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Tshibaka fined $270 for helping small family fishing operation with former Lt. Gov.

When Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka won in an auction an experience on a small family fishing set-net in Cook Inlet with former Lt. Gov. Loren Leman and his wife Carolyn, she was eager to go. She took her children with her so they could see how some smaller fishing operations work.

But one of her social media posts caught the eye of opponents to her campaign, and she has ended up with a $270 fine, because even as a guest on the boat, she needed to have a commercial fishing crew license.

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Tshibaka said she acknowledges the decision and will pay the citation, but she said the statute has an exemption for visitors or guests, and even though she touched some salmon being harvested, they were not fish that were sold.

Troopers were shown the video that her campaign posted on social media in July and opened up the investigation.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Public Leaders/influencers which includes girlfriends/boyfriends and family members of an influential person! Please, refrain using social media tools for sharing your personal activities and personal views, opinions, and ideas. You are not a common person. What You all do makes news.

    • Exactly, this is why Hollywood’s elite don’t look at a camera shoot/social media post before running it by their *professional publicist*– amateur politicians with social media accounts are like gang-bangers packing Sigs. #watchthemfeets

  2. Rather than highlighting someone teaching children about how fish is harvested, it get’s turned into a citation that has an exemption.
    I am hoping all of this political rubbish implodes on itself in the coming weeks, from Sleepy Joe all the way down to the Anchorage Assembly.

  3. That just doesn’t make any sense. Wouldn’t you think the owners of the boat would know the rules? This was a setup if any.

  4. I don’t get this either. Loren Leman must have known that she couldn’t touch anything. The article says this was an auction that she won and the fish was not for sale yet the troopers went ahead anyway. I am thinking that Murkowski had a hand in this and we have some corrupt state troopers.

  5. First axiom of politics.
    It is not the action taken by the person that causes the offense.
    It is the political affiliation of the person taking action that causes the offense.

      • The argument is that some form of regs. are required to keep things “fair.” We’ve determined we can charge nonresidents a bit more to keep fairness in it and Tshibaka ran afoul of that bit. All other nonresidents would think this unfair without this fine IMO.
        You don’t like that change the law.

        • Bill,
          This was about taking part in commercial fishing without having a commercial fishing license. The other issue with sports fishing using a resident/nonresident license is a separate issue.

          • I know exactly what this is about and nonresident commercial fishermen used to be charged much more than now-they sued and todays licenses are not as extreme.
            Tshibaka took part in crewing in a setnet operation without a crew license. F & G has a one-day license for tourists to see how things work without costing an arm and leg but for some reason she chose to crew without one. She may have qualified as a resident but I’m not sure that one day license makes a distinction.
            Doesn’t matter as she had no license-the victims are all those crew that got licenses (fairness).

          • There is no doubt Tshibaka was a resident by the time of this issue. Had the fishing operation been a personal use gillnet she could have participated (and helped) as an Alaska resident without breaking any law.
            Unfortunately, crewing on a commercial setnet operation is a different horse. Her video needed her participation in a commercial fishery (perhaps), it seems.

        • Leaving the state for a short while does not make one a non resident if that were true anyone taking a vacation would not be allowed to have a resident fishing license and that is patently absurd and never the intent if the law.

    • May he who is without blame, throw the first stone!
      Why is it that for liberals it’s always a “mistake” or “an oversight” but anything conservative immediately rises to a crime. This on the surface does not seem like a clear cut violation, since there is an exemption. I wish she would fight this, as it will be used to beat her with, as in ignoring Alaska reg, when it sounds more like a interpretation issue.

      • Oh BS. Don’t diminish your integrity with that jab at liberals.

        KT violated a regulation, got caught, will pay the fine; end of administrative story.

        But this will not sit well with Alaskans who must decipher odd and complicated hunting and fishing regulations but do the right thing.

        Isn’t she a lawyer? Shouldn’t she respect the law?

  6. This is just another nothing burger. This is just leftist propaganda because they can’t find anything on Kelly.

  7. this was nothing but a photo OP to make deep state Kelly more relatable to alaskans. That being said the fine is a petty attempt to smear her with bad press.

    • Peanuts! When Nancy and I took Lisa and House Husband on a commercial fishing trip, we caught our limit, times three, and never paid a dime for guest/visitor fees. We just paid off the boat operator and made sure they knew how to spell our last name. And my old Lt. Governor was not on board.

      • I remember that trip, Frankie. We kept hauling Kings on board, way beyond the limit, and our Native skipper gladly took the negotiated fee. We showed him how to spell MURKOWSKI too. Great fishing trip. Loren is still pissed that he wasn’t invited on that one. He was busy working with Joe Miller that day.

        • Is this an attempt at humor or are you simply looking to besmirch an already easy target with phony stories?

    • Yup!
      Joe had “the ‘wrong’ fishing license”!
      The left is supporting the non-racist, transgendered, salmon!

