Fauci warns: Don’t party on New Years’ Eve, but House candidate Jamie Allard fundraiser shaping to be party of the year


President Joe Biden’s infectious disease adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN views on Monday that they should cancel plans for their New Year’s Eve parties due to the highly infectious Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus, unless they can verify that everyone at their party has been vaccinated and boosted for Covid-19.

The coronavirus has been raging around the world for two years, killing millions and upending the lives of survivors and even those who have remained free from its direct effects, but suffered policy, economic, emotional, and other hardships.

There’s no reason to celebrate if your party plans include any unvaccinated persons, Fauci said.

“I would stay away from that,” Fauci said, in response to a question on the “New Day” show. “I have been telling people consistently that if you’re vaccinated and boosted and you have a family setting, in the home with family and relatives,” it’s OK to gather. “But when you’re talking about a New Year’s Eve party … [where you] have 30, 40, 50 people celebrating, you do not know the status of their vaccination. I would recommend strongly stay away from that this year.”

Candidate Jamie Allard, running for District 22 Eagle River, said there’s much to celebrate and she’s hosting a New Year’s Eve party and fundraiser for her campaign at the Marriott. There will definitely be more than the Fauci-50 attending.

In fact, there may be hundreds. People from Kenai, Fairbanks, and all over Alaska are coming, she said.

“They’re excited and donations are pouring in, and I’m having to open up the other half of the ballroom, so we’ll have the entire floor,” she said.

Allard announced her candidacy for House at the beginning of the month and held a fundraiser at the Petroleum Club; it was attended by more than 180 people.

“In Dr. Fauci’s world, we would not have our campaign fundraisers, we would not be electing conservatives, and we would not be taking back our lives,” said Allard, who is a conservative member of the Anchorage Assembly representing Eagle River and Chugiak.

For her fundraiser at the Marriott Hotel, she reserved a block of rooms (“Allard for Alaska” discounted rooms) for people to rent for the night, and “they are already sold out,” Allard said.

“Let’s celebrate life while we are living it,” Allard said. “There’s no better way than New Year’s Eve.”


  1. Only morons are still taking what Foolish Fauci says seriously. Avoid the unvaccinated??? Are you kidding? Fully vaccinated/boostered people are still catching covid, I know of a few of those who have been hospitalized because of covid, one almost dying because he caught pneumonia on top of it…he wasn’t expected to leave hospital alive, but the monoclonal antibodies eventually saved him, even though it was touch-n-go for awhile there. I CAUGHT covid from a “fully vaccinated” person. So…I am not, and never will be, “vaccinated” for covid, because I have the natural antibodies, and even after they’ve dissipated, my body’s killer T-cells have been imprinted with the memory of how to fight the virus. It has been proven that natural immunity is 27 times BETTER protection than that experimental “vaccine” that really is helping no one. Oh…and by the way, according to Foolish Fauci, I should have died when I had covid because of all the co-morbidities. I didn’t even go to the doctor. I was sick for a week and treated it like I’ve treated flu and bronchitis. I’ve had worse bronchitis and pneumonia before that actually landed me in hospital.

    • I know several people who claim to have had covid-19. When I ask them how they know? have they been tested for the virus when they “had it?” or for the antibodies since? all I get is blank stares out of dull eyes. As far as any of what you said goes – you and those folks you “know” have had it are probably among those and will remain so until you produce evidence to the contrary.

      It must be satisfying to know more than folks who have made virology, molecular biology, epidemiology and associated technical fields their life’s study. You should volunteer to tell the world all you know by writing it up and submitting to one of the peer reviewed scientific journals for publication!

      • Now, go do some homework into PCR testing thresholds, and let us know what the average standard is for your dubious “testing-ology.” Here’s Lord Fauci in his own words, its a good primer from before he went all wonky-woke-weird-science on reality (first five minutes): ‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_Vy6fgaBPE’

      • How many lies does it take for you to see that you are being played. I hope you took the vaccine because like you keep this entire crime going. Stay in the house of worship fauci

      • Jere, one does not need a PhD, in medicine or in any other field, to recognize a blatant political agenda masquerading and being peddled as public health policy.

