Tshibaka: 2021 proved Murkowski has abandoned Alaska



As we enter 2022, it’s time to examine the record of Alaska’s senior senator, Lisa Murkowski, over the last year. After strongly opposing the election of President Donald Trump and helping Joe Biden take power, Murkowski immediately set about enabling Biden’s radical agenda. 

On his first day in office, Biden blocked energy exploration in ANWR, and then nominated Deb Haaland, known as a radical environmentalist, for Interior Secretary. Even though Murkowski expressed concerns that Haaland would be harmful to Alaska, she cast the deciding vote in committee to confirm her. Except for Murkowski, Haaland never would have become Interior Secretary.

When a federal judge blocked Alaska’s massive Willow oil and gas project, Haaland refused to appeal the decision. Haaland also obstructed a federal court ruling that would re-open ANWR by claiming her Department needed to redo an environmental survey. These foreseeable Haaland decisions have cost Alaska billions of dollars and thousands of jobs, all of which reflect Murkowski’s commitment to her constituency of one—Joe Biden—rather than all the Alaskans she was elected to represent.

But Haaland’s assault on Alaska is about more than just energy.

She is pushing to close off 60 million additional acres of federal public lands to hunting next year, and she has refused to honor multiple US Supreme Court decisions that upheld Alaska’s right to manage its navigable waters. To enforce our rights, the State is expending significant resources battling the radical-environmentalist chief lawyer at the Department of Interior. Guess who cast the tiebreaking vote for his confirmation? Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski also has helped confirm other nominees who have sabotaged our right to manage our resources, like the Secretary of Agriculture who is reinstituting the “roadless rule,” which means Alaska will no longer have access to the Tongass National Forest for tourism and timber production. This is another Murkowski vote that killed countless Alaskan jobs and favored Biden over Alaskans.

Murkowski also was the only Republican – and the tie-breaking vote – to confirm Vanita Gupta, an anti-police activist who has testified in support of defunding police departments. As a top Justice Department official now, Gupta oversees federal grants to local police departments. Given our high domestic abuse, crime, and sexual assault rates, this Murkowski vote was a direct shot at our public safety victims.

Murkowski broke from Republicans at least twelve times to confirm radical Biden nominees. And she did nothing to take a stand against Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

Undaunted, Murkowski brags about writing Biden’s “infrastructure bill,” which really is just the Green New Deal. It punishes carbon production through heavy fines – another dagger aimed at Alaska’s heart.

What’s more, under the bill, Alaska must apply, compete, be selected to receive infrastructure dollars, and then secure the same permits and environmental surveys we have been unable to get from the Biden administration thus far! In some cases, we must create more state government offices before we can even qualify. Murkowski pretends this bait-and-switch bill is good for us, but she adamantly opposed Trump, who proposed an infrastructure bill that did not include the Green New Deal.

Murkowski’s record this year is consistent with her past. In 2011, Murkowski gushed about confirming the appointment of U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Gleason because she was a woman and nice to people in court. Gleason’s record as a non-constitutionalist, environmental activist didn’t matter to Murkowski. Gleason predictably has 1) killed the Willow oil project, 2) canceled the life-saving road to King Cove, and 3) ruled that federal agencies, not the state, have game management authority in Alaska.

Finally, during Murkowski’s time in office and on the Senate Appropriations Committee, the national debt has exploded from $6 Trillion to $30 Trillion. Murkowski was one of the few Republicans who voted to allow Democrats to increase the debt ceiling this year.

It’s little wonder that in a recent campaign finance report, only three percent of Murkowski’s donors were Alaskans. She spends her time in the Senate cultivating her political allegiances to Biden and other D.C. insiders. Her votes show that she cares more about her popularity in D.C. than she does about the people in Alaska.

There’s also no mystery why the Alaska Republican Party has censured her and prohibited her from identifying as a Republican. She has abandoned Alaska values to represent Biden and enable his radical agenda.

I have been endorsed by the Alaska GOP and by President Trump. When I’m your U.S. senator, I will represent the people of Alaska—not Biden and the DC insiders.

Kelly Tshibaka is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Alaska


  1. Whatever anyone thinks of Kelly here, it is clear and undeniable that Princess Lisa is a toxic, woke-enabling, pro-China-Joe hot mess, and deserves NOBODY’S vote in 2022. In fact, she NEVER has deserved any Alaskan’s vote.

