Trump takes on Congressman Don Young, wants to back primary challenger


Former President Donald Trump is going after Congressman Don Young, just as he is going after Sen. Lisa Murkowski. He wants both of them retired and considers them “Republican in Name Only.”

In a message on Saturday, he said he was looking for someone to primary Young and several other House of Representative members from around the country, including Rep. Liz Cheney, who he called RINOS, sellouts, and losers. He said he was looking for Republican Patriots.

“You will have my backing!” he said.

Perhaps Trump has not heard or met Nick Begich, a Republican who filed for Congress in October.

Nick spoke in Sterling, Alaska at a Bikers for Trump rally in 2020, and FEC reports show he donated over $500 to Trump’s campaign. He is the grandson of former House Rep. Nick Begich, who died in a plane crash in 1972.

Nick was Congressman Young’s campaign co-chair in 2020 and has told the congressman on numerous occasions that he would someday file for the seat.

Young has served as Alaska’s lone congressman since the elder Begich died and there was a special election held the following March. He is the Dean of the House, the longest-serving member, which is an honorary title.

Trump didn’t say why Young had fallen out of favor with him. He recently was one of 13 House Republicans who voted for the massive infrastructure bill, and President Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain credited Young for putting the deal together.

The infrastructure bill has received criticism from some conservatives for having unnecessary spending in it.

The two Republicans congressional candidates will be on an open primary ballot, in which the top four vote-getters will be on the General Election ballot, where the voters will rank them according to their preference.

In 2020, Young won 192,126 votes to win with 54 percent against Democrat Alyse Galvin, who had 159,856 votes. Trump won Alaska’s majority with 189,951 votes, or 52.8 percent.

In 2018, Young won with 149,779 against Galvin’s 131,199 votes.

Trump has already endorsed Alaskan Kelly Tshibaka in her race against Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Tshibaka is headed to Mar-a-Lago in February for a fundraiser with the former president.


  1. This is awesome news. We met Nick, talked with him and liked him. Don Young needs to go! Nick is a really good replacement! New blood with the spine to do what is right for the country, for the state is the indication we got. Congrats, Nick!

    • Don Young is one of the biggest crooks from Alaska. Does deals with Pelosi only to bring money back to Alaska so he can say, “look what I brought you.”
      The money goes to union bosses, campaign donors, and ultra left-wing social projects, including green new deal money to further tear apart Alaska’s oil industry (our Golden Egg).
      Don Young is utterly disgusting. I would support Michael Tavoliero should he announce his candidacy.

  2. If you want this state to finish it’s transformation from red to blue then by all means run for office and align yourself with DJT. There aren’t enough DJT Republicans to defeat Rinos or Democrats. The moderates will always vote for the left leaning candidate, hands down. .

      • Mail-in voting, of course. He would have won with larger numbers, like Bronson, if we had a legitimate election system. Thanks, Meyers. 110%.

      • Charlie: I heard Trump won by 101% and it was people voting for Trump on behalf of dead relatives and Alaska Waste staff finding tens of pro Trump ballots in their dumpsters and Ethan Berkowitz claiming that he once had lunch with Tony Knowles and David Eastman is not a domestic terrorist so Trump won.

    • Alaska is a Red state. I would gladly vote for Nick Begich. I have read his articles and I agree with what he has to say on many issues. Young has shown what a traitor he is during Biden’s pedophile dementia years. Time for Young and Murkowski to go.

    • I agree, but if you heard Dan Fagan’s interview with him a week or so ago, you would know that there are some concerns; most notably that he wouldn’t back off on his support of the Murky witch. If his candidacy is a big go, we must make sure our views as conservative patriots are very, very prominent in his purview. We must hold his feet to the fire or chancers are, as a freshman rep, he’ll turn into another Sullivan.

      • That’s simply not correct. He stated for the record that he would vote for Tshibaka if the election were held today. He said that he wanted to see if there were anyone else in the race before he committed. I listened to that same interview and thought he did a fantastic job.

      • I would also have reserves about Nick Begich if he supports baby killer Murkowski. She votes with the dems and she should change parties if she wants anyone’s vote. At this point anyone declaring themselves to be Republicans are better than Young, Murkowski and Sullivan.

        • My thoughts exactly about Murkowski and Young. Not sure about Dan, he’s fit into the establishment pretty well, but how’s his voting record?

  3. Trump got played by a virus that didn’t even exist. Read this Suzanne. I’ll bet my dog you will never let people see this true information…

  4. The biggest false idol of all time is not in the Bible it is in all of our homes it is called the television. The television can say I’m a crap citizen and for the most part all will listen and agree. Then research what is the number one all time selling book our Bible. The television said trump is such a dick Biden is the man look at our country today. I research all president Trump was our best president of the modern times he was of the people by the people for the people. Citizens if you don’t research please don’t vote. Lame duck voters a dominion machine and a load of oath breakers got us here. So help me GOD your hand on the Bible oath takers beware your contact is with GOD.

