Tshibaka: From a nation divided to a nation united




A house divided cannot stand. Today, our nation’s deep divisions threaten the integrity of the house our founding fathers risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to design and build.

Months of violence, riots and destruction have ravaged our national house, which beltway pundits and politicians have characterized as a noble pursuit of social justice.

Even Kamala Harris and Joe Biden campaign staffers were complicit in the carnage by helping bail out rioters who had been arrested for the destruction and looting of minority-owned businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul. 

Now, after our national election, Biden is encouraging peace and unity, but many of his supporters are continuing their divisive and destructive campaign.

Brandon Friedman, a columnist for the New York Daily News, called Trump supporters “deplorables” and discouraged reconciling with them. Michael Simon, who previously served in President Obama’s administration, is leading an effort to catalog all Trump supporters and hold them accountable. Wajahat Ali, a columnist for the New York Times, tweeted, “[The GOP] have to be broken, burned down and rebuilt. When Biden is in power treat them like the active threats to democracy they are. If those who committed crimes aren’t punished then they will be more emboldened.”

The foundations of our national house are imperiled by the divisive path Biden’s supporters continue to pursue. 

As of Tuesday, Nov. 10, some 48% of Americans had voted for President Trump, and the counting continues. That is a substantial number of “deplorable” Americans to “break,” “burn down,” “punish” and “catalog” for exercising their right to vote. 

The percentage of Americans voting for Trump also is not the substantial Biden victory many pollsters predicted. In fact, as of Tuesday night, in the 4 swing states of Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, there were less than 91,000 votes separating Biden and Trump. Indeed, the numbers are so close that even the political news site Real Clear Politics has retracted its decision that Biden is the president-elect. 

In short, at this juncture, the election officially (and legally) remains undetermined. Tensions are high, tempers are flaring, and our political fault lines run deep. 

But both Biden and Trump supporters can change the narrative; they still can restore a sense of national unity in which diversity of thought and differences of opinion result in healthy dialogues and debates, not in division and discord. As a starting point, Biden supporters can join Trump supporters in calling for election integrity. 

Americans in both major parties are willing to accept the outcome of elections, if they believe the process was fair and election laws were followed.

Unfortunately, because of the many credible allegations and documented incidents of fraud, voter oppression, and voting irregularities, half the country is skeptical of the media’s premature announcement that Biden is our president-elect.  

The sad reality is that whether Biden or Trump is officially declared the winner of this election, half the American people will never accept the result, unless the credible allegations of fraud, voter suppression, and voting irregularities are thoroughly investigated and resolved. 

For example, we must address the credible claims that Republican election monitors were barred from observing ballot counting in several states; that Pennsylvania election officials defied law and a court order requiring them to allow Republican poll watchers to observe the ballot counting process; that a glitch in a Michigan county voting software program resulted in 6,000 Trump votes being tallied as Biden votes (that same system was used in more than 40 other Michigan counties and in roughly 30 states).

We must address claims that, according to a sworn affidavit by a Michigan poll worker, election officials instructed her and other poll workers to backdate thousands of absentee ballots; that, according to a Michigan poll challenger, tens of thousands of unsecured and unsealed ballots arrived in vehicles with out-of-state license plates after the election deadline, and all of them were attributed to Democratic candidates; and that thousands of deceased and former residents voted in swing states, including over 11,000 voters in Michigan who were deceased or 100+ years old, but not listed as living centenarians. 

For the sake of unity and peace in our nation, and for the sake of preserving the integrity of our democracy and electoral process, both Biden and Trump supporters should join in calling for a prudent pause in declaring a winner until these myriad matters are adjudicated and resolved. This is a significant moment, one in which “We the People” can model for our leaders what it means to be a house united.

My hope and prayer are that Americans, and Alaskans, of all political persuasions will move forward together, honoring the rule of law and supporting a peaceful, transparent, and just resolution of this election controversy. That is how our house divided can once again become a house, and a nation, united. 

The views expressed here are the writer’s in her personal capacity and do not reflect her role as the Commissioner of the Department of Administration.


  1. You must be joking. The Democrats are never going to change their ways and I can tell you that I certainly am not going to go over to the dark side so we will always be not United and it depends on the Democrats just how far they want to take this.