  8. Her quote “this is what Alaska is all about!” Then gets fined for a bureaucratic error sadly really does sum up what Alaska is all about: Federal bureaucracy. Alaska is a colony of the Federal government.

    Let’s go brandon!

  9. It is not a surprise that small minded people would make a big deal out of this. But it is shocking that the State Troopers/Fish and Game took it seriously.

  10. Lisa murkowski votes yes on raising the debt ceiling; not a word in Alaska about it. Ann Brown should have censured wicked Lisa long ago but nope not a word or action on it. Alaskans please support Kelly, as a change is needed. Kelly is an awesome person. Contact her you will see a good kind soul. Kelly Kelly Kelly

  11. All of us that are truly pissed about this (as we should be) should send her a $270 campaign donation.

      • Is that sarcasm, ignorance, or are you just another shill for the leftist Lisa Murkowski?
        Lisa’s Conservative Review Liberty Score has her voting on the side of individual liberty 29% of the time.
        Why do we Alaskans keep electing (Well, not the first time. Daddy gave her the people’s seat as a birthday present.) the same things and expecting different results?

        • Lisa has nothing to do with this incompetence shown by Tshibaka. Further, Lisa wouldn’t have been caught up in such a grift-she would have gotten a license.
          Do you whine about such things for attention?

          • Speaking of incompetence, please look up the definition of the word ‘grift’ as you are using it nearly as ignorantly as I have ever seen.
            Also, I thank you for calling me on my whining by whining about it.

          • If this is directed at me, I’ll attempt to refrain from calling you a moron (a near Herculean task).
            Not only am I not a paid shill, I donated plenty to Kelly’s campaign because I am not a shill for the leftist, Murkowski.
            I am a disabled (only 25% disability, but whatevvs) combat veteran. I happily volunteered and did my part, but it thoroughly galled me that Lisa got the people’s senate seat from her daddy after her daddy lied to people when he said he wouldn’t do that. It further galls me that she only voted on the side of individual liberty 29% of the time and still keeps the seat. It should gall all veterans and lovers of liberty.
            Label me however you ignorantly want to, but I am a shill for liberty and whomever is more likely to increase it.

      • It is to Alaska’s eternal shame that the corrupt and consistently anti-freedom-voting Lisa Murkowski was ever even allowed to keep her nepotism-granted seat, much less reelected to it, and more than once at that.

  12. And she is either a liar or mistaken, because there is no exemption for a visitor or a guest. If you assist in any manner, you MUST have a license.

  13. There are many mistakes to be made on the path toward appropriating a foreign culture.

    – Lying about your residency on a fishing l.icense.
    – Assuming it’s ok to be on a fishing crew without being documented because you’re special..
    You should go hunting next, Kelly. Surely your long Alaska history will grandfather you around those persnickety rules, too. Pick a wilderness area w/ sidewalks as raw Alaska isn’t camera crew friendly. Maybe shoot a dog in Mountain View and tell people it’s a wolf. Who’s to know, right? So hard to tell them apart.

    • Oh Trouser Bark, once again you tickle me with your comments. I have a serious question however. In several Villages in Western Alaska there is a thing called Dog Shooting Day. This is where the local governing authorities will pay 20 bucks for every dead dog you drag up to their office. If Kelly were to actually experience the “real” Alaska by participating in DSD, would she need to carry a State Hunting license or a Trapping license?

      • I have no idea what she’d need to shoot village dogs, Old Alaskan… but five bucks says she’d botch that, too.

    • Now who sounds like a shill?

      Are you a shill for leftists in general?
      Or just the leftist, Murkowski that nepotistically took the people’s senate seat?

    • Your write up brings to mind the last ‘real Alaskan’ we were served in the senatorial election….the famous Al Gross and his bear hunting exploits. My suspicion is that whoever is taking over our government mis-read the number of undeclared voters in Alaska to be left leaning so they put Al on the ticket. When they couldn’t fake his win even amongst a state that is used to outright cheating, they decided to take the “conservative” route and shipped Kelly up here to fill the 2022 ballot.

      • So a “real Alaskan” is only looking for uninterrupted years of residency in the state? That’s the only criteria?
        So “real Alaskans” end up voting for a nepotistic DC leftist that only panders to “real Alaskans” on guns (except in cabinet picks) and oil (usually, but again not usually in confirmation of cabinet picks) that constantly sells out as much individual liberty as she can to keep millions in outside money flowing in to cut your “real Alaskan” throats?
        Very smart.
        Why don’t you “real Alaskans” look at where Kelly gets most of her money (hint: small donations from actual Alaskans) as compared to the outside money war-chest that bought and paid for Lisa ends up with?
        You can try to take Kelly down all you want and shill for nepotistic Lisa all you want but last I heard, Kelly was outraising Lisa in donations from actual Alaskans 4 to 1.
        We’re tired of bought and paid for Lisa and her DC leftism.