    • Exactly. President Trump is still my president. Biden and his ilk are enemies of unborn babies, Christians and Israel. Biden and his buddies Fauci & Bill Gates want to kill us and destroy future generations with their “experimental” vaccine. I pray that they will be destroyed by the evil that lives within them.

    • Michael Valdez: Frank Zappa said it best:

      I’m The Slime

      Song by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention

      I am gross and perverted
      I’m obsessed ‘n deranged
      I have existed for years
      But very little had changed
      I am the tool of the Government
      And industry too
      For I am destined to rule
      And regulate you
      I may be vile and pernicious
      But you can’t look away
      I make you think I’m delicious
      With the stuff that I say
      I am the best you can get
      Have you guessed me yet?
      I am the slime oozin’ out
      From your TV set
      You will obey me while I lead you
      And eat the garbage that I feed you
      Until the day that we don’t need you
      Don’t go for help…no one will heed you
      Your mind is totally controlled
      It has been stuffed into my mold
      And you will do as you are told
      Until the rights to you are sold
      That’s right, folks.. Don’t touch that dial

  5. I suspect that these folks who regularly disparage Mr. Young have never had any personal interaction with him nor have seen him directly help ordinary Alaskans in their struggles with government. I believe that they have no clue who the real Don Young is. I tip my hat to him and thank him for all his service. Nick Begich should be a great successor to him. Let’s be respectful and appreciate what Don Young has done for this state by working across party lines. It’s an almost impossible task yet he’s still getting it done.
    Thank you Mr. Young

    • I have personally talked to Don on multiple occasions, both for and against his votes.. Don has been to my Matsu Chapter of AMAC Action twice. I have talked to and have a good relationship with his Chief of Staff. I call his office on many different issues.
      Thus your negative attack on people that you have no idea about is beyond the pale.

    • No thanks Dave Hanna, our country is literally hanging in the balance. This old man has a responsibility. Many years ago your statement may have been true, today not a bit. How I wish it wasn’t so!

  6. Nick was a little hesitant on Dan Fagan’s show on wether he’d back Kelly over Lisa the other morning, and that was a blunder.
    When asked by Fagan, “who will you back” Nick’s reply should have been, “if Kelly turns out to be the person we hope she is, she’ll have my complete backing.”
    He needs to be positive in his answers, not wishy-washy like a politician in training.

    • To be fair he has a point. Kelly has shown signs of being another Swamp Establishment RINO, so I don’t fully trust her yet. She seems to be Dan Sullivan 2.0

  7. I agree with Marla, above. Tavoliero would be awesome as a US Congressman. The time is right. Trump endorsing another Conservative guy who deals in reality AND real estate is perfect for Alaska.

  8. I believe Nick Begich III is the right replacement for Mr. Young. Please don’t run again Don as you really are getting too old and have been there too long and DC has warped the once powerful conservative voice you might have had. Allow someone with fire and youth to represent Alaska from here on out.

  9. It seems Senator Don Young supports the Corporation of the United States and NOT the up coming Restored Republic. Don and Lisa are only serving their interests and do not have Alaskans in their interest. Will they be able to live and stay in Alaska once the truth comes out?

    • Don and Lisa might be serving their own interests, but at the least those could help Alaska. Seems like Tshibaka is only interested in serving her own and Trump’s interests, and if you think Trump has any interest in Alaska, nothing he did as President had any actual effect on Alaska, other than to stoke the illusion that oil will once again save the state.

      • Oh wait, didn’t Trump open ANWAR for drilling? Then Let’s Go Brandon blocked it? That would have meant more dividend for Alaskans but then we know our State Legislature would withhold that money from us the way they have been. After all, Trump is still the Commander in Chief.

        • Its not ANWAR. Its the Arctic. National. Wildlife. Refuge. All those words mean something, though probably not to you since you think Trump is the President of the United States of America. Because I love the sinner but not the sin, there is hope for you. Call (907) 269-7100.

          • Sorry, I feel nothing from what you posted. I did not say Trump was active/current fake President, I said he is commander in chief. That has been established It does not matter where energy for life is located, if it is there we need it for life.

          • Trump is still the legitimate President. He never conceded because both he and the military were monitoring the election and know through foreign and domestic enemies, it was stolen from the American people. The election audits currently taking place are proving this. Wake up before you realize your country and freedoms have been taken from you! Alaska’s elections are corrupt and we need an audit as well.

      • When you know what your talking about. Please come back and make a post. Trump had America energy independent until Xiden destroyed it and drove up our energy costs. Alaska was on its way of producing allot more oil until Xiden killed the already approved North Slope & ANWR agreements.

  10. What about Randy Purham?
    He isn’t associated with Young, Begich is.
    Randy doesn’t have ties to Democratic organizations, Begich does.
    Why isn’t Randy Purham being recognized?

    • I agree. I will be watching both Purham and Begich closely. I believe Purham is a new candidate also fairly new to politics but has been very involved on the periphery of the political and civic arena. He has an amazing background and I expect we will soon here more about him.

