Dan Fagan: Why are Alaska’s two U.S. senators advancing Joe Biden’s agenda?



Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton is a fighter. He understands his role as a U.S. Senator from a conservative state is to give his all when it comes to stopping the radical Leftist, anti-capitalism agenda of the villain currently and illegally occupying the White House, Joe Biden. 

Cotton did all he could to block Biden’s nominee to head the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. Mayorkas has long advocated for wide open borders and amnesty to all who illegally break into our country. 

It wasn’t just Mayorkas’ radical wide-open border advocacy that concerned Cotton. Mayorkas also has a checkered past. 

“Alejandro Mayorkas was found by Barack Obama’s Inspector General to be guilty of selling green cards to Chinese nationals on behalf of rich democratic donors,” said Cotton. “He is disqualified from leading the Department of Homeland Security.” 

Cotton’s worst fears over Mayorkas quickly materialized after he won confirmation. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said recently with Mayorkas as DHS secretary, the U.S. has “abandoned the rule of law” at the Texas border.

Republican Virginia Congressman Bob Good said hundreds of thousands of illegals have crossed our Southern border since Biden became president. 

“We are not enforcing our laws,” said Good. “This is willful and intentional on the part of the administration to facilitate the illegal entry into our country of 10s of thousands, 180,000 in the month of May, some 700,000 this year, of the ones apprehended.” 

While Mayorkas has made it easier for hundreds of thousands of illegals to break into our country, he said something this week that encapsulates the blatant and glaring hypocrisy of Democrats when it comes to illegal immigration.  

Mayorkas warned Cubans fleeing the persecution of the nation’s Communist country not to come to America.

Cuban citizens have taken to the streets recently to protest abject poverty caused by the Communist regime running the nation. This has led Communist Cuban leaders to crack down on protestors. 

The harsh crackdown could lead to Cubans fleeing the country hoping to find safety in Florida. So, why would Mayorkas oppose Cuban immigrants while welcoming all others? Mayorkas knows most Cubans in America vote Republican. They’ve seen 62-years of Cuban Communist brutality up close and the misery it causes. They want nothing to do with Communist sympathizing Democrats.  

Mayorkas is more than happy to look the other way as a flood of illegals cross the Southern border, but he plays tough guy when it comes to Cubans seeking safety.  

“Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas warned Cuban refugees not to come while the border is open to practically everybody else,” wrote Epoch Times columnist Roger Simon. “After all, some of them might vote Republican.”

Anyone with an IQ above ten knows the diabolical game Democrats are playing with illegal immigration. They oppose voter ID laws while promoting mail in ballots and amnesty for illegals. The goal is simple. Flood our nation with enough illegals to make sure Republicans never control the White House, Congress, or the courts again. Allowing freedom loving, Communist hating Cubans in doesn’t fit with the plan. 

Not a single Democrat voted against the nomination of Mayorkas. Only six Republicans voted to confirm him: Susan Collins of Maine, Mitt Romney of Utah, Shelly Capito of West Virginia, Rob Portman of Ohio, and Alaska’s two senators, Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan.  These senate Republicans are a gift for Biden with their go along to get along approach. 

Murkowski and Sullivan were two of only four senate Republicans to approve the nomination of an even more radical Biden nominee, Deb Haaland, for the position of Secretary of the Department of Interior. Haaland had a long and very vocal track record of opposing oil and gas development when Alaska’s two senators voted to confirm her. 

One of the first things Haaland did as Interior Secretary was to shut down all activity in ANWR.   

How do you think Ted Stevens, who fought with all he had to open ANWR, would have voted on the Haaland nomination? 

Of Biden’s 21 nominees, Murkowski voted in favor of 19. That’s highest among Republicans. Sullivan isn’t far behind with 14 yes votes. Sullivan approved more of Biden’s nominees than thirty-three of his fellow Republican senators.   

The conservative advocacy group, Heritage Action, ranks U.S. senators based on their voting record. It’s no surprise Sen. Susan Collins of Maine and Sen. Murkowski received the groups lowest rating among Senate Republicans. And who did Heritage Action score the third least conservative Republican in the senate? Sen. Dan Sullivan. 

The question must be asked. How did Alaska, a state that easily went for Donald Trump, end up with two politicians that are some of the most liberal Republicans in the senate? 

Dan Fagan hosts the number one rated morning drive show in Alaska on Newsradio 650 KENI. 


  1. We know that Murkowski is beholden to others and not Alaska. Sullivan has been recuited by the deep state corrupt politicians or he’s just incompetent. I campaigned for him and now hope for a new real conservative to run against him.

  2. An extremely disappointing turn out for Dan Sullivan…..Lisa was no surprise but I did expect Senator Dan to remain somewhat loyal to Alaska……and America..!!!

  3. Republicans and the Republican party has lost their ever-loving minds. Trump really did change the party, and NOT for the better! I had to change my voter registration to an Independent because I can’t stand what has happened to my party!

    • ???
      The Old-school GOP began leaving the people it was supposed to represent quite a few years ago. HUGE changes need to be made, new blood needs to enter the arena, i.e. Kelly Tshibaka and similar, or this worthless GOP needs to be dumped.

