Crowd shouts ‘Cowards!’ but Anchorage Assembly takes pass on Gaza cease fire resolution

Michael Patterson stands and shouts.

Anchorage Assembly members decided to take a pass on a resolution calling for Alaska’s congressional delegation to call for a cease fire in Gaza. About 30 people at the regular Assembly meeting on Tuesday evening held signs in front of them expressing their views on the war between Hamas and Israel, which Hamas appears to be losing badly, even with the help of Iran.

The resolution had been brought to the agenda by Karen Bronga, George Martinez, and Felix Rivera. It was member Meg Zaletel who made the motion to postpone, seconded by member Daniel Volland.

As the Assembly voted 8-4 to postpone the item, the activists in the audience jeered and could be heard yelling, “Cowards!”

Michael Patterson, a communist and member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, stood up and yelled, “Garbage! Absolute garbage! Cowards, absolute cowards!”

Assembly Chairman Chris Constant called for security to remove Patterson, and then paused the meeting for the Assembly’s dinner break, while the crowd continued to shout its disapproval.


  1. The MOA Assembly has absolutely NO business getting involved in this issue.
    They can’t even handle our local problems.
    The only thing they know how to do is to interfere with the Executive Branch of our government.

  2. Dinner break–there you have it! The real substance underlying the assembly! They’ve got to take time to load their forks and guzzle down several bottles of wine–you know, high-culture like–to think it through! They couldn’t simply scrap the resolution.

    • Nothing.
      They saw that too many people were not supportive, so they postponed the vote.
      In other words, they will vote yes on it as a last minute addition to the agenda, or some emergency resolution, or whatever. It is going to pass, but they do not want rational people to question why the assembly is wasting their time on meaningless virtue signaling.

  3. Leftist Jews draw the line at even nuttier leftists calling for their extermination?
    Imagine that. Too bad they don’t extend that courtesy to us Whites.
    If they did, perhaps we’d be more sympathetic when their mindless little pitbull activists turn on them.
    Instead, I’ll just grab the popcorn.

  4. Too bad, I’m sure Hamas would have come out w/ their hands up and the IDF would have gotten them hotel rooms and some tents for summer camping once the opinion of the ANC Assembly reached the Middle East.
    An opportunity missed!

  5. Why was this on the agenda to begin with, oh I forgot the left is dominated by antisemites. I am surprised to see that there are some in Los Anchorage who don’t outright support the radical Muslim terrorists who would just as quickly exterminate them as they would the Jews, if given the chance.

  6. how is it “supporting terrorism” to think that innocent Palestinians including children shouldn’t be slaughtered en masse by bombs?

    • Exactly how many innocent Israelis have been injured and killed by the hundreds of unguided missiles fired from gaza toward civilian targets in Israel every year? If you want to compare the bombings, Israel is the victim, not the aggressor.

      • CBMTTek,

        “Every year,” you ask. How about in ALL YEARS:

        “Total fatalities in the history of rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza into Israel: 44
        Civilians: 30 (including 2 killed at military posts)
        Soldiers: 14

        How many people have died from Gaza rockets into Israel?


        • Just demonstrates how effective the Iron Dome system really is.
          Now, if hamass just stopped setting up military bases and munition dumps in hospitals and schools.
          The difference between Israel and the palestinians is in Israel the soldiers shield the innocent, whereas palestinians use the innocent to shield the soldiers.

        • Wow, I have just spent a few minutes on that page, and the amount of anti-Israel bias demonstrated on the first few pages is overwhelming.
          They literally tried to compare the damage created by unguided rockets from Gaza fired toward civilian areas of Israel to directed military strikes against military strongholds in Gaza as if they were the same thing. Surely you realize civilian deaths as collateral damage because the enemy is using them as human shields, and deliberately targeting civilians are two very different things? Or, are you really that clueless.
          And, the founder is so anti-Sematic that even the leftists on Wikipedia had to admit it.
          If you were getting your information from Al-Jezerra, or directly from hamass, it would be less biased.

        • Oh.. and one more thing, you asked this question:
          “How many people have died from Gaza rockets into Israel?”
          My answer. No where near enough.
          The civilians in gaze, if there really are any muslims/palestianians that can be called civilians, support hamass. They want them to continue the war, even though it is resulting in death. There is no effort whatsoever to stop them.
          When “civilians” held hostages in their homes, when “civilians” entered Israel and attacked Israeli civilians. When “civilians” allow military munitions and command bases to be established in schools and hospitals, they are just another part of the military. As such, they are targets.
          If the muslims really want peace, they could put down their arms and petition for it. And, there would no longer be war in the Middle East. If Israel were to put down their arms and petition for peace, there would no longer be an Israel.

        • Jeff wow truly selective counting.
          According to the Anti-Defamation League over 4000 Israeli civilians have died and more than 30000 have been injured from rocket attacks, bombings and suicide bomber (560 alone there) since 1948. Those numbers omit the dead and maimed soldiers and civilians from the official wars fought against Israel.

          It also does not include athletes or embassy personnel. Remember Munich?? Or the countless holocaust survivors, who went down with the ships on their way to Israel during the British Navy blockade.

          BTW it is always interesting when pro Palestinian groups forget that all of Palestine was a British possession and the name “Palestinian” referred to ANYONE who live there regardless of religion or race.