        • Speaking of shills, do you even question why you’re so loyal to someone you hadn’t even heard of 6 months ago? Have you looked into her real credentials? When you’re looking for who has been bought and paid for by DC leftism, Kelly is right there with Lisa – who do you think has paid her way her ENTIRE “career”? You are right that real Alaskans have paid for her job, her husband’s created job, and her outrageous moving expenses – all to serve 2 years in time to move back to DC.

          Wake up: real Alaskans have voted Murkowski out already and we still ended up with her because of corrupt elections. Just because we don’t want Murkowski doesn’t mean we should want someone who has no history and no credentials to serve as our senator.

    • Trouser Bark, you accuse Kelly T of Cultural Appropriation and further suggest that she try hunting Dogs in Mountain View. There is a thing called Dog Shooting Day ,an event held in some Western Alaska locations. If Kelly T wanted to experience the “real” Alaska and attended such an event, in your opinion, would Kelly T be required to carry a Hunting License or a Trapping License or both? I ask this question since you and many commenting on this forum appear to be knowledgeable about State Fish and Game regulations.

      • I have left you with a misimpression, BS. I don’t care much about game regs. I’m not a poacher mind you… I just don’t pay that much attn to aspects that don’t apply to me which happens to be most of them.

        I can also tell you I wouldn’t have gotten mine in a wringer they way she did. Had it happened though I also would’ve manned up and not said ‘oh well, I’ll pay it but…’ and then followed up w/ a lame excuse citing non-existent exceptions. She’s damaged goods, BS. No way around it.

  14. I’ll try to answer like you are possibly sincere.
    Loyal to Kelly? Don’t be silly. I’m not loyal, but I have met her a few times and talked to her and listened to her speak. This didn’t garner loyalty, it garnered a willingness to make an educated gamble for someone that is massively more trustworthy than ‘bought and paid for, outside money, nepotistic, leftist’ Lisa, whom I am certain that I can’t trust one tiny bit.
    Yes, I have looked into her credentials. Your comparison between the two on bought and paid for strains credibility so highly that it nearly seems to be an intentional obfuscation. To answer that (wondering why I bother) I again point to the fact that caring what I do with my vote involves an educated gamble. In Kelly I see someone who’s personal life evidences much more integrity and heart than Lisa. Kelly could do much more with her skills and intelligence for herself instead, but she has chosen public service and service to her family. I won’t twist what I see into something bad or nefarious because she has been in DC and not for very long. She is attempting to unseat someone that absolutely needs to go and everyone except the leftist news sources and the big power in this state and especially out of this state (where in contrast, all of Lisa’s money comes from) knows it. That would be likely the biggest public service to this state and this country that Kelly could provide. Again, do I like what I see and hope for in Kelly? Yes. But so much more I am disgusted by what I have seen from Lisa and know it must be gone.
    Are elections up here corrupt? I wouldn’t be surprised, but I don’t have any proof of how bad it is and I’m not just going to whine about it, give up, and not do my part to try and get someone better for this state and especially this country (which I love but which also has massive effect on this state) than someone like Lisa that I know has sold this state out to leftists for years just to keep getting elected and to support leftist ideals that I hope she believes in – otherwise Lisa is just pure cynical evil.

    • You wave the pom-poms really hard if your primary interest is in voting for the lesser of two evils, Myers. Regardless, if your comments are genuine know that someone better will come along and you won’t have to vote for either of the two ladies that currently hang in your reticle.

      • Okay. I get it now. You’re not terribly bright which explains why you are a shill for the DC leftist Lisa.
        At least she has your vote legitimately.

      • All-Bark, I’ll try to keep this small because as Chesterton said, “No matter how I try to make my point stick up like a pike, people insist upon impaling themselves elsewhere.”
        I have not ever nor will I ever end up voting for a nepotistic DC leftist like Lisa that only panders to “real Alaskans” on guns (except in cabinet picks) and oil (usually, but again not usually in confirmation of cabinet picks) that constantly sells out as much individual liberty as she can to keep millions in outside money flowing in to cut our “real Alaskan” throats.
        Leftist Lisa got that seat when her daddy lied to good friends and said he would not nepotistically gift her that seat and then did just that a couple of days later.
        Amazingly, it only got worse from there as she has sold out the freedoms of Alaskans and America since then.

  15. Well, at least one trooper was able to get their stats up for the month by picking such easy low hanging fruit. Easy way to raise revenue for the State and what a good job of building rapport with the community AWT. A warning probably would have sufficed.
    Sarcasm intended.

  16. Did President Obama have a nonresident fishing license when he fished at Kanakanak Beach in Dillingham in 2015? Remember the salmon he held squirted reproductive juices (milt) on him? Hilarious. Maybe we need a congressional committee headed up by Rep Adam Schiff to investigate the fishing license issue!

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