Tshibaka, Murkowski fundraising reports show David-and-Goliath race developing


Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka was substantially out-raised by Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the second quarter Federal Election Commission report.

With support from political action committees, Murkowski was able to book $1.1 million into her campaign war chest between April 1 and June 30, while Tshibaka, the upstart challenger who has the support of the Alaska Republican Party, raised $750,000 in her first 94 days.

But where the money is coming from for each of the two leading candidates is telling: Half of Tshibaka’s donations came from donors in Alaska, and 45 percent of the donors to her campaign gave under $200.

Conversely, just 3 percent of Murkowski’s campaign contributors gave under $200, and political action committees accounted for 24 percent of her fundraising.

In dollar amounts from Alaska donors, Tshibaka raised more than four times as much as Murkowski – a margin of about $266,000 to $63,000.  

Among the under-$200 donors, Tshibaka brought in $244,000 to Murkowski’s $29,000, or almost eight-and-a-half times as much.

“These limited financial contributions from Alaska show that Murkowski has lost the support of Alaskans,” her campaign stated in a press release.

Tshibaka has already raised more money than Murkowski’s three top opponents each raised for their entire campaigns in 2016.

Some of Murkowski’s big donors include Maine Sen. Angus King’s leadership PAC, Amazon, Americans for Action on Climate Fund, AT&T, BAE Systems, Blue Origin, Mitch McConnell’s Bluegrass PAC, Capital One, CVS, Discover, Dow, Environmental Defense Action Fund, General Dynamics, Samsung, Siemens, Boeing, Toyota, Vail Resorts Employee Political Action, Walmart, General Atomics, Dominion, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Honeywell, American Express, Comcast, General Electric, American Dental PAC, and Lowe’s.

While Tshibaka has been spending money to work on her name recognition challenge, Murkowski is booking a sizable war chest, having ended last quarter with more than $1.3 million in cash on hand.


  1. More important than the money Lisa has lost my vote and he votes of my entire family and everyone I can convince to consider voting for Kelly..!!

  2. Deep State money won’t buy the election for a sell out princess. Ask Al Gross how it worked out for him and slick Lisa dislike runs deeper than pathetic Gross. Look at the numbers Lisa, Alaskans don’t like or want you.

    • I agree – nothing she has put in writing (where it counts) or has in her background demonstrates the type of hardcore constitutional conservative fighter we need….

  3. Murkowski’s donors include:
    as in
    Dominion Voting Systems?
    Very interesting. Likely provides an excellent platform for the RCV app. to produce preferred outcomes.
    And of course Mitch McConnell’s donors are onboard.

    • It would be very interesting to see how many candidates who received Dominion money won their races.

  4. Money doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is WHO CONTROLS THE VOTE COUNT. Vote counters want RINOs to win, so Murkowski will win. End of story

  5. Senator M. represents the general public nothing wrong with that. Let’s here where they stand on the issues and go from there.

    • Right. She represents the general public. You mean the general public that thought Brett Kavanaugh was a good choice for Supreme Court? Or the General Public who thought there was enough oddities on the November election that some investigation was warranted? Or maybe it is the general public who recognize that President Trump did not incite a riot on Jan 6th, but was impeached anyway?
      Is that the general public she is representing?

  6. Politician integrity is all a citizen has. We trust that a politician places there hand upon the Bible and takes the oath an closes with so help me GOD that should be enough, I know integrity would be my first standard to follow after that oath then I would follow my constitution 100% and I would always be letting the citizens my accomplishments for the state of Alaska. Look at our country election integrity is all a citizen has. Lisa murkowski should have been censored by Ann brown but nope the citizens of Alaska I beg you all vote Kelly in and Lisa out. Integrity Alaskans

  7. Most of Lisa’s money is coming from die-hard Democrats. These are the people that called Frankie stupid and an idiot when he was US Senator and later….. Governor. But they love Lisa, because in her heart, Lisa has always been a strong Democrat. She was a spoiled child. Always getting what she wanted. No more. Frankie and I are already preparing a big fundraiser for Kelly T. And we’re going to get our Republican friends back in the process. Big announcement coming soon for the fundraiser.

    • That’s right, Nancy. I have directed our financial planner to shift our generous pension incomes into the Murkowski Trust Account to Elect Kelly Fund. This is really going to come as a shock to Lisa. But its her unemployable house-husband who’s going to come unglued.

      • Dad gets about $million a year in federal and state pensions. He can afford to give Kelly the allowable max donation. Of course, sis will be pissed off because now she has to dig into her own bank account to give house husband his allowance money.