    • I am new to Alaska. But before I ever came here I wanted this Rino out and I will help in any way I can to accomplish that goal. As someone from the lower 48 over the years I have been exasperated that she has been the tie breaking vote for the demonrats on issues that I care about. It’s time we take our country back from the globalist scumbags who are using people like this traitor to subvert and bankrupt our nation!

  2. Thank you for your position letter Kelly.. You are definitely a better alternative to Lisa. However, with that being said I would like to point out that your duty as a Senator is to the State of Alaska and not as a Representative of the people. The only thing that changed in the Constitution, in 1913 when the 17th amendment was proposed and then eventually ratified, is with how senators are selected. Your main job is still to look out for the state of Alaska. Leave the representation to alaska’s Representative whoever that may well be..

    • Originally the founders had the Senators selected from the state elected senator volunteers or representatives. They volunteered for two years and returned to the private. No ruling classes develop and no need for large money to insert itself in a state political process. It kept the processes more genuine and authentic. The oath is to defend the US Constitution (not the British Monarchy). Hopefully the republic will be allowed for the first time to apply the Constitution free from foreign governments control. What patriot wouldn’t want that?

  3. If you read these comments Kelly I along with a growing number of other people who are just as interested in the wellbeing of our state realize that little Lisa isn’t our only problem. We still have the dark cloud of election integrity looming over our state and nation.
    You Kelly were tasked by Governor Dunleavy to investigate the division of elections and the promise was made to reveal the results to the public!!!? What did you find??? What is it that Dunleavy and Myer are so afraid of revealing??? You know Kelly. Dunleavy and Myer are proving to be part of the swamp.
    It’s time for you Kelly to decide and declare whether you are in that same swamp!!!
    What is this administration hiding from the people???
    If you really want my vote and support you may want to seriously consider this request

    • Kelly Tshibaka is the definition of a swamp creature. She was part of our current RINO governor’s Deep State for many years, and spent a long time in Washington D.C. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

  4. When Sarah beat me in 2006, Nancy and I took a 365-day cruise around the world. But it wasn’t abandonment. We just realized we were no longer liked by Alaskans. Now, I’m buying Lisa and her house husband a year-long cruise south of the equator. Ship leaves on December 1, 2022.

    • Frankie,
      I couldn’t take a year with Lisa on some Covid-stricken boat while she goes on about how Kelly isn’t qualified. Please arrange with the captain to drop me off at Tahiti. I’ll find my own way home.

      • Kelly T worked in the postal office inspector general office. If there was one place the postal spying/collection/surveillance operation should have been shut down….it was within the inspector generals office.

        Frankly Kelly has spent more time in DC than Murkowski. I know hard for some of you to believe but it’s true. Kelly lived there for 20 yrs while Murkowski came back here every five months or so. You can see Kelly T’s resume at AKLEG. Check it out yourself.

        It really appears she moved here only submit her candidacy. Elect her, and you’ll be sending Kelly T home.

        SD don’t censor me. Please. I know it’s contrary to the bottom line but truthful friction is a good thing, iron sharpens iron.

        • Chris, your comments are being throttled because you are a candidate running for office and you are overusing this forum – sd

        • Chris, or whatever your Democrat name really is:
          At least Kelly T. didn’t take the Alaska Bar Exam six times, before finally paying-off a bar prep tutor for the exam questions.

          • Lakreesha- obviously I hit a nerve. But name calling is beneath us both. I care for neither candidate. Because someone passes an exam does not make them the best choice. It’s no longer good enough to select the lesser of two evils.

  5. Someone who’s most notable impact on Alaska’s political landscape has been submitting a $100k bill for moving expenses is complaining again.
    Oh dear. Yawwwn.

  6. The leftist communist scum is all over AK–the mission: Keep Lisa in power. They are hugely financed and there are more than just a few of these snakes here. They have worked their way into all avenues of the power structure. While so many on our ‘side’ are lazy, uninvolved and apathetic–they are not…..

  7. I feel justified in insulting Ms Tshibaka, eye for eye, tooth for tooth Old Testament-style as she insults honorable and decent Ms Murkowski.

