Tshibaka says she won’t support Mitch McConnell as Senate majority leader


On Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast today, Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka said she doesn’t support Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell returning as Senate majority leader, when Republicans take back the Senate in 2022, which they are widely predicted to do.

“Mitch McConnell has repeatedly bailed out Joe Biden, giving him gifts of Senate votes, which are the only things keeping the Biden administration on life support. As an example, after rescuing Biden with the last debt ceiling increase, McConnell said he would never do it again. But he just did, and he had Lisa Murkowski’s help in doing so. The actions of McConnell and Murkowski on the debt ceiling show that it’s the political elites pitted against real Americans. When I defeat Murkowski and become Alaska’s next U.S. Senator, I will not support Mitch McConnell as leader. It’s time for new, America First leadership in the Senate,” she said.

The podcast is at this link:

Tshibaka is running against Sen. Lisa Murkowski as a Republican who will appear on the new open primary ballot. She has the endorsement of the Alaska Republican Party and former President Donald J. Trump. The Alaska Republican Party asked Murkowski to not run as a Republican, although she remains registered as one and has the support of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, chaired by Sen. Rick Scott of Florida.


  1. Yawn…Kelly is good at talking. Most RINO swamp creatures are. How many State employee positions did she reduce during her time as Department of Administration Commissioner? She even refused to clean up State employment corruption. I think Trump’s team didn’t dig deep enough when they decided to support Kelly.

    • Again with the courage of the no last name crowd.
      You are wrong about Kelly, and as usual with the courageous no last name crowd, you offer no solutions which forces me to assume the most likely – you are a shill for Demoncrats or for Leftist Lisa (sorry for the redundancy).

    • She has my vote. I’ll give her a chance to prove herself. A vote for anyone else, is a vote for Murkowski. We need to stand together and vote Kelly.

  2. oh good grief she is the swamp. i dont trust that she’s as conservative as she claims she’s been living and working in DC the last 20 years. She’ll be the first one to cut deals with McConnell.

    • she has spent her entire adult life living out side alaska 24 years .now she spends 2 years here and claims to be one of us.carpetbagger from somewhere else.

  3. Good for her!
    Turtle McConnell is as bad an unprincipled sellout, and purely self-serving political opportunist, as Princess Lisa, Mittens Romney and Les Cheney.

  4. Kelly Tshibaka is a carpet bagger … pure and simple. We deserve better.

    And I am still annoyed that Alaska spent $70,000.00 two short years ago to move her from her long-term home in Maryland to Alaska so she could establish residency here.

    • Far be it for me to criticize someone so courageous that they don’t give their last name, but you don’t know so you say something that isn’t true. Are you for Leftist Lisa, then? Or the Demoncrat dujoir?
      Kelly is a good candidate and so far the best one on the ticket.

    • I believe it was actually $80k. Don’t forget that the state also created a new high paying job for her husband. All of this for a job that was supposed to help cut costs for the state.

    • Yep. I hate it when a highly qualified candidate is promised something to entice her to take the job and be dedicated.
      I’m sure that you would’ve turned down the moving expenses.

  5. I don’t blame Kelly one bit. Joe Biden was a smiling, do-nothing US Senator the entire time he served. He kissed McConnell’s a$$ and McConnell kissed back. Me, I was a lion in the US Senate. I remember well the day I produced Vince Foster’s briefcase at a Committee hearing. I was the most popular man in front of the tv cameras that day. So what, if the briefcase was empty. That’s not the point. I was famous on that day. Just like Lisa was famous for opposing Trump. Until she became infamous.

        • That’s what I keep telling Nancy, Matthew. Those Republican coffees have mean conservative women running them. Lisa told me that Joe Biden tried sniffing her hair when Lisa went along with the $trillion infrastructure bill. I doubt Kelly would let Old Brandon get that close to her.

    • Oh how convincing. I’m sure you are really worried that Trump will cheat and lie and steal the office and because he packed the courts and controls the media he will get away with it and people will never be willing to review the evidence and face the truth because it will be conveniently hidden, not from, but for them… hmmmmm

  6. Who cares what she says. If Roe vs Wade gets overturned voters that had an actual reason to oppose Murkowski will now vote for her. Tshibaka should start looking for some other suckers to pay her moving expenses.

    • Ya, I think Democrats are really gleeful actually that Roe vs Wade is getting challenged by some states and actually want to see it happen. It gives them a chance in 2022 and they are going to harp on it and be as pessimistic (or optimistic depending your point of view) as possible about how the supreme court is willing to do anything for the Republicans. They want the left to be very very afraid about how zealous Republicans might become with such a divisive topic and I think Republicans should drop Roe vs Wade until there is a better time.