  2. Signalling something, Kelly?
    What could have happened to make a senior government official like yourself suddenly utter something so vacuous, improbable as: “…Biden supporters can join Trump supporters in calling for election integrity.”?
    Seriously? “Join” with baby killers, city burners, cop killers, anarchists, socialists, communists, rioters, looters, God haters, America haters, virulent racists, flag burners, illegal aliens, election fraudsters, Big Data, Big Money donors, Deep Staters, Big News Media, China flu authoritarians, China sympathizers, Biden family oligarchs, Democrat city political machines, Silicon Valley oligarchs… all blessed Biden supporters… in calling for election integrity?
    This is the same senior government official in whose state:
    the Great Alaska LeDoux Vote Experiment was a smashing success.
    the Anchorage Assembly forced its easily corruptible mail-in vote scheme on residents so no bond, tax, or incumbent gets left behind, apparently with no prohibition from senior state officials due to the virtual certainty of mail fraud.
    the lieutenant governor literally begs for vote (and mail) fraud by mailing unsolicited ballots to everyone thought to be over 65, regardless of whether they intend to vote in person
    No unkindness meant, dear Kelly, your prayer for “prudent pause” in the midst of a donneybrook for our American way of life seems terribly ill-advised, a recipe for suicide.
    Here’s another 411, Kelly… Americans don’t “model for our leaders”! If Americans don’t like their leaders, they throw ’em out.
    May take a while because “our leaders” corrupted the “throw ’em out” part so badly, but it’ll happen…
    One hopes the Commissioner of the Department of Administration is not under that house of cards when productive citizens finally figure out what holds it up.

    • Very confusing message!! Too many innuendos or indie information to make any sense!! Ever hear of the KISS principle?

      • Mea culpa.
        It was written for readers with an IQ above room temperature.
        Gotta write slower next time so the back of the class can keep up.
        Some people are the reason this country has to put directions on dog food.
        If one doesn’t like anything we write, but still reads everything we write, then one is a fan and should be appreciated.
        So, what’s the answer, John H., forgive and forget?
        We’re not Jesus, we don’t have Alzheimers, so how’s that supposed to work?

        • “Some people are the reason this country has to put directions on dog food.”

          I want to put that on one of my T-shirts. Ahahahahahahaha!

  3. I would love to reconcile with the left.. however, here are a few hurdles I see that may present formidable obstacles to the effort to unify:

    They hate America.
    They hate Americans.

    Other than that? Forgetting, for the moment, that I am an American, living in America? Well then, no problemo. I think we will be making s’mores and singing Kumbya around the proverbial campfire in no time.

  4. No evidence of fraud in any of the cases presented so far in court. All have been thrown out.
    Biden is beating Trump by about 5 million popular votes. Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million in 2016. No one has ever found the ballots that Trumps claims would have given him the popular vote in 2016.
    Polling results are close in four states, but mostly in the tens of thousand in favor of Biden. The media are aware of this and waited three days longer than in 2016 before making their calls. It is acknowledged by nearly everyone running the numbers on this election that it is highly unlikely that Trump will be able to get the electoral votes he would need to change the outcome.

    “But both Biden and Trump supporters can change the narrative; they still can restore a sense of national unity in which diversity of thought and differences of opinion result in healthy dialogues and debates, not in division and discord. As a starting point, Biden supporters can join Trump supporters in calling for election integrity.”

    Well said. I was not aware that Biden had called the integrity of the election into question. Winners usually don’t On the other hand, Trump is making unfounded accusations, all of which are being thrown out of the courts, that do call the integrity of the election into question. He has been doing this for four years, laying the groundwork for a challenge of the current election, without any evidence of any kind and made up of hearsay rumors, speculation, and out and out lies.

    The election is over. What’s left is formalities. The Donald is going to become a private citizen at noon next January 20th, and Joe will become the 46th President. I hope all of us can agree that it would be a good thing if Trump is finished with his infantile temper tantrum over having lost long before that, but if not, Biden will become the President, nonetheless. If Trump continues to keep and rile up his followers in the future as he has done up till now, there’s not going to be any unity or peace in the nation until his blowtorch burns out or his followers move on, then, maybe then, our national nightmare will be over.