        • I agree. House husband is behind all of this. The longer he keeps Lisa employed as a US Senator, the more toys he collects as he grows old. And the more allowance he receives. Dad and Mom are really tired of supporting this free-loader. They have lost many of their Republican friends and they never did trust those lying Democrats. I think House husband has steered Lisa to his own Democrat friends.

          • Nancy, I’m going to try and buy-back my old jet. You know, the one Sarah sold on EBay. I’m going to fix it up and let Kelly T. use it on her campaign swings up North.

  8. Murkowski voted for that sham impeachment. No evidence, no witnesses, for a man not in office. What a disgrace your vote was. Trump was the greatest President for Alaska since Nixon. Hey Lisa did you get a new port for Anchorage in Biden’ s 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill. No???? you are a tool for corporations. A rock would do a better job as our Senator.

    • Greatest President since Nixon?

      Nixon, you say.


      Does that make Ronald Regan chopped liver?

        • LOL. Joe has a usual self? I thought he just blurted out loud during periods of unusual circumstances and episodic moments.

  9. Meanwhile, in other headlines,
    Anti-Trump PAC Replaces Lincoln Project and spends $50 Million on GOP Senators Who Voted to Impeach President Trump.
    Wonder how much of Murkowski’s campaign war chest came from the Anti-Trump PAC.

  10. Looking at the Who’s Who of Lisa Darling donors, the picture becomes very clear. Corporate control of Government is all the Rage these days. Some refer to this group as the Deep State or Establishment. Who we elect to represent us really isn’t much different than changing out the furniture on the floor of the Senate or the House. Trump was an existential threat to the Establishment in control of D.C. because he represented the people, not the Corporate Structure. If there is any doubt of this in your mind, go back and read his Inaugural Speech. It really is that simple, oh wait, add Foreign Corporations, (or multi-nationals) to the Establishment and of course the Chinese Communist Party.
    Biden is the CCP’s BFF!

    • Yeah, old el Donaldo walked in lockstep with the people. He will go down in history as a real man of the citizenry, a guy who honorably served his nation in peace and war, showed endless fidelity to his spouse, was deeply committed to God, community, truth, justice and a better way of moving forward. What a guy he was, remains and always will be.

      • Another Lefty comment with a hard case of ENVY. Billionaire tycoon, CEO of his own real estate/golf course/hotel business, dates and marries gorgeous women, raised loyal children, wins presidency on first try (for ANY political office), attracts tens of thousands of people at events. I guess Joe Geldhof can only dream about success like that. Pure ENVY, …. Joe.

  11. Murkowski’s donors looks like a who’s who for top Democrat donors. With this much money why don’t the Democrats field a viable candidate? Oh wait they have a candidate, Lisa Murkowski. Lisa really should remove the “R” from behind her name and replace it with the dreaded “D.”

      • What, no links to the corruption trail allowed? How about Half the link ?


  12. This is what happens when Citizen United allows unlimited campaign contributions and corporations are classified as people. If Lisa can keep pissing off the republicans as much as she’s pissing off the democrats, I’ll keep voting for her.

  13. Murkowski has sold out to the woke communists in our government and is supported by another swamp creature named McConnell.

    All you need to know is the company (Dominion) that helped steal a presidential election by allowing China to hack into their internet connected machines and flip votes over and over again has given money to Murkowski. She hasn’t even entertained the idea of huge voting problems in the battleground states. Corruption emanates from her like sweat.

    What is even more troubling is Sullivan supports her and also avoids the obvious election steal evidence coming from both Georgia and Arizona. They are playing Alaskans as stupid, that we can’t see the hypocrisy of their actions. Alaska, it is time to step up to the plate and take control of the political process. We have been played for fools and leftists are attempting to take total control of our State! We need a legislature that serves the people and jurists that respect the Constitution.

    The future of our children and grandchildren depends on it. The time is now, you will not get another chance to save the Republic! If you are still watching mainstream news, even local news. You are either getting partial truth or nothing but lies.

    Thank God for outlets like Must Read Alaska. If you want to know what is really happening in the country, you must go to Gatewaypundit . com or americasvoice . news. I would highly recommend Warroom with Steve Bannon! Make no mistake, we are in the fight of our lives. We can right the ship, but it will take all hands on deck!

  14. As usually happens, the comments here are most entertaining!!! But seriously, Alaska deserves a senator more representative of Alaska. But with Rank Choice Voting the law of the land she will probably triumph, no write in necessary.

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