  7. Anonymous comments and vague accusations against a well-qualified candidate. This stuff doesn’t really work anymore. Alaska, it looks like we’ve picked a winner to replace Rino Lisa. Thank you for stepping up to stand up for Alaskans, Kelly.

    • It seems to me, regardless of the comments made against Kelly, that it’s time for a change. The state of Alaska and the USA deserve better than Lisa. Let’s hope she doesn’t disappoint like Sen Dan.

  8. If what i have heared via the grapevine is true about adjunct unsavory deals done in the now empty former foreign enclave of DC directed by people like McConnell no one can support that. The foreign news agencies won’t tell Americans the truth. Good for Senator Candidate Tschbaka.

  9. OK, Ms. Tshibaka says that, if elected, she will not support Senator McConnell for party leader. Who will she support then? Perhaps fellow Harvard Law School graduate Chuckie Schumer?

    • You obviously know nothing about Tshibaka.
      But again, just trying to tear down a good candidate is not offering anything like a positive idea.
      More Leftist Lisa? Some libertarian that will pull away 14% of the vote from a conservative?

      • Matthew Myers: I have many complaints about Tshibaka but the most serious is her adherence to charismatic christianity. Religion offers many exhibits of insane thinking, but nothing is quite as silly as speaking in tongues.

      • Matthew Myers: I have many complaints about Tshibaka but the most serious is her adherence to charismatic christianity. Religion offers many exhibits of insane thinking, but nothing is quite as silly as speaking in tongues. Were she to win, she’d join Sarah Palin, Frank Murkowski, Don young, Dunleavy, the bridge to nowhere, mike gravel in the

        • You really need to read outside of your atheist religion more. Reading idiots like Dawkins and Hitchens can make one think that they are smart, but it is false. (At least we can agree on the modern farce of speaking in tongues, but it makes me wonder what the atheist religion equivalent is – the babbling of Brandon? But I digress.)
          Challenge your own irrational, illogical atheist religion. Don’t be scared.
          Again, read Five Proofs for the Existence of God by Dr. Feser (you’d probably need a primer in metaphysics as a framework) or something by William Lane Craig. If you can be taught, you might learn something. I’d even buy one for you. I want you to stop sounding so silly and angry at a God that you say doesn’t exist. Atheist religionists always sound more insane and demanding (that people adhere to their proof of a negative, no less) than just about anyone. I’m concerned for you.
          And thank you for your concern about Kelly, but she is quite successful and has a great life and a great resume. She will be fine. You should probably put more concern and care into your own life.

          • Matthew Myers: Your lithic adherence to the whole god thing is at best annoying. You know what I hate from holier-than-thou Christians like you? That I am angry at your god. I’m not.

            You piss me off though. Your arrogance has no limit, you have no civility, caution, or empathy.

            Are you a pastor of some sort, maybe Baptist?

          • Lest you forget, you are quite often insulting and arrogant.
            And of course you are angry at God. Otherwise, why all of the atheist religionist proselytizing? If you weren’t angry, you would best be served as an agnostic. At least there is a shred of credibility and rationality to that.
            But again, really, try reading something. Something that would actually teach you something worthwhile. Something from someone intelligent and rational.

      • So please tell us what YOU know about Tshibaka. What has she done in her career and personal life to show that she supports the constitution? What exactly are her positions on voter fraud (has she publicly stated that she demands a forensic audit?), the illegal aliens flooding over the border, the deficit, January 6th prisoners, vaccine passports, etc., etc.? And not only her position on these topics but since you seem to be so action oriented, what is her plan to address them? I want to see specifics, not her fluffy nonsense from her website or interviews.

        It is just so odd for someone (you) to have such ferocious loyalty to someone who only appeared on the stage 6 months ago and seems to have no solid credentials to support a rationale person to vote for her. Not being Lisa really could apply to anyone so if that’s your criteria, you can vote for anyone.

  10. Support for and vote for are two entirely different things. Language and the use of it are very important when deciding who it is that I support and who it is that I vote for. Kelly is speaking the speak of the beltway insider.

      • You’ll know when I strongly endorse someone. I might vote for Kelly, I won’t vote for Murky. November 2022 is a long ways away and Kelly has a lot of questions to answer before the votes start counting. With a spokesman like you, she might have a few more that she won’t want to answer.

  11. Does she support the Pebble mine? Does she stand with Don Young or BOTH current US Senators who oppose the only project ever to get a clean final environmental impact statement and then be denied a positive record of decision? Does she acknowledge that science backs the safety of the plan? Does she rebuke CCP funded trout unlimited and the NRDA who oppose the project? Does she acknowledge that not moving forward with Pebble threatens our national Security by making us dependent on China for critical rare earth minerals like Rhenium that our defense industry requires? Does she recognize that the size of the project reduces the need for instead having to create infrastructure for 20 Donlin sized mines instead? Does she realize that the project is viable for just a 20 year window but that it may end up providing our nation with copper, silver, and gold for 200 years? Does she acknowledge that the decision to extend the life of the mine has no impact on its initial 20 year approval? Does she acknowledge that the Ilyamna tribe closest to the site supports the project and that the opposing tribes are from over 100 miles away from the site? Does she recognize that the survey used to show that Alaskans oppose the mine was a small sample push poll created by the CCP funded environmental groups?

