans and not cozy up to the Washington, D.C. insiders, a senator who has earned the trust of the people and strives to keep it every day. It is time for conservative leaders, with courage and common sense, to rise together across the nation. I am honored to be endorsed as that candidate for Alaska,”  Tshibaka said.

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  1. I am so happy for this, that my Republican friends have done the right thing. Frankie and I support Kelly to a T.
    Politics has caused much stress for Frankie and I. It will soon be over, and Lisa can send her house-husband out to look for a “JOB.”

    • Totally agree, Nancy. Sarah Palin didn’t need the help of a Prop 2 to beat me in 2006. Most of our friends voted for her in the Primary because I cut out their Longevity Bonus checks in 2002. Democrats hate free money, right? Then Palin sold our personal jet on EBay. I was going to give it to Lisa on her birthday. Now she flies with Pelosi, or, on Feinstein’s private jet. Or worse, on Alaska Airlines, First Class, wearing her BLM shirt.

  2. Can’t wait until our president Donald Trump arrives in Alaska for a huge Trump Rally for Kelly. I bet 10,000 to 20,000 from all over Alaska will be on hand. Maybe more!

    • Lol like you suckers have a Trump golf course he could stay at while billing the Secret Service for a room

      • M:
        At least Trump knows where he’s at and who he’s speaking to. Biden thinks he’s at a girl scout convention in Haiti, and he wants to know if Hunter is checking to make sure the girls are over 13.

  3. Thank you! You restore faith in the Republican Party. We have a lot to be vigilant about and this is a big step.

  4. Seeing these various GOP organizations tripping over each other in their haste to endorse a candidate who has little qualification to be our next U.S. senator and, instead, has the education and work background of a typical liberal should cause all of us to wonder about the statewide Republican leadership.
    Don’t forget…these are the very same “leaders” who were all pro-Murkowski not that long ago.
    And what about Young and Sullivan? Our other two RINOs who have done absolutely nothing to fight the election fraud of 2020 that cost us the presidency, the Senate and, probably, the House.
    Young is so focused on getting along with Pelosi and the Democrats that he seems to have forgotten that their political ideology is the polar opposite of the “Alaskan values” shared by the majority of the Alaskans he represents.
    Sullivan is just another southern carpetbagger imported into our state who struck political gold and is now embedded like a diseased tick.
    The difference between Sullivan and Tsibaka is that she was born in our state…a state she left as soon as she reached the age of majority and could escape her parents control.
    The Dunleavy Administration imported her back by offering her a deal too sweet to refuse…at our great expense. If he hadn’t done that she’d still be in Washington DC with the other swamp rats prospering under the illegitimate Biden Administration.
    Tsibaka spent more of her life and her entire adulthood outside of Alaska after growing up in Anchorage.
    Zero time in rural Alaska…which probably explains why she was comfortable throwing rural Alaskans under the bus with her rural-only DMV privatization scheme. A scheme that would have reduced services while increasing costs. Thankfully some members of the Alaska legislature saw through the “cost cutting” BS she was spewing and ended that idea.
    Makes one wonder what other great cost cutting ideas Tsibaka had at the state and federal levels. She seems to have done quite well working in the federal bureaucracy under both Republicans and Democrats. That simply doesn’t happen for someone who actually has and acts on strong conservative values.
    So many detest Lisa Murkowski that they’re willing to jump onto the first alternative that comes along.
    We definitely need a strong America First conservative to replace Murkowski (and Young and Sullivan…two RINOs still apparently supported by our GOP leadership) but unless you believe everything she claims…without any actual proof…Tsibaka is not that candidate.
    Tsibaka’ s background and experience is so one dimensional (all government) and thin that, as a fully grown mature woman who left home decades ago, she still pimps her parents life experiences as some kind of lame attempt to promote herself.
    Instead of just allowing Tsibaka to prattle on about how she supports “Alaskan values” as if we’re all the same (a very insulting ingrained prejudice that she displays) our free press, GOP leaders and Alaskan residents should dig deeply into her history and ask some tough questions to see if her actual actions support her claims.
    We also need our golden candidate to actually write down and publicize her stand on specific issues so that all of us can know exactly what she does support or not support…and to hold her to her promises.
    Anyone can travel around the state making promises that will be soon forgotten after the election. They all do it.
    Tsibaka says she’s different…she can begin to prove it by being specific with a written political platform to replace her current high level, generic and all too common political psycho babble politico-speak that makes her eager “Anyone but Murkowski” supporters swoon as they lose any critical thinking skills they may have once had.

  5. I worry, though, that now that we no longer follow “one person, one vote” (and the counting task, and any audits, now has to be handled by computer algorithms), the chances of a disputed result only increase.

    • Disputed meaning stolen. As much as I want her to win, Kelly has no chance against the cheating stealing RINO/Dems

  6. Sounds good. Problem is the electorate voted in Prop 2. Now Princess Lisa can openly court the unions and Democrats

  7. When is Tshibaka going to register with the Alaska Division of Elections?
    As far as Alaska goes, she is not running for anything!

  8. Its fun watching GOPers who spend their days whining about dreaded SOCIALISM threatening to shut down the AK government over how the SOCIALIST payments of the permanent fund are distributed each year.

    Hypocritical racist morons.

    • M………
      Go live in Venezuela, or worse yet……Cuba. Vietnam. Your kind of countries. Get out of your parent’s basement and off of your trust baby fund. Go live with your socialist people. You deserve them.

    • Socialism is just another word for slavery. Paying out money has nothing to do with it, except as propaganda misdirection.

      Filthy slavers hide behind words like “socialist” and “communist” which are all the same thing- cover words for modern technocratic slavery. A small group of people dominate and extract wealth from the masses. The words they cloak themselves with mean nothing.

      Filthy enslavers of the working class also like to hide behind accusations like “racist”. They think they are so clever and their villainy will remain undetected if they put normal people constantly on the defensive. We’ll see how long that lasts as they try to tighten the leash on the people they wish to dominate.

  9. Murkowski was and always will be clueless. She has earned nothing but scorn from Alaskans.

  10. It is great that so many democrats read and follow MUST READ ALASKA. Suzanne reaches and has become the go-to source for all of Alaska. In time, Democrats will learn about facts matter more than emotional bitterness.

    The ADN is dead!

  11. I must say that I am a bit concerned about this Kelly Woman, despite her Harvard Law Diploma… As stated in another comment she has spent the entirety of her adult life in and around D.C. She could be the real deal or she could be , well, another Swamp Creature. Who Knows? I do know that Ted Stevens was a recently arrived in Alaska back East Lawyer once upon a time, yet “Uncle” Ted worked out well. I am troubled that Kelly, the apparent ABL (anybody but Lisa) sweepstakes winner just might be a tad clueless about Alaska. Her childhood spent in Anchorage and her work in State Government for 18 months is hardly a reason for netting my vote. Sure, I am skeptical, ain’t you? If you are not skeptical I am worried about our State. We seem to suck at picking leaders lately, from Dunleavy to Sullivan to any number of the feckless Republicans now serving in the Legislature. They all talk a good show but when the rubber meets the road their lack of experience stands out. I am not in favor of keeping Daddies Little Princess here, just stating the facts and pointing out the complete lack of Critical Thinking the electorate has presented lately.

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