    • I’m still looking for that part of the constitution where the popular vote has anything to do with becoming President. As regards the election integrity and the President making unfounded accusations…….hold that thought………..

    • Please rewrite this after Friday Greg R. IF you choose to ignore the stated grievances presented above I will refer you to “JaySekulowLive” with the American Center for Law and Justice for more explicit information re the wrongdoing the occurred during the recent election AND THE LEGAL ACTION THAT IS PROCEEDING AS A RESULT,! Wake up and smell the coffee Bud!!

      • Yup. No real evidence, just people complaining about not being able to stand close enough or not having enough of their buddies with them (most pollsters are volunteers). There has been no credible evidence of voter fraud.
        Jay Sekulow is a member of the Trump legal team and required to advocate for the President. Don’t expect any objective information to come from him.
        I certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest here. What’s disturbing is Greg F. saying, “…we don’t change our stripes.” In effect, he is saying, “We’re right, you’re wrong, you need to change.” That will get us nowhere. From either side.

    • Yes, the long national nightmare of the lowest unemployment in history, increasing wage based, decreases in illegal immigration, no new foreign wars, our troops coming home, a better VA, more favorable trade deals, the trade deficit with China reduced. peace treaties in the Middle East, and a marginalized and weakened totalitarian regime in both North Korea and Iran.

      Yes, if Biden wins, the “nightmare” of America doing well, will be over. You can happily cede over money, jobs, power, whatever you and the other leftists like, to Iran, China, Russia, and your other allies. You can seize more property and rights from American citizens and diminish the place of America in the world. You’ll be able to increase the amount of voter fraud, quadruple the amount of illegal immigrants (and hence, illegal votes), and severely strain the social safety net. You can end the nightmare of babies that survive abortions being allowed to live, or those that are in the third trimester being protected from being murdered.

      Yes, with Trump gone, you’ll be able to end that nightmarish hell you had to live thru, when America did well, and people were free.

      I for one, hope you don’t. That’s a nightmare I don’t want to wake up ftom.

      • Sweet dreams in your Trump world with its fantasy of low unemployment (10%), immigration reform (children being wrested from their parents” arms), no new foreign wars (Syria), our troops coming home (devoutly to be wished, but not without consequences), a better VA (really?), favorable trade deals (tell that to the farmers), a reduced trade deficit (at least the farmers, the big ones, are getting bailed out by the US tax payers, but pretty much everyone else who relied on foreign trade might not agree with you), peace treaties in the Middle East (really? good luck with that one), and a weakened NK and Iran (what happened to the bromance between Donnie and Kimmie? and how come Iran appears to have more enriched uranium than it did before that fantastic deal that took away the IND).
        But, we are number one in two things. Coronavirus cases and deaths.
        So yeah. I’m tired of winning. I want equal time for my nightmare, where people don’t need to worry about their next meal or what happens if they get sick. I’d settle for that.

    • My brother (12 yrs Navy), my father (Vietnam), my stepfather (Vietnam), my uncle (Vietnam), my grandfather (WW2 and Korea) and my great grandfather (WW1). These are the men of my family. I will never let their sacrifices be in vain. (My uncle making the ultimate sacrifice). Maybe you communists will win, maybe not. But between now and then, I gonna f@@k you up.

  5. Great comments above! Greg should stop listening to National “Pravda” Radio. This election was rife with fraud, I have never seen anything like it. Shutting down the count in the middle of the night is a typical communist ploy during “free” elections. If it looks like the communist is losing, they’ll shut the count down and return two days later with enough ballots for the commy to win. Sound familiar?