    Finally, if she supports the project, does she have the guts like Don Young did to take a public stance supporting Pebble and not go back on her word like Sullivan the coward?

    If so, let’s beat Murkowski and send her packing for good.

    Thank you.

  12. Matthew Myers sounds like a typical cult member. I for one am extremely disappointed that this is the best the conservatives could muster to unseat liberal lisa. Kelly doesnt impress. Calling for Dan Sullivan (former Anchorage Mayor) to run.

    • Finally a positive idea. It’s a crappy one, but at least it’s an attempt.
      You obviously know close to nothing about Kelly or myself, but that doesn’t slow you down in passing judgment that is wrong. Good for you. I like that kind of commitment.
      Kelly is a good candidate for many reasons. Try and learn some.
      As for me thinking she’s perfect? Swing and a miss. To me she is someone with a good resume and some principles. It’s an educated guess that she is the best that will probably run and will be a pretty good elected representative for our state. At least the bar is low for her. She just has to be better than the three disappointments that we now have.
      Sullivan? Really? I like him, but how did he leave? A politically damaged candidate will hand it to a Democrat or even worse, back to Leftist Lisa.

    • Matthew Myers has a distinct advantage over us rational thinkers because he has a hand of five Jokers. His supernatural Jokers give him the power to claim any silly thing as true. Or gospel. Or scripture. Virgins give birth. Dead rise again. Global flood.

      • There you go again Evan, proselytizing for your atheist religion. As we have discussed before, the atheist religion is lacking in logic and rationality, but you have a right to it. (You still should endeavor to read outside of your irrational atheist coreligionists. Again, try reading Dr. Ed Feser or William Lane Craig.) Carry on.

  13. Good grief all the Nancy’s. ” I’m just not sure if …..” SHUT IT! She is NOT a MURKOWSKI! Now quit acting like elderly women walking on ice. Grow a set and vote her in. How could it possibly be any worse? everyone knows Murky stole the 2010 ( immaculate Election) with DOI/BIA dollars ie: “indian lands buyback program” in which case millions and millions of federal dollars were used to buy ANC and tribal lands and turn around and trust the same lands back to the ANC or tribe that sold it. Nobody seems to care what she does nor do anything about it. If you idiotically vote for Murkowski, you vote for globalism and marxism. Choose wisely.

  14. This is the right thing to say for me, but politicians are very masterful at talk. As of now, I’ll vote for her over Lisa, absolutely. I ultimately want Republicans that stick to election reform to restore trust, government accountability (starting with the CDC, NIH, Fauci, and the FDA), CRT, oil independence, inflation, reducing division and getting rid of extreme vaccine mandates. AND, if they, people like Kelly, really want to “drain the swamp” they need to put the focus on the Maxwell case that it deserves. It’s turning into just more blah blah and nothing happening, and that should be major news. How can somebody, anybody, be that above the law and control the media and the courts? That’s spooky if you ask me. And talking about that correctly and objectively would even peak the interest of some on the left, as long as the word “pizzagate” is never brought up and assumptions aren’t made that can’t be known yet about people in the black book or anything else. Anyway, going after Maxwell and the corrupt government agencies that work for and with big pharma will in turn hold the media accountable for also being corrupt and protecting them and then we might see a brighter future where politicians and the CIA and all of it are held more accountable and we might see some honorable journalism again. I think that’s what we all want to see, right or left.

  15. I’m not 100% happy with any candidate, but I AM 100% dissatisfied with Murkowski. She’s only wears the (R) and does not follow through with any behavior or actions which support conservative or Republican causes.
    For me, Murkowski MUST go.
    And we will need to remain diligent to avoid manipulation of the election system as we experience this first round of confusing primaries. Bill Walker is a sour grape that Alaska does not need or want, but what do you want to bet that *somehow* he advances through this jungle primary garbage.

  16. Well said Kelly, once you boot that swamp creature out of Alaska’s senate seat, please lean on Dan Sullivan and show him how to be an America First Senator because I think Murkowski has contaminated him too. His voting record so far has been abysmal.

  17. I vote ABL, Anybody but Lisa. Nobody is perfect but anyone is better than the princess, what do we have to lose?

  18. as soon as she graduated from high school she moved out of state and 24 years later moves back and claims to be one of us.not buying it.if that carpetbagger gets in alaska will have 1 senator watching out for us and outside interest will have our other senator looking out for them.never vote in a carpetbagger.

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