      • Jere,, my experience is similar to Karin’s. I was tested, quarantined and after recovery received a letter from the State of Alaska saying amongst other things that I didn’t need to test for Covid and that the Blood Bank needed my Covid conquering blood.
        No, I an not a Medical Doctor, but I learned to read once upon a time. This knowing how to read has allowed me to gain knowledge through study of other people’s work. I can tell you that I have read reports from respected medical professionals from across the Globe that support what Karen reports above.
        Thank you for your comment too. I hope it inspires others to do their own study of this subject.

        • Study is good!! Especially when one is careful of what material s/he studies. Most of the popular media is good for not much more than hints as to where the science may be going – then it is my choice to go to the professional literature. Still I carefully apply filters to eliminate opposite fraud such as blatant misrepresentation of referenced work (usually easy to spot as some fraudsters say so-and-so found such-and such when a simple reading of the abstract of the reference reveals exactly the obvious). Then there are the reports which make claims of progress not likely to be real and, even if a future reality, not usefull for a long time. A recent example is the report that a common drugstore product in combination with another chemical inactivates the SARS-CoV-2 virus by 99%.. Trouble is, if that work bears fruit it will be way down the road as the reported work was “in vitro,” in the petri-dish or test tube. Those experiments are a long way from practical use as they have to go to animal trials, then several layers of human clinical trials before they have hope of being useful. Few make it past the animal trial stage. In-the-mean time naive people try the stuff on their own and die.

          Yes, by all means do your study. Just try and get good material to study.

          • Jere, using filters means that one must apply logic. If one does the above it is clear that the approach being used to combat Covid-19 currently is an abject failure. This is especially true when you look at ” trials”, what trials? Where is the transparency from your medical leaders and Honcho’s like Fauci? At this point any witch doctor from Uganda has a better track record then what we have seen from our Medical Establishment. Ask yourself this,, why does FDA need 50 years to release Pfizers application for the jab?
            Why did FDA approve the third jab after their own panel of 18 experts turned down the application in a 16 to 2 vote? Why did the Director of Vaccine Research at FDA resign her position? Given the apparent opposition from within the FDA against the third jabs approval, why was it allowed to go forward?
            I’m going to seek advice from those that produce results when it comes to combating Covid, not just those with credentials who get their talking points from Pfizer.

    • You had your three shots haven’t you Karen? According to reports, if you have, mostly you’re only going to have a sore throat this time around so no need to worry.

  2. We know the left HATES old Americans because they have a lot of patriotism and voted for Trump.
    The left wants would love to get rid of American oldsters if possible – so they have open season to brainwash and condition youth, more than they already do. Some of them have even admitted this.
    So ask yourself WHY is the left so concerned about a bug that mostly kills off oldsters and has killed no more people than regular flu, virus and other bugs.

  3. Fauci was that guy in the ’50’s who had black folks sitting at the back of the bus, eating in their own section of the restaurant and drinking from their own water fountain.
    Because he and his cult of bigoted segregationists think anyone unlike them is unclean and unworthy.

      • Would Fauci side with the obvious truth, or that of the political narrative du jour?
        Believe me when I say, Miss Parks would be giving up her rights today too. Nothing’s changed, the New Democrat is the old Dixiecrat.
        You heard him the other day, doubling down then flip-flopping on COVID jabs *before you can fly commercially* after the airline heads said his bedazzled cloth mask mandate was pure cr@p compared to their HEPA filtration.
        Fauci would NEVER go against his democrat parties racist roots, it’s all about *divide and conquer* with that crew.
        I see a Rosa Parks on a packed bus, and she’ll be offered my seat. Fauci on the other hand, well, he’d look the other way, and hope she moves along to her proper station in life, the back of the bus.
        #unvaxxedisthenewblack #blacksaretheleastvaccinated. #tuskegeeexperiment

  4. I don’t go out on amateur night. Idiots everywhere.
    If I did, the very last consideration I’d give is to anything Dr flip flop said.

