Tshibaka raises $750,000 in first 94 days as a candidate for U.S. Senate


Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka raised more than $750,000 in the first 94 days since declaring herself a candidate, according to a second-quarter Federal Election Commission report she will file this week, her campaign said. The reports for federal candidates are due by July 15 for the quarter ending June 30.

Ninety-four percent of Tshibaka’s donations were in small dollar amounts of under $200, and half of the funds she raised came from Alaskans.

“It is inspiring to see that so many Alaskans are supporting our campaign to take back our Senate seat from the Washington, D.C. insiders,” Tshibaka said in a statement. “I am standing up for the people of Alaska, because they have always stood up for me.”

Tshibaka, who has been endorsed by President Donald Trump and the Alaska Republican Party, will report an average donation of $98, with the average donation from Alaskans coming in at $177. A total of 2,122 donations have already been received from Alaskans. 

Tshibaka received small dollar donations from Alaskans from all walks of life, including: an Uber driver from Anchorage, a saw cutter from Wasilla, a boat captain from Ketchikan, an electrician from Kenai, a nurse in Seward, an entrepreneur in Aleknagik, a homemaker in Nenana, a longshoreman in Dutch Harbor, a retiree from Utqiagvik, a maintenance worker from Bethel, a pipefitter from Chugiak, a babysitter in Delta Junction, a heavy equipment operator from Fairbanks, a fisherman from Metlakatla, a construction worker in Homer, a pilot from Juneau, a welder from Kasilof, a plumber from Kodiak, a teacher in North Pole, a truck driver from Skagway, and a hairdresser in Soldotna, her campaign reported.

Tshibaka had raised $215,000 in her first two days after she announced and before the first quarter ended.

Tshibaka is using the WinRed platform for raising funds, which makes it easier for people around the country to donate to her campaign.

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  1. I do not want to be contrarian but other than establishing that Ms. Tshibaka is not Lisa Murkowski I have not heard any substantive reason why I should vote for her. She has never sought or served in elected office. What are her contributions to Alaska? Her accomplishments? What does she want to accomplish if elected? Am I supposed to be impressed with the Donald Trump endorsement? (I am not, btw…). Here is an easy question: What are her views on Congressional earmarks?

    • It’s not hard to find her past political history and accomplishments, Google is your friend (most of the time).

    • But gosh, JMARK, her parents were homeless which should cause you to both pity and admire her and she rattles off a smattering of issues which she claims thoroughly characterize her and her campaign before solemnly declaring that she’s actually running for YOU whilst sporting trendy native-style attire in her latest advertising spots !

      How can you be so callous and self-serving to question any of it and why can’t you just jump on the bandwagon?

        • On the contrary, NM. I’ve been around for decades and if it smells like a grifting is underway, odds are strong that a grifting is underway and especially so given your girl’s resume.

          I’m anything BUT a Murky fan BTW, if that wasn’t already abundantly clear.

          Whatcha butt-hurt about anyway?

      • That is not true. Her parents were not homeless. They lived in a “hippie camp” in Anchorage for 4-6 weeks in the summer , then both went to work and bought a house. Tshibaka was born several years later.
        Fairy tails are not always true.

    • Here is a novel idea, why don’t you call her office and ask these questions or better yet request a phone call from her. You may be surprised. If you truly want answers, seek those answers. Whining doesn’t do anything.

  2. I may not be able to give Kelly a lot of money but she can count on the votes from everyone in my family as well as everyone I can convince to vote for her as well..

  3. Nancy and I have been saving our huge US Senate and Alaska Governor pensions just for this. Where do we send our campaign donations, Kelly?

    • Yes, Frankie and I really admire Kelly. We were homeless too, in Nome, until Frankie polished-up on his banking skills considerably. Lisa, however, has lived a life of luxury. New cars every other year, an outdoor swimming pool at our Fairbanks home, and the best private schools we could afford to send her to. But her house husband never did get a job. With Lisa in politics most of her life, Frankie appointed her to the US Senate because he knew the husband wouldn’t work. Now, Lisa will get a huge pension like Frankie and she doesn’t need to work anymore.

  4. Having heard Kelly speak a number of times, I can say with certitude that she is the real deal. Anyone who can make digital statistical analysis interesting has my admiration. That she is not bought and paid for by Planned non-Parenthood like Lisa gets my vote and donations too. Kelly will be a great senator.

  5. Tshibaka, sounds like Chewbaka from Starwars! All kidding aside, she has my vote hands down, may the force be with her.

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