Tshibaka: White House leaving a leadership vacuum in Afghanistan that will lead to radicalization


Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka, who served in the national intelligence community in Washington, D.C. for several years, said on the Must Read Alaska Show on Monday that while she supports a withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, it has to be carefully planned so that the radical Islamists don’t resume control leadership of the country.

Tshibaka, running against Sen. Lisa Murkowski, said that Americans owe a debt of gratitude to the military men and women who have fought terror in Afghanistan and the Middle East over the past 20 years.

“This was not just a civil war, as some of our news reports are talking about,” she said. “This was related to us. That is why we have to say thank you to what our military personnel has done. In the last 20 years we have not had another 9-11.”

After leaving Alaska for college and serving as an intern for the late Sen. Ted Stevens, Tshibaka took a job with the Department of Justice and was involved in standing up the modern intelligence community, various groups and agencies with acronyms that are familiar and unfamiliar to everyday Americans.

“Let’s remember what is actually happening here as we rewind the clock, because I was on the inside,” she said. “Why did we do this? The purpose of this was to disrupt the radical terrorist organizations and the countries that harbor them. We call them Islamists. Afghanistan as our number one target. establishing peace there has cost us over 6,000 American lives and 20,000 Americans have been wounded.”

“We’ve dropped down to a couple of thousand people now, she said to help the people on the ground in Afghanistan keep peace in their own country,” so that was the purpose of being there,” Tshibaka said.

“Pulling out in the fashion that we did in the past couple of months, this wasn’t just Joe Biden’s decision. He consulted with intelligence personnel, diplomats, and Congress. The Democrats supported him, in fact Sen. Murkowski supported him with the assumption that the Administration had a viable plan in place for leaving. So we took a couple thousand troops out, just to send a couple thousand in again, essentially conceding that this plan was a complete failure,” she said.

Tshibaka reminded listeners that when President Barack Obama withdrew troops from Iraq in 2011, that led directly to the rise of ISIS and ISIL,” the transnational insurgent group based in western Iraq and eastern Syria. They are now far worse than anything Al Qaeda ever did, Tshibaka said.

“We can expect something similar to rise out of this disastrous transition,” she said. Creating a vacuum in leadership will breed further radicalism, she said.

Listen to interview with Tshibaka on the Must Read Alaska Show:


  1. Blah blah blah blah….no one cares whatcha think….repubs didnt protect us on 9-11 and then lied us into the middle east debacle …it’s been an albatross around our necks for 20 yrs…all for what…big oil. Repubs all the best sheeple.

    • Please, primary sources for those ‘lies’, and exactly what we’re those lies? Also, whom did not protect us? There is plenty of blame to share over 9-11. No convictions without proof.

    • you’re leaving out the part where obama ran on anti intervention\anti war and promised to leave a lot of these wars and shut down gitmo then he turned around and intensified them and started new wars. He took the best part of the left(anti-war) and destroyed it in 1 term

      every living ex president and the current president should be jailed for war crimes with the possible exception of carter

    • Don’t leave out the part where Clinton put the FBI and CIA in two separate boxes where they could not share information. That was the A#1 weak link pointed out in the 9/11 Report. You really think wars costing gazillions are cheaper than simply and peacefully purchasing oil from the Middle East?

  2. Tshibaka leaves out the fact that Trump negotiated the 2021 pullout. He rightfully saw it as a never-ending morass where there was no good outcome, and all the while draining our national finances.

    What would have Ms. Kelly done differently? Criticism is easy; practical solutions often not.

    • Yes he did but his plan was not remotely what just happened. Knee jerk reaction based on false preconceived assumptions.

      • Seems like the plan was executed as well as it could have. Without troops in Afganistan, as the Trump admin negotiated, intelligence agencies predicted a quick march across the country by Taliban forces.

        • What plan was that? To leave America’s materiel, friends, diplomats, and citizens in Afghanistan after the military stood down?

  3. This woman isn’t a former intelligence operative…she’s a career government bureaucrat with zero other experience in anything.
    She’s less qualified to be speaking on matters of national security than even Resident Biden.
    If she hadn’t landed cushy government jobs thanks to her Ivy League connections she’d have been chasing ambulances looking for personal injury clients.
    Wake up, Tshibaka has been chosen, vetted by the Republican Establishment and served up to us with a pre-made media presentation as our next chosen one.
    Left to her own devices Tshibaka is less impressive than…well, just about anyone.

    • THIS

      a lot of people around here claim to be vehemently against the swamp and they want princess Lisa gone but what’s the point if you replace one swamp creature with another they’ve got about a paper thin difference between them.

