Sullivan responds to Biden speech: Commander in Chief didn’t bother to thank our vets and Gold Star families


Sen. Dan Sullivan released the following statement in response to President Joe Biden’s speech on the unraveling situation in Afghanistan:

“It has been a gut-wrenching few days for all Americans seeing our citizens being frantically ferried by helicopter in Kabul, echoing the tragic end of the Vietnam War. It did not have to be this way. President Biden chose to embark on a time-based withdrawal from Afghanistan, initially and incredibly choosing September 11, 2021 as the end date of America’s military presence in the country. What followed was the administration’s botched execution of its own plan. The issue today is not whether we eventually leave Afghanistan, but how we leave Afghanistan. Right now, thousands of Americans and our Afghan partners stand in harm’s way on a tarmac in Kabul—or worse, in Taliban-controlled areas elsewhere in the country—as America’s standing in the world erodes.

“Americans have been demanding clarity and resolve for five days from the President: How have we arrived at this stunning, yet predictable and avoidable outcome? How will you bring order to this chaos and bring our people and friends to safety? How will you prevent Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven for terrorists once again? In the past week, including in his address today, the President offered neither clarity nor resolve. Instead, he offered excuses and a perspective radically disconnected from the reality unfolding on the ground and the numerous warnings sounded by experts, including our own military leaders, and members of Congress, myself included, for months. 

“Over the past two decades, there have been both accomplishments and mistakes made by four successive administrations regarding our mission in Afghanistan. But if the flag of the Taliban is flying over the U.S. embassy in Kabul on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Joe Biden will be solely responsible for that sickening and dispiriting image.

“The American people and our allies are left with decreasing confidence in this administration’s ability to lead as the President now returns to his vacation at Camp David. Given the debacle in Afghanistan, I worry that our adversaries will see this moment as an opportunity to test our country in other areas. Already, Communist China is questioning America’s commitment to Taiwan. If that happens, we better be ready, and we better be strong.

“Finally, I’m deeply disappointed that the Commander in Chief did not take the time to assure our brave service members and Gold Star families that their sacrifices in Afghanistan were not in vain.” – Sen. Dan Sullivan

The tens of thousands of Americans who deployed to Afghanistan, including many Alaskans, did exactly what their country asked of them—preventing further attacks on our homeland after 9/11 by bringing the fight to the enemy. Today, we need to pay particular attention to these Americans and their families, offering them our gratitude for all they’ve done to secure our nation.”

Sullivan is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and is in Alaska this week hearing from Alaskans. His last trip to Afghanistan was as a senator in 2017, when he visited deployed members of the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division of Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson and Alaska-based members of the Air Force.

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  1. As a USMC veteran, Biden makes me sick. Dan helped Biden get to be commander in chief. Poor decisions have created many problem for our state and veterans.

  2. It is not prudent to have supported the Biden at first and now to blame the same on different ground(s).

    As a US senator representing AK, you should have uphold the values of your constituents, overseeing what your vote as a senator would have resulted to, ones that we all are witnessing almost daily.

    Better than later or never, in correcting wrongdoings. However, history says that it takes more than his/her futilely repeated words/lies to earn people’s hearts.

  3. Because the ruling class doesn’t care about your sons and daughters. When they aren’t forcing them to wear useless masks, or forcing them to take experimental vaccines, they are sending them to fight in useless foreign wars that get keep them wealthy and in power.

  4. Sullivan didn’t stand up for election integrity and he has voted to install unfriendly to Alaska members of the illegitimate Biden Administration. Now he whines like a baby about the results of the situation he helped create.

  5. Biden is a coward. Plain and simple. The Taliban know that, the people at the southern border know that China Russia and Iran know that. Every country in the G7 knows that. The best that he can do is the fake a stroke and bow out. But I don’t want him to get off that easy. I want him to have to go through an impeachment by his own party. That’s the only thing that will satisfy me. We’ll worry about Harrison pelosi at a later date. Perhaps we can impeach Harris along with Biden because he surely to throw her under the bus too. Pelosi is all about self preservation and with members of her own party wanting Biden gone she won’t stand in their way. This isn’t anything about our country is in trouble from being overrun by actors from the outside. This is about a saving face with Al-Qaeda because now they will surely being boldened to hit us again.

  6. It’s been one disaster after another under Biden and his crooked administration, he needs to resign or be removed.

  7. One more thing, if you have a Twitter account I think you should cancel it. Why is president Trump banned from Twitter when they are allowing the Taliban to recruit supporters of theirs on Twitter. Kind of makes you wonder about Twitter doesn’t it? They think this is a good time to crawl out from underneath their Rock and show that they are un-American? Everything that they claim to stand for was just a big lie and Americans who use socialist media are supporting them.

  8. Sully is mad at Biden, upset with Biden appointments, discouraged with Biden rulings against Alaska.
    You get what you voted for China Joe, easily the most corrupt politician of our time. That is saying a lot. You have voted for China Joe, his raciest appointments, and disaster policies.
    But Sully all is not lost, Thank you for revealing the silence of Murky. You know that Alaska Senator that is always standing up for Women’s rights. No surprise you support Murky, with her around you will always appear to the Alaskan public as the good guy.

  9. Dan the more you say the less I like you as a human being. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and total idiots and communist but he just needed to thank the troops that will make him a stellar guy. you are swimming in the dc pond of scum. My how you have fallen when given the choice of the high road over the scum pond.

  10. Uhhhhhh because he doesn’t give a damn about them, everybody start practicing this: allah akbar and al salam alaikum……your gonna need it in about 3 years

    • Everything that happens under a president you don’t like is that presidents fault, everything that happens under a president you do like is the last presidents fault……that about sum it up Frank? Go smoke another cigarette on the steps Frank

  11. Trump had set a date of May 1, 2021, Biden probably should have waited until this fall. Blaming this on Biden shows what a Trump bootlicker Dan from Ohio is. This was a multi-party screw up back to Bush II. Our military lied to us while spending our tax dollars on a corrupt government.

  12. Stop your phony whining swampy Dan. You voted for this mess. You have zero credibility. Millions of illegals are being flooded into this country through the Biden regime that you voted for and your lack of action tells us you support it. You act like we don’t see what’s really going on. And its not just the land crossing at the border, we see all the air travel too. Swift Air flights, flights into the US from Central America, flights into Laughlin Airforce Base, and now all the people from Afghanistan being flown here and dispersed. You are actively participating in the globalist take over of our nation. Shame on you. You need to resign.

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