    • Yup, Trump changed it and it was going in the right direction. It still is, but is being slowed down by the swamp creatures such as Young, Murkowski and, now, Sullivan, who want to keep doing business as usual. Unfortunately for us, the left is savaging our country. Wake up Theresa, you aren’t in Kansas anymore!

    • Trump didn’t change the Republican Party, he exposed many of those pretending to Republicans for being the Marxist sympathizers they are. Having Trump Derangement Syndrome doesn’t help one’s ability to see the facts.

    • Good for you Theresa, might I suggest the Democratic party? Or is ” Independent” just another name for Democrat Party? I get confused here, wait, maybe Trump was an American who loved America and you and the rest are really just stooges for the Chi-Com’s. Yeah, sure that makes sense.

    • You do realize that the independent party is just another word for Democrat, don’t you. Look at everyone running under that party’s name and that is what they are.
      There are rino republicans, but there are pathetic people everywhere you go.

  4. I wrote Sullivan before the vote on Haaland and expressed my deep concern that she would decimste Alaska. Lo and behold she has done just thst I voted for Sullivan this last year but never again. Sullivan needs to pack his stuff and leave Alaska he is not our friend.

  5. They voted to confirm an obviously stolen election. They are CCP Traitors! They should be arrested and tried for TREASON!

  6. PRISM. If you had anyone in the world’s personal communications and internet traffic, wouldn’t you use it? I mean, to persuade them? The end justifies the means.

  7. It is with great personal disappointment and frustration that both Alaskan Senators are acting in such irresponsible, willful, and harmful manner. A complete disregard of responsibility. I believe we have certainly hit rock bottom and it’s quite apparent neither of the two Alaskan Senators have any justification with regards to their actions and.or voting record. There is absolutely no realistic reason to ever vote for either of those two EVER AGAIN as both have only proven to the citizens of AK of their “lack-of” … Trust, Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, Commitment, and Duty. They’ve shown us their true colors AND(!!!), it ain’t RED-WHITE-BLUE!!! I am ashamed to say, I once supported these two but, NEVER AGAIN!!!
    Conservatives are losing the cultural war and, the moral fabric of America is changing, unfortunately for the worse, before our eyes, on a daily basis. Either the Republican Party is going to fight against this onslaught of freedom and liberty, or they’re not? Time is of the essence and “We The People” need and deserve true-honest fighters, not the status quo swamp dwellers feeding their insatiable ego’s.
    When the “Ski & Sully Team” show up asking for $$$ and support, they will be asked to leave, as neither have demonstrated any amount of value and.or use. Rather, they are nothing less than a disappointment and source of frustration.

  8. Dan Fagan, your ignorance is showing yet again. Lisa needs to go. Dan is a good guy – you’re picking on the wrong Senator. Get over it Dan – you are a fool, and your selective info attacks are doing this State a great disservice. Shut up already. I will waste no more time reading your columns. Your spin amounts to what we attack the msm for – lying.

    • Well Rich, You tell us the truth from your mouth!! Did Alaskans two senators vote to confirm Haaland and the other guy for Homeland Security or did they not. We all know you will tell the truth.

    • You accuse Mr. Fagan of lying, but offer exactly zero facts to rebut him.
      Sullivan is in fact, a huge disappointment, and I have told him so to his face.

    • It is interesting that you speak like a liberal. All personal attacks and no facts to refute his opinion. Dan presented facts and evidence as to how not to support either senator and you respond with empty rehetoric. Sounds like a liberal shill in the group.

  9. More to the point Dan, why aren’t you attacking the turncoat Republicans in the State congress who gave control to the demrats and denied Governor Dunleavy’s conservative agenda? Try helping us elect true conservatives all across the State so we don’t have to question what it means to get the job done as a Republican minority? Same holds true for the federal congress. You’re expending a lot of bad smelling hot air for no good purpose and damaging Suzanne’s reputation in the process. You sir, are simply an embarrassment.

  10. America was respected and better understood worldwide when President Trump was in the Oval Office. He actually cares about Alaska. I don’t understand why the Senators acted to certify too quickly. It has been very problematic for this state.

  11. Republican Party Leadership as a whole are only better disciplined Democrats. In the end, folks like Mittens and Lisa are in fact Deep State operatives, they represent the Establishment power structure and the only difference between them and their Democrat buddies is merely window dressing. Sadly Sullivan seems to be on their team too.

  12. Mayorkas is not a lawmaker, rather he swore to uphold the laws of the United States, the laws that Murkowski and Sullivan make and they take the same oath. Are they all liars? Seems so. Vote them out.

  13. Rich calling people names with whom you disagree, without adding any supporting facts is what is ignorant.

  14. So where were we again? Wondering why we should be falling all over ourselves to support Kelly Tshibaka with her swampy resume and hoping that Mike Shower or Ben Carpenter might step in to fill the role of a solid conservative U.S. Senator for us before we find ourselves saddled with yet another compromised or at least compromising tool six or more years?

  15. Where was our congressional delegation when the Homer couple was attacked by the FBI? I have seen no official press releases from any of them. WHY NOT?

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