    • Yes, “they” did shutdown the election in the middle of election night, because the Media saw that their candidate was losing. Everything was in place to change the outcome in their favor. Now, somehow, we are delusional if the we believe Biden didn’t win. Well, guess what, Biden didn’t win. But an outcome other than that was never acceptable to a Party that had vowed that returning Trump was not acceptable. How hard was it to rig the election ? Not hard enough. And there are those who knew about it in advance. The only question now is, Will the US Supreme Court take the action necessary ? We have come to see the extent of the Globalist takeover already…

    • What fraud? Where? What’s this nonsense about shutting down the count in the middle of the night? Trump wanted the vote counts to stop in the states he was leading, but he wanted the vote counts to continue in the states he in which he was behind. Sound familiar? The states continued to count, or not count, according to their statutes.
      All of the Trump law suits have been thrown out to date because there was no evidence to support them. Trump lawyers continue with their innuendo because they’ve been hired to do so. These cases will likely be thrown out, too, because they lack real, legal evidence. That’s the difference between democracy and dictatorship, whatever its stripes.

  6. Each side will have to get their own houses in order if they want things to change. Pointing and yelling at the other side hasn’t worked and – it won’t ever work.

    Look at the data – results for the President were 1-2% less than other Republican candidates. The same held true in Alaska where Dan Sullivan and Don Young got 58% of the vote and Trump got 57%. That ONE percent cost him the election – if only his Twitter account had been taken and his mouth closed for the last six months he would have four more years. President Trump did this to himself and I hope the party learns from his awful rhetoric.

      • Again, look at data. When you say “crooked media” I am assuming that you are referring to the far and away most-watched source, Fox News. If this was 1990 I would agree. But with all the news options available along with social media, etc, I think you are wrong. The American people are smarter than you give them credit for.

        • Yeah, people are smarter than we think – they just don’t have time to research and track down what is true – so reliance on sound bites and entertaining news is normal for most and readily supplied by those whose job is to hold an audience for their advertisers – Look at Greg R above – how could anyone swallow such a crock? But that is what they’ve been spoon-fed by the left.

  7. “For the sake of unity and peace in our nation, and for the sake of preserving the integrity of our democracy and electoral process, both Biden and Trump supporters should join in calling for a prudent pause in declaring a winner until these myriad matters are adjudicated and resolved.”

    And somehow, in 2020, this is a radical idea.

  8. ”My hope and prayer are that Americans, and Alaskans, of all political persuasions will move forward together, honoring the rule of law and supporting a peaceful, transparent, and just resolution of this election controversy. That is how our house divided can once again become a house, and a nation, united.”

    Total wishful thinking. God had Lord Lucifer, that wicked Angel of light, cast out of heaven and condemned him to roam the earth with all his wicked adherents, here to destroy the freedom of all mankind.

    God chose not to make any agreement with Satan. Follow God’s example. Likewise no deal with the devil or his followers.

  9. This call for unity of some sort is admirable, but surprising to find here on MRAK, which takes pride in driving in ever-deeper wedges, and demonizing liberal-minded people.

    The references to election fraud, and a reversal of the outcome through legal means are, however, unsurprising.

    This election is over and Trump has thankfully been sent packing. Send in another Conservative president someday – that’s fine. But Trump is bad news, and no one will regret his departure, including the Republican politicians whom he now holds hostage.

    Erase him from your minds, and be set free.

  10. I appreciate the Commissioner’s intent and desire, but she is underestimating the power of evil. God is in control, but sometimes it’s hard to see that. It will take a miracle to restore national unity and civility. I can still speak civilly to democrats, but not to communists – and definitely not to those who want to force their will by violent means. Civility and unity are past – and the msmedia wouldn’t let us if we tried. Freedom is not free. Wake up Alaska – and America – we are about to become Venezuela.

  11. We have to thank God that Trump didn’t win in powerful immediate landslide, like he was in the process of doing early in the evening on Nov 3rd, because then we would’ve had “justified” riots across America. Because we are managing this election with serious vote analysis and investigations into numerous suspicious and serious election discrepancies, Trump’s ultimate victory can bleed gradually into the left’s consciousness. This is my prayer that it happens as such. If so, then this nation can stay united. If the news of the flagrant election machine manipulations is so great a violation upon American’s trust in the system that even one portion of the fake media has an unavoidable epiphany, then we may avoid the “justifiable” riots. If Trump’s victory happens in slow motion as it is now, I believe we can then see our nation return to a united one.

  12. well kelly Trump has dropped his dropped all his law suits in Michigan. His Pennsylvania suits have been dismissed. I am waiting for your call for unity behind President elect Biden.

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