Try, try again: Anchorage Assembly will take up resolution urging cease fire in Israel vs. terrorism war


During the last regular Anchorage Assembly meeting, a resolution urging the Alaska congressional delegation to support an immediate cease fire in the Israel-Hamas war was waved off by the majority of the Assembly.

The resolution had been brought to the consent agenda by members Karen Bronga, George Martinez, and Felix Rivera. It was member Meg Zaletel who made the motion to postpone, seconded by member Daniel Volland, and the vote was 8-4.

The makers of the resolution have put it back on the consent agenda for Tuesday, March 5. The consent agenda is supposed to be reserved for non-controversial items, but this resolution, when it was first brought forward last month, drew nothing but controversy last time, including Assembly Chairman Chris Constant calling security to remove a loud pro-Palestinian protester.

During the last Assembly meeting, about two dozen anti-Israel individuals brought signs that they held on their chests to communicate to the Assembly that they want Israel to stop trying to get its hostages back.

Since that meeting, President Joe Biden has authorized air drops of food and other humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, who are trapped in a war started by their elected leaders, Hamas, when terrorists raided Israel on Oct. 7 and took around 240 Israelis hostage in what has been the largest terrorist attack in Israeli history and the most savage attack on Jewish people since the Holocaust.

Israel is working to eliminate the threat that Hamas and Iran poses. The air drops have taken the place of trucked-in supplies after an aid delivery truck was overtaken and its driver killed by residents of Gaza, who then clambered for the aid.

Many of the original Israeli hostages have since died. During a cease fire in November, 105 were released from Hamas captivity, including 81 Israelis, 23 Thai nationals, and one Filipino. Other hostages, some now dead, have endured rape and torture at the hands of Gazans, many of whom dedicate their existence to wiping out the Jews.

The Anchorage Assembly meeting begins at 5 pm in the meeting room on the ground floor of the Loussac Library, which is on the corner of 36th Ave. and Denali Street in midtown Anchorage.

The link to the item on the agenda is here: Resolution No. AR 2024-87, a resolution of the Anchorage Municipal Assembly urging our congressional delegation to support negotiations which lead to an immediate bilateral ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict, Assembly Members Bronga, Martinez, and Rivera. (Addendum.)

The rest of the agenda can be viewed at this link.


  1. Communists never stop.
    When does the war start here?

    Google George Martinez – occupy wall street ….. to see the communist we elected to the assembly and the person trying to shove this down our throats.

  2. Assembly needs to concern itself with the problems in anchorage, not a conflict on the other side of the world.
    How about putting pressure on ANMC to help the problem of public intoxication of native street people

  3. I suggest the Politburo send its gay mafia to act as human shields for Hamas.

    Put their bodies where their mouths are.

  4. I really want to see Assemblymember Zac Johnson get involved in this issue and help insure that the Assembly spends a number of hours on it and all the nuances it presents. After this effort, I want Assemblymember Johnson to explain in detail to the people that elected him how important it is to address this issue and how proud he is to continue his common sense former-State-Trooper representation of his district. He wanted to be a leader and decision-maker. Time to stand up.

  5. It is Americans naivety trying to be fair and kind to people around them who hate, resent them while neglecting and not supporting ones friends both domestically, locally, and internationally. The general consensus used to be we support our friends

  6. As a ‘resident’ of Anchorage, one must ask:
    … Why does the Assembly need to act on this action?
    … What exactly does Anchorage benefit from this action?
    … Will this needless action significantly reduce my Taxes?
    … Given their history, Who really cares about these barbarians?

    “Don’t go short in the land of opportunity(!!!) … It’s a Target Rich Environment … Take Care of Business … There is ‘no’ Collateral Damage … Introduce the Heathens to God and let Him Sort’Em Out”

  7. It’s good that Bronga, Martinez and Rivera have solved the key problems in Anchorage, like homelessness and rules for bike lanes. Now they have free time to tackle world problems. After all, that is what we pay them for. Right? … Not right?! Oh. Nevermind.

    • Once they legalized jay walking there really wasn’t much else to do here in ANC
      SO …. on to solving the problems of the world (Bless their hearts)

  8. The only people dumber than those who would waste anytime of a local city/municipality on this international issue that has absolutely nothing to do with the city/municipality are those who entertain the idea and scheduled it for discussion or vote, so they should go on the record with their support of Hamas. If Hamas wanted a ceasefire they could lay down their arms at any time.

  9. The people of Anchorage can sleep good knowing the mental midgets on the assembly have their priorities straight.

  10. Suzanne, what happened with the malcontent’s little protest at the Federal building on Friday? Do you know?

  11. Meanwhile, Dunleavy issued a far-reaching order 4 weeks ago calling for public agencies to stop doing business with companies that support an economic boycott of Israel – the mythical “chosen ones”.

  12. 90% of the Palestinian people support Hamas and what Hamas did to Israeli’s on Oct.7th. No Arab or Persian governments wants anything to do with the Palestinians. I’m sure the world is looking to our own four local city council morons who support Hamas and the Palestinians to garner in peace so that the Palestinians can finally live in peace with Israel as they continuously try to destroy it. As if these morons don’t have enough our their plate trying to figure out what to do with the Anchorage homeless. The last time I checked the Anchorage homeless were staying warm camped out in the far back aisle of the Tudor Home Depot…

  13. While they are at it, maybe they should do the same for Ukraine so we can stop sending them billions. Biden and Boris Johnson sabotaged the last peace attempt.

    Oh, who am I kidding, globohomo slush fund wars have the Chris Constant/Meg Zelatel stamp of approval, no matter how many deaths.

    • Democrats are baby killing war mongers. Their motto is death drugs and destruction. Let’s call a spade a spade. Crooked scumbags with no conscience whatsoever. They play up their tranny / gay / rainbow / race bating crap as a simple distraction for the masses. The irony is in the end they loose and in a big way. Communism only works for these people as long as they are useful, the moment they become un useful to the party they and their family members disappear. Likely buried in a road bead or thrown off a bridge. The idea of never owning anything, entire family sharing 1 car and going hungry every other year sound appealing to anyone. ?

  14. I’m guessing the Anchorage Assembly resolution still doesn’t start and end with calling on Hamas to un-rape, un-kidnap, and un-murder the real victims involved here.

  15. So the assembly is supporting the ones on Oct 7 that killed music lover at a festival, beheaded children kidnapped 200 people. Where the stand on 9/11 when the Palestinians cheered when the towers came down.

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