          • My question to Alison Weir, the founder of the website taxpayer references, would be: “If your cause is so righteous, why do you have to lie?”
            Looking into that website and its so-called experts clearly demonstrates they are part of the Pallywood propaganda machine. It literally is an anti-Israel site, run by anti-Semites, pushing for a palestinian state.
            What is most interesting to me is if the muslims get their wish, and islam dominates the world, this woman would be very surprised to see how quickly she would go from valued asset, to property. Her pretty blond hair would never see the light of day again, and it is doubtful she would even be allowed to continue writing, editorializing, or even using the internet for that matter.

          • Correction CBMTTek,
            JEFF Fenske referenced the Alison Weir site, my information comes from the Anti-Defamation league. Cheers!

  7. I had no idea there were so many anti-semites in Anchorage. I seldom agree with the assembly, but glad they passed on this BS. For now. Knowing the assembly, they’ll find a way to slip it in, Christmas-treed with some other item.

  8. So, correct me if I am wrong, but did three-four Anchorage assembly members and a small crowd of local ‘communists’ hope to influence U.S. foreign policy on the Israel – Hamas war? When, I wonder, do those assembly numbskulls intend to do something far more important, such as to pass a resolution addressed to Brandon in opposition to the invasion of millions of unvetted ‘asylum seekers’ (including criminals and potential terrorists) along the U.S. – Mexico border? Secondly, when will Anchorage’s residents get re-engaged and elect a saner cadre of Assembly members? Thirdly, who’s paying for the Assembly’s meal? Finally, how soon does the 2nd American revolution begin?

    • “…… soon does the 2nd American revolution begin?”
      Hopefully, after I’m dead and gone, but it’s not looking like I’ll be spared this scourge.

  9. Leftists they need to learn to control their supporters. If they are going to get them all hyped up about LGBT, Palestines, Antifa, BLM, then learn to control their people, or don’t get them hyped up about anything at all.

  10. if even voting to end genocide is too much for them, i can’t imagine they’ll have moral clarity with anything else. But i guess religious fanatics in Alaska are fine with children dying as long as the children are muslim.

    • A vote against hamass is a vote against genocide. Or, perhaps you do not know what the phrase “from the river to the sea…” means?

    • Oh, and if you and more alaskan than you want to convince anyone that you are not the same person, you have to get better material. Duplicating each other’s talking points sways no one’s opinions.

    • CC or should I call you “more alaskan” You are correct genocide of Israelis by Hamas is really despicable and I am glad you have the moral clarity to reject the “from the river to the sea…”rhetoric. I suppose you are also standing against over-zealous progressives, who are fine with babies dying as long as they are unborn…..
      See how that works?
      Now do you have a real argument or just hyperbolic vague and undefined talking points???

  11. St Paul MN just dodged a vote also. Gaveled out as one of the members tried to get it to a vote.

    Maybe first our enlightened assembly should pass a resolution demanding that Hamas un-rape, un-kidnap, and un-murder the Israelis and other nationalities people that started their current situation.

    • No, they did not.
      Instead the “postponed” it until they can pass the resolution without any of the public participating.

    • Too much credit to the Ass-embly. More like too close to the upcoming election, might cost us some votes. Best to postpone it until later and pretend we aren’t the full marxists we really are. Following Obama’s rule and statement of having more flexibility After the election with Putin/Dmitry Medvedev.

  12. Gaza is an exercise in FAFO. Hamas did the FA part on Oct 7. IDF is doing the FO part as we speak. They are almost finished, which is what Hamas will shortly be. Cheers –

  13. These idiots can’t even do the job they are suppose to do and what would vote even mean if these morons passed it? Wasted money from an inept assembly who all need to go. The morons in the chambers jeering need to go to Gaza to protest and see what their life expectancy is.

  14. The temper tantrum the leftists threw because they did not get their treat is indicative of what the mental age of leftists, socialists, and globalists have. They are literally children. Toddlers in mind.
    Granted, they may have adult sized bodies, and use adult level words, but they are children all the same.
    Just a reminder to anyone that thinks they can talk to, reason with, or debate a leftist. You cannot, because if they are losing they will toss the game board into the air, and storm off angry. (Or call you a racist. Either works.)

    • Agreed!
      Heard an interesting point of view from Jesse Kelly the other day. He espoused that leftist Marxists are okay with any kind of atrocity and evil as long as it defeats America or in this case Israel. So raping women and children, murdering college students by illegals is tolerated because it destroys the institutional fabric of the country, which in their eyes is the biggest evil. He compared it to the fire bombing campaigns against Dresden and other German cities during WWII, which killed thousands of women and children, but was tolerated because the bigger evil the Nazis were defeated.
      Would explain the continuous double standard …..
      Think about it!

      • And, just like the children they are, their only response to an imperfect system is to destroy it. They have no plan to replace it, improve it, or for that matter just tolerate the imperfections. No, it must be destroyed.
        They do not “hate” America or Israel. Instead they see them as imperfect countries (which they are), but instead of working to improve them, they work to destroy them. Why? Because like children, they can only criticize and harp on the imperfections. It is called “critical” theory, or “critical” thinking. Which does not mean what most folks (especially the leftists) seem to think it means.

  15. Toddler style meltdown by grown adults. Childish, pissy, petulant leftist trying to out-leftist eachother. It’s somewhat fun to watch them turn on eachother. They all need to grow up and we need some adult leadership in the assembly.

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