      • Exactly. In reality, Tshibaka might actually be worse – she’s been in the heart of the swamp even longer than Murkowski. An unknown with no known accomplishments and a lot of hope….sounds a lot like Obama. I don’t want to see Murkowski kept in office but I’d like to see a strong constitution first candidate who has a proven record.

        • yep, just found out she was also some kinda spook ( or something she seems to be very vague about her service in the deep state or “Intelligence Community” ) right around the time when the Intelligence community and neocons were getting the US involved in all these drawn out boondoggles. that also makes me wonder if her finger prints are all over the PATRIOT ACT

  4. The new Taliban leader of Afghanistan, Abdul Ghani Marader, had been imprisoned in Afghanistan as a Taliban fighter.

    Donald Trump ordered the release of Abdul Ghani Marader in 2018.

    Donald Trump invited the Taliban (including Marader) to Camp David in 2020, agreed to hand Afghanistan over to the Taliban, and set May, 2021 as the date. Trump had his picture taken with Marader.

    As part of the deal, Donald Trump released another 5,000 Taliban fighters from Afghan prisons.

    Donald Trump then unilaterally withdrew half of US forces in December 2020, just before the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

    Donald Trump trumpeted the withdrawal deal during his rallies in 2021, bragging about how he boxed Biden in.

    When the withdrawal turned into an easily predicted debacle, Donald Trump immediately blamed Biden for the deal he had personally negotiated.

    And that’s the facts.

    • Help me out with something here… I’m not saying that your wrong because we’ve certainly seen that sort of behavior in the past. By behavior I mean a sitting president (Rep & Dem) leaving a —– on their way out of office for the next guy to deal with. It’s not the kind of thing you’d think a guy would do until his second term though. Can you see how this seems odd? If your only response is to say because Trump is a moron then I’m going to have to call you a sheep who isn’t asking enough questions…

      • In December 2020 Trump knew (though he said the opposite at his rallies) that he would be out of the White House in January 2021, and that he could dump the Afghanistan mess on Joe Biden. That’s when he pulled out half of the US forces. Nobody could hold Afghanistan with half the forces needed.

        Trump betrayed the people of Afghanistan. And set up Biden.

    • The senile fool posing as President has had complete control over the withdrawal from Afghanistan since Jan. 20th. The Poser has had no trouble reversing other plans and policies set out by President Trump; he could have changed anything he and the perfumed woke princes of the Pentagon wanted to change. He in fact set the timeline for the withdrawal. He’s the fool that ordered abandonment of the Embassy and the vital Bagram airbase. He and his minions are responsible for not taking action to disable, destroy, or evacuate US equipment now in the hands of the Taliban. The Poser lied to the American people about the status of the Afghan military, and Soros Junta shills continue to lie and deflect. This is all on the communists, excuse me, Democrats and the Poser in Chief.

      • I was kind of surprised that he trotted the chairman of the joint Chiefs out there and had him lie for him. I always thought those joint Chief guys were kind of like the supreme Court justices, not picking aside because they’re not your typical elected official but rather stay neutral. But when he said he didn’t know any of this was going to happen with his Intel, he’s either a liar or highly incompetent so it’s time for him to step down. The angry Secretary of defense yesterday looked like he wanted to say more, possibly spill the beans but he probably got that message saying we got your wife and kids and you better not do it.

  5. Even herel! Tshibaka forgotten to mention how Taliban government officials will handle covid19 pandemic and seeing people have access to their covid shots, and what Taliban rule and covid 19 will look like. I have a sense Taliban could care-less about covid19 and Western vaccines though. Not one of the Taliban crowd control soldiers were wearing a face mask. How risky of them! Hahahaha

    • Do you have something to say or do you just come out the bottom feed every time somebody rings a dinner bell? The Taliban are terrorists. They’re thinking right now ways to rape you than putting on a mask.

  6. swampy neocon frame of mind what about blow back from 20 yrs of occupation and collateral damage that would seem to be the cause of much more radicalization , the bush doctrine and previous medaling in sovereign nations affairs.

  7. I hear God calling out to Kelly. She is needed in Afghanistan to lead in the rebuilding of their postal and DMV services. The Taliban have also created a job for Nikki. They have a position in the department of education. He can work on their program of mandatory school prayer and religious studies.

  8. Tshibaka is concerning due to her involvement with the intelligence complex, which has become the 4th and dominant branch of government. She would know that whatever our military was doing in Afghanistan the last 20 years, it was not building a stable country. One massive project creating multiple streams of government “funding” to be skimmed and diverted to special interests. Foreign aid spending is ideal due to multiple laundering options to divert funds back to the states for politicians, their families , NGOs and contractors. The rampant corruption and incompetence is a bipartisan project. Our officer corps needs a court martial purge of many general officers who are both useless and dangerous to our security. Our military is being compromised.

