New Brunswick is first Canadian province to allow ban of unvaxxed from grocery stores


Not vaccinated for Covid-19? Grocery retailers in New Brunswick, Canada now may ban you from entering.

New Brunswick Health Minister Dorothy Shephard said all businesses, including groceries, may demand shoppers display a vaccine passport before entering the premises.

Canadian provinces are allowed autonomy on decisions about vaccine passports, but grocery stores remained open to all across the country, regardless of vaccination status. With this new provision, people wanting to buy food may need to find someone to do it for them if they are refusing to take part in the vaccination program. 77 percent of Canadian residents eligible for the Covid vaccine are fully vaccinated. Canada is vaccinating people as young as 5 years.

The Canadian federal government has already banned unvaccinated people from domestic or international air or train travel, a rule that went into effect Nov. 30.

Facebook banned news and videos of protests of the development, saying it was misinformation. Those videos showed up on Tik Tok, however.

Protests on Saturday, which shut down the main streets in Moncton, N.B. for several hours. Some participants said it was one of the larger protests they had seen in the town of 85,000.

Image from Moncton, N.B. webcam for Dec. 11, 2021

Politifact, owned by the nonprofit Poynter Institute, disputes the assertion that people are being prevented from buying groceries in New Brunswick.

But Must Read Alaska’s Fact Check Desk found the New Brunswick government document that allows stores to discriminate against those who haven’t taken the shot. To date, one of the two major grocers in New Brunswick is requiring a vaccination passport.

Repressive measures against the unvaccinated are widespread in Canada. The Retail Council lists the restrictions by province at this link, which has not yet been updated to reflect the new New Brunswick grocery policy.

The New Brunswick government policy is at this link:

A quick review of the government mandates can be found in this provincial document:

New Brunswick is on the Eastern Seaboard and shares a border with Maine. It has a population of about 751,000 people. The province is the only in Canada where both English and French are official languages.


      • This article about New Brunswick is wrong and sides with protesters who are protesting a made up thing. There is no requirement for a vaccine to buy groceries – do some research if you aspire to be a journalist!

        • Work on your reading comprehension. The law gives grocery stores permission to prohibit entry of unvaccinated. Try reading it again and viewing the links to the NB government sites. – sd

  1. Private ownership of handguns, many of the types of rifles and shotguns commonly owned and used by Alaskans, and many kinds of ammunitions sold every day at Cabela’s is prohibited in Canada. Also, there are new and surprising restrictions on carrying knives e.g. if you’re carry a knife that might be called a butcher knife you had better be a butcher on your way to work. If you carry a pocket knife you need a good reason at the ready if and when you are searched. So Canadians do not have the same view of personal freedom that Alaskans have. That said, it’s my strong view that there are more and much stronger reasons to require Chinese Covid prevention measures than to have to endure the TSA shake-down at Alaska airports. Sept. 11, 2001, was 20 years ago and killed 3,000 people. The Chinese Covid has killed over 3/4 of a million people and counting, and it’s happening right now. Mohammedan terrorists have caused only a few more incidents on US soil over the past 20 years but this Chinese Covid creates new variances all the time. Not everyone would agree but I think we are doing all we can as a society to reduce this Chinese Covid, but I think everyone agrees that if we had the courage we have the technology and the knowledge to end Mohammedan terrorists once and for all any time we want: We can flatten Riyad, Mecca, Medina, Cairo, Palestine, and the handful of other locations where people are unanimous in wanting us dead any time we like. So we are not doing everything we can to actually stop another terrorist attack. Red China would do that if Mohammedan terrorists blew up some iconic location in and that is why they are not attacked. On the other hand we left Afghanistan with out tails between our legs earlier this year so maybe I am giving us more credit than we merit.

    • Not really Jenny, more like democracy protecting itself from fascism. The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

      • There’s a mistake in your assumption.

        Which is

        (1) “if vaccinated is so sure in its vaccine and its protection, WHAT IS IT that he or she afraid of then? What?” A vaccine protests you, doesn’t i?

        (2) if a vaccinated IS afraid to get sick from an unvaccinated, then WHY does he or she even try to advice that the unvaccinated get a jab?

        (3) Can any vaccinated give a 100% gurantee that he/she won’t infect other people with anything OTHER THAN c-19? There’re 1000s of viruses out there.

        No? Then, using the same logic that the vaccinated like to use, vaccinated people should lock themselves up in their homes because they’re “dandereous for the community”

        And yes — vaccinated do spread the virus themselves. It’s the fact.

      • Your comment makes no sense, Homo, as it is YOU and all the other Branch Covidian cultists who are promoting the very obvious and undeniable medical fascism here. Coercion is the hallmark of your every political stance.

  2. Move to Japan if you want freedom and TRUTH!
    Japan’s Health Ministery:
    “…COVID-19 vaccination, it is not compulsory or mandatory. Vaccination will be given only with the consent of the person to be vaccinated after the information provided. Please get vaccinated of your own decision, understanding both the effectiveness in preventing infectious diseases and the risk of side effects. No vaccination will be given without consent. Please do not force anyone in your workplace or those who around you to be vaccinated, and do not discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated.”


    • What’s more — Japan’s Health Ministery has admitted that some vaccines have side effects and may be dangerous and fatal.


  3. As “SouthPark” sang: “Blame Canada, Blame Canada!”
    This is just more of the same authoritarian insanity that prevails in the hyper-statist Dominion of Covidia.