  5. Yup, Fauci can go pound sand. He is NOT in control of my life and shouldn’t be in control of anyone’s life. He is just a little political troll under a bridge too far!


    “At this point any witch doctor from Uganda has a better track record then what we have seen from our Medical Establishment.”

    I think you meant “our Public health Establishment?” I’m not going to quibble, but I’d like to see a creditable analysis to support your claim.

    Aside that what relevance does this comment have to the status of the emerging science on the spread of and interaction of the SARS-CoV-2 virus with the human individual and population?

    Basic physical science tells us unequivocally the virus does nothing to actively effectuate its spread – Humans (seemingly happily) do the spreading, carrying it from place to place spewing it out into the air column everywhere they go.

    The virus does nothing to get into a human body – humans (seemingly happily) breath it in.

    The several vaccines have been administered world over by the hundreds of millions of doses and subsequent observation of admissions to hospitals by (the expected) vaccine breakthrough infected and not vaccinated proves overwhelmingly they are effective at the level expected by early trial data (though that effectiveness is diminishing as the virus evolves).

    What would you advise the public health community to have done differently?

    They advised against large dense gatherings of people (to prevent exposure to the inevitable increased density of virus particles emitted into the air by folks knowingly or unknowingly carrying them.) The people largely ignored, derided, even protested to the point of initiating legal action to prevent enforcement. In some cases large numbers of such gathering folks were hospitalized, wards were plugged, some folks died and many more have suffered and continue to suffer life altering long-term effects of the infection. It is unreasonable and illogical to expect an irrefutably effective tactic to work if it is not applied. “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    They advised masking (to prevent or moderate the emission and inhalation of virus particles.) The people largely ignored, derided or even vehemently protested (seemingly preferring to prolong the duration of the torture). It is unreasonable and illogical to expect an irrefutably effective tactic to work if it is not applied. “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    They advised being vaccinated and in some instances required same with similar response from the public. It is unreasonable and illogical to expect a demonstrably effective tactic to work if it is not applied. “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    I don’t know what they could have done differently unless the message might have been phrased somewhat differently. Some cagey psychology could and, IMO, should have been applied to the message. It isn’t clear that would be successful either. “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    Sit back and enjoy the show. This molecule has a remarkable, but predictable, propensity and ability to evolve to present different properties at a rather rapid rate. The Omicron variant is, apparently, essentially tied with the measles virus for most infectious known on the planet – several times that of Delta. Case doubling time of a few days! That’s extraordinary. How long will it be before it evolves to be most deadly? Who knows, I’m not predicting that but I know it is possible and have suggested one avenue on these pages in the past. The science of this sort of thing has a basic principal we all (scientists) know about.. When atoms, molecules, the constituents of atoms and their constituents interact the products can be anything not prohibited by some fundamental rule. If it is not prohibited, it is allowed.

    The show isn’t over until the fat lady sings and she isn’t even in the auditorium yet.

      The show isn’t over until the fat lady sings and she isn’t even in the auditorium yet.
      She won’t reach the auditorium, she’s likely dead, one of the criminal aspects of this whole China Flu debacle has been the lack of honesty and candor reference obesity.
      Job one for Fauci et al was education & prevention. FAT kills, why this wasn’t front and center actually says everything about this POLITICALLY FUELED AND FUNDED lab experiment gone awry.
      The fact that people are walking around 25% heavier than that were at the start of this Fauci/NIH/US Taxpayer funded disaster says everything about our deep state rulers and their intent. #purepolitics #zeroprevention #pseudoscience #nomentionofD3

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