  9. Well gosh, Kelly, we’re on the same page with regard to characterization of the Afghanistan situation as an absolute debacle and the Biden administration as a complete failure but would you be so kind as to flesh out some of the following right here on MRAK?

    Roughly how many more American military members’ lives would you say should be risked to try to bring some order there?

    Roughly how much more American capital should be thrown at the effort and for how long?

    How many Afghan “refugees” would you say the U.S. should take in and which communities would you insert them into?

    Would you plop any of the “refugees” into Alaska and, since you’re hoping Alaskans will pay to move you and your family back to the swamp with a hefty paycheck, would you be okay with dropping tens of thousands of them into that neck of the woods?

    Would you say that the U.S. has any obligations, moral or otherwise, to intervene in the internal affairs of, to financially support, or to militarily defend any foreign countries and if so, which ones and at what cost?

    How many of your kids are currently bravely serving in the U.S. military or are planning to?

    Do you support the mandate that all American military members must take the jab?

    Are you okay with “transgender” types and out-of-the-closet “gays” serving in the military alongside normal folks?

    Thanks much for your thoughtful comments in advance, girlfriend!

    • How much more on top of the $2+ trillion that have been spent on what is essentially a protracted exodus?

  10. “White House leaving a leadership vacuum in Afghanistan that will lead to radicalization…”
    Replace “Afghanistan” with “America”, a disturbing prophecy emerges.

  11. Well Kelly…BAD NEWS! Except for basic Conservative views on abortion, transgender, 2A, and fiscal responsibility, I don’t see eye to eye with any of these people who are commenting. So the fact that I agree with most of them in feeling you are not Alaska Senator material IS bad news for your campaign. I mean if so many varieties of Conservatives are against you…who is going to vote for you? I’m sure you don’t understand why ‘no one’ likes you. Your entire platform is: ‘Trump good, Biden bad’. That you would politicize the current situation by trying to blame it all on Biden is deplorable. This was a TWENTY year long disaster in the making. There’s plenty of blame to go around, including Bush, Obama, Trump, AND Biden. A waste of American lives and resources. If you want to write an educated column then you should mention the maxim, going back to 330 BC and including the modern Russian example, that Afghanistan cannot be conquered or controlled. Maybe you should mention the “military-industrial complex”, which Eisenhower warned us about, and which made billions and more billions as the ‘war’ raged on. But, no, instead you saw this as an opportunity to campaign, maybe raise a little money. You know, since Trump endorsed you, whenever you say “cringey” things it reflects badly on him! If, like most Alaskans/Americans, you had ever played a video game, a good game of Risk, or actually saw “Desert Storm” unfold on TV…you’d know that when your army doesn’t want to fight IT’S GAME OVER! I’m surprised it took the Taliban a whole week!

  12. I was kind of surprised that he trotted the chairman of the joint Chiefs out there and had him lie for him. I always thought those joint Chief guys were kind of like the supreme Court justices, not picking aside because they’re not your typical elected official but rather stay neutral. But when he said he didn’t know any of this was going to happen with his Intel, he’s either a liar or highly incompetent so it’s time for him to step down. The angry Secretary of defense yesterday looked like he wanted to say more, possibly spill the beans but he probably got that message saying we got your wife and kids and you better not do it.

  13. Absolutely vacuous and nothing more than a continuous spattering of a shadowy resume’ and a tacit request that you pay her way back to her real home, this time with an annuity and likely another near six figure expense to move her couch.

    Alaska is in agreement that as a US Senator Murky’s become reliably unreliable but we need someone of substance, intellect, and accomplishment..

    Dozer, it’s time. You’re on deck.

  14. I’m sure Kelly will be along any minute with some well thought out justification for the staggering expense, Trouser Bark, and she’ll no doubt have some wise words about the necessity to borrow that money into existence which could saddle taxpayers with actual costs many times that amount.

    She’s surely familiar with USMC Major General Smedley D. Butler’s “War is a Racket” which anyone can readily find online yet she’ll just as surely be able to sensibly inform us that it’s better to have fought and continue to fight them over there so we won’t have to fight them here.

    She’ll also probably elaborate with great authority on the explosion in opium poppy production in Afghanistan by our “allies” from which something like 90% of the world’s heroin is made and she’ll be able to dismiss any concerns about it as merely an unfortunate consequence of the mission or some such.

    And we might further guess that she’ll weigh in on the ghastly practice of “bachi bazi” by our Afghan “allies”. It seems that a number of them like to keep little boys around as sex slaves and our military members have been instructed to turn a blind eye to it because, well, the practitioners are our “allies”…

    Isn’t that right, Kelly?

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