  4. Whenever anyone says we don’t need a ferry system, I will point them to this. We don’t want to be dependent on Canadian roads

    • Canadians are and always have been compliant and full of denial and that’s why they are in this predicament, so all you whiners either go out there grow some and learn how to fight for your freedom like your parents did , or continue to be be a coward with your tail between your legs and have your third booster kill you .. ?‍♀️

  5. Many people often wonder how the Nazis rose to power with the consent of a willing population. This article clearly shows how it is done! Resist!

  6. I just read another article which refutes this and says they will not ban the unvaccinated but will instead enforce measures such as physical distancing and the wearing of face coverings.

  7. I am a Canadian Living in the province of Manitoba in its capital city Winnipeg…I have been looking for news on the New Brunswick mandates for 3 days now…on behalf of all my Canadian brothers and sisters I would like to thank you for pointing out this ridiculous law that it’s coming down in the province of New Brunswick…be Canadian Broadcasting Corporation had a piece on both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick this morning…any discussion between the East Coast reporter and the woman in the Toronto Studios Heather hiscox…It had to do only with the Omicron variant…that’s perhaps you and your readers are aware the omnicron variant has doubled this day in London England and most of the country…it moves at a massive speed but is quite mild in its symptoms…if it is helpful to your readers dr. John Campbell of the National Institute of Health United Kingdom has a YouTube channel where he has interviewed many people from South Africa…although Omicron is without question a dominant strain and will smother all other variants before it…because of its high transmissibility we should be in luck…approximately half of the people in South Africa who got the Omicron variant were double vaccinated…this can be verified on Doctor Campbell’s YouTube channel…the doctor shows you written data in front of the camera…only 1/4 of the population of 60 million in South Africa have been double vaccinated to this point…those simple numbers will tell you that a higher percentage of double vaccinated citizens are Contracting Omicron than are citizens who have not been vaccinated at all…these points should have been made on our national news this morning…at least they could have quoted the proper numbers…instead they are instilling fear in the populist…and not even having the guts to go to the store owners and see which one’s of them don’t want or do want to employ the option of not allowing unvaccinated New Brunswick Rose to go in and buy their own food…I point here to your Amish population in your state of Pennsylvania…according to the YouTube channel full measure, And the reporter Sharyl Atkinson…have gained herd immunity…none of them are getting vaccinated…you’re not a province of New Brunswick can stop their citizens from getting food at the corner grocery store…and instead of these serious tactics being reported on every day…we are offered Scare Tactics through over-reaction on the Omicron variant of covid-19….they pushed for the boosters…it seems to me that it’s Amazon variant is a chance to reach for herd immunity…the true north had better be strong right now because it doesn’t seem terribly free…


  8. A couple thoughts:

    I just read a WSJ article about the number of Americans who died this year from Covid. Not a single mention of China.

    Thanks to our leaders, who over the past two years have virtually eliminated fever and pneumonia deaths due to flu and common colds, everyone now dies from covid. That means they have done away with the flu and common colds. Bravo!

    Chinese-manufactured fentanyl is flooding into the US, primarily via Mexican cartels, resulting in over 100,000 fatalities in the past year. And not a peep out of our leaders or the press. You’d think they’d be pissed about that.

    If women can say ‘my body my choice’ to justify their right to an abortion why can’t someone else say the same about the vaccinations? (Yeah, yeah. I know some ‘educated’ person is going to argue that the unvaxxed are killing people. But that’s horses**t. Vaxxed people can still spread it and get it. Unvaxxed folks are only opening themselves up to a more severe case, but they are not any more of a threat than anyone else suffering from a common cold. If it bothers you that someone is unvaxxed, please go hide in your basement and wait for the next season of the Walking Dead to air.)

    The Canadian government is taking a cue from the CCP by encouraging grocery stores to withhold food from the unvaxxed. That’s not a new idea. China has routinely starved unwanted segments of their population since the start of The People’s Revolution. Well done, Trudy. You’re in charge of your own revolution now.

    Suzanne – I love this site. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up.

  9. Refusing essentials to survive on the basis of indeterminate threat (“you ARE a threat because we don’t know IF you are or not”) is a overt act of violence. Coming from a ‘State’ actor or entity, it’s an act of war.

  10. Meanwhile, the Canadian Ministry of Health posted Wednesday that 1,094 case of covid were in the fully vaccinated. CBC deactivated my account for posting it. While others are putting up false and egregious stats on unvaccinated that don’t get removed.

    Amtrak tried to mandate vaccines yesterday and their employees said okay, run the trains yourself. Amtrak immediately reversed course: No vaccine mandate. We have the power!

    Stay compliant. Keep getting booster after booster. Clearly some people don’t want this to end.

    • ” … CBC deactivated my account … ” You mean the Covid Broadcasting Corporation? All Covid, All the Time® ? That CBC? You posted something against the Gospel according to Dr. St. Theresa Tam? Oh you are a bad person.

  11. WINNING! – New Brunswick has OPENED THE PATH WIDE for Freedom!!!

    This just in. Can’t find a link that isn’t FaceBook yet. Druthers News & Information is the source

    Local Farmers Market has rescinded the mandate to not serve food to those without a VPass. Now this has been revoked for the entire province ?

    Speech (read out loud) by Honourable Brian Peckford, Former Premier of Nfld, crafter of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, from Parkville, BC letter to NB Premier Blaine Higgs.


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