    This is a crock of ripened and overcooked moosemeat sausage stew, Ms Tshibaka. Ms Murkowski has kept the sacred integrity of Alaskan voters intact throughout her tenure as a true representative of the interests of Alaskans, Alaska, and not the special interest groups that members of religious communes might purvey, or Harvard grads might parlay.

    Someone like the secretive Ms Tshibaka only adds a strident belching sound to a chorus of trumpian sycophants, politicians like her that regularly consume the special blend of lard and lanolin she and her ilk add to the fringes of real, honest, hardworking Alaskan communities. Ms Tshibaka with her fancy college degree and career in bureaucracy strays from the essential and meaningfulness of a life on the ‘last frontier’ to wallow in others’ misery and compete with her special interest fellowship with others in whitewashing the painted sepulchres.

    • Dear Mrs N –
      All of us poor, wretched voters have terrible memories, which nicely explains how we can vote for career pols like Lisa Murkowski, who have abused us so many times. War: Ms. Murkowski voted for the Iraq invasion – the foremost foreign policy debacle of this century. Murkowski has done nothing of note to halt the flow of U.S. technologies, manufacturing, and financing to the tyrannical and expansionist China – the chief adversary of the USA. Peace: Murkowski voted against the slandered Brett Kavanaugh, and then voted for Deborah Haaland – an outspoken adversary of Alaska’s oil industry. Murkowski’s actions on strengthening federal statutes and the U.S. border against a global invasion… none, that I have noticed. You may yet find Murkowski to be honorable and decent, but I find our senator to be wrong, wrong, and wrong – and too many times to forget it. I like the Old Testament, too. I do not see in Murkowski the attributes of a stalwart and faithful Israelite. But, let us each vote for the candidate of our choice, which for me will be the stalwart Ms. Tshibaka.

    • Mrs N said: “Murkowski has kept the sacred integrity of Alaskan voters intact throughout her tenure as a true representative of the interests of Alaskans…”

      Interesting perspective, that. Please point out anywhere in the US Constitution the ability of the US Senate to convict a former president a week or two after he has left office. What gives the US Senate the right to go after a private citizen? Show your work. I’ll wait.

      If we can’t trust Lisa to perform her Oath of Office properly, what can we possibly trust her to do. And if she doesn’t take it seriously, why should anyone else? Lisa has been around salmon for enough years to know that a fish rots from its head down. And today, that rot starts with her and her cheerleaders. Cheers –

  8. Lisa through her record has given her opponent much ammunition with which to be assailed.
    Trouble is we don’t know much about this Kelly, especially since she seems to have only recently discovered Alaska.
    However Kelly’s lack of Alaska experience maybe pardonable if for no other reason then, she’s not Lisa!

    • AHAHAHAHA, “I’m not Lisa, my name is___” what song was that?
      What other alternative do we have? Lisa is NOT for Alaskans and hasn’t for some time.

  9. Well said. Murkowski has been chasing the almighty dollar (wherever it comes from) just like her father who appointed her to her position in the first place. So it is no surprise to me what she has done this year. You have my vote, Kelly, and I have sent your info to all family and friends. Praying for your success!!

    • So you know how much U.S. Senators make? Please explain how she’s enriched her life cause of her status representing AK in D.C?

  10. There is probably much in this column that I can agree with. That said, I will, once again, call on Ms. Tshibaka to address two topics:

    What is her position on Congressional earmarks? How and why are they good for Alaska? How and why are earmarks bad for Alaska?

    What, if any, contributions has Ms. Tshibaka made to Alaska – other than being elevated out of the blue to serve as Commissioner of Administration? Lots of people would like to serve as a United States senator and some have good skill sets to do that work. Why does Ms. Tshibaka think she is best qualified? (Negative points for saying that Donald Trump endorses her).

    • I’d like to know the extent of her involvement in the deep state patriot act, that princess lisa votes for everytime .also kelly should try to get Desantis to endorse her his name carries more weight

    • JMARK:
      “Lots of people would like to serve as a United States senator and some have good skill sets to do that work. Why does Ms. Tshibaka think she is best qualified?”
      Interesting take on the subject.
      I am curious. Do you know what skill set a good Senator requires? If you do, please share with the rest of us.
      Oh, and using your example. Negative points for any US State Capitol, or US Federal Government experience. Perhaps you have not noticed, but XYZ number of years in office is not assurance you are capable of anything whatsoever.

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