    • Nick Begich doesn’t have ties with the Democrats unless you want to include his brother Mark Begich. I would never vote for Mark.

  11. Huh. My first comment didn’t post. Was it because I brought up Randy Purham?
    Randy Purham, the first person to register as a Challenger to Rep Young.
    Randy Purham, with no political ties to Young, like Begich does?
    Randy Purham, retired US Army and Alaska’s adopted son.
    Why is there no coverage of Randy?

    • I suspect it is because he has not been in elected office before but has been involved in much civic activity. Definitely a candidate to consider and watch. I will certainly be considering him.

    • First of all, Randy Purham lives in Texas. Secondly, he’s been known to accuse people who ask honest questions of being racist because he’s black and thinks that will work to keep inquirers off balance.

  12. I am supporting Nick.
    I appreciate the many good things DJT accomplished but the Donald’s endorsement or lack thereof doesn’t sway me nor should it you.
    I would encourage every Alaskan to give Nick a listen. We need young, capable, principled leadership to move Alaska forward.
    I supported Don in the past, and have often thought of him as a National Treasure, gritty and straight talking. However it’s time for this old War Horse to retire. Don has managed to stay extremely sharp but it’s new energy that is required today.
    We cannot buddy buddy with Pelosi and the evil she represents. We need a new direction to save this country and represent Alaska.

  13. We don’t need out of staters telling us who to vote for. DJT should stay out of Alaskan politics. We don’t need his type up here.

    • You seem to forget that President Trump did a lot for Alaska. He got the vote from Alaskans. He intends to run for President again. He has every right to give his endorsement to whomever he pleases.

  14. Mr Randy Purham, a candidate for US Congress to represent Alaska and its best interests, is a very honorable gentleman who has the people of Alaska in his heart, and desires to work to do the things Alaskans need to succeed

  15. Randy Purham is a way better fit for Alaskans than Nick, with Nick you are gonna get another Rhino he comes from a democrat family and is very good friends with Don Young.. Randy Purham is a 100% Constitutionalist For The People By The People!! Loves Alaskans our Military and is recently Retired from the Military. No more Rhino’s No more Sell Outs$$..!!!

    • Yes, electing Nick is like electing Kelly Merrick and ignoring the fact that her husband is a union boss. “He is different from the rest of his family, I swear!”

    • Just because a person is from a democrat family and is possibly friends with a democrat does not make him or her a bad choice for Congress as a Republican. I see no evidence that Nick would be a RINO.

      • Marlene C, I agree with you. In fact Nick Begich , the Grandfather of Nick III would probably stand a bit RIGHT of Donald Trump if he were alive today, for what that is worth. Obviously Nick III’s Uncle’s are leftist, but I don’t see that as a reason to not support Nick. Heck, Ronald Reagan’s daughter and son were half looney tune too, did that stop us from voting Reagan? I like this young man, he has energy and intelligence. Don Young has done a good job, but it’s time to see him off.

    • Nick III, a Republican, has strong roots in Alaska including business investments and LIVES here. His father Nick II (now Nick Sr.), also an Alaskan, is a strong conservative. Randy Purham II on the other hand has admitted that he lives in Texas but claims he lives in both TX and AK. (Check his address for filing for Ak Rep.) He has been known to accuse people who ask honest questions of being racist because he’s black and thus sabotages discussion.

  16. Interesting; Tshibaka campaigning and looking for money in Florida while running for office in Alaska. She has become a Trump pet.

    • Homo, have you looked at Lisa’s supporters? Didn’t think so. Last I looked ,that Kelly T woman had far more support in State vs Lisa’s swamp contributors. . While we might agree that ” outside” $ is corrosive it is interesting that you continue with your selective vision. Nice try! Go troll someplace else. Try a cut plug with a flasher.

    • Homo:
      Don Young became a millionaire in the private sector by appropriating money for freeways to billionaire’s shopping centers while Don served as House Transportation Chairman. This is called “campaign reinforcement.”
      Totally legal unless the FBI knocks and announces. But Don put a $million into his lawyer’s retainer account first. And guess what? The FBI never knocked. Leeza does it too.
      So, WTF?

  17. How about NO MORE Begich, Young, Murkowski!!

    Why do we continue to elect last names of archaic old blood families?

    There is no one out there outside of political dynasties???

  18. Randy Purham is a nice guy. He can’t win. Alaskans won’t vote for someone who doesn’t live in Alaska and hasn’t lived in Alaska for many years.

  19. I think Alaska and the people are done with the names! that have been associated
    with Alaska!
    Think? outside the box, for a moment!

    I’ve voted, that thinking inside of box! keep the originals, scared of change!
    Time, too which it up, and vote outside the box!

    Just my thoughts..!!

  20. President Trump will see right through Nick cause Nick is paid and bought for$$ you want another Rhino who is only in for it for the money and himself thats Nick or you want a great candidate who is for The People By The People and wont be boight not afraid to speak up against these Rhinos and Socialist Democrats hits with Facts and Truth thats Randy Purham!! Randy is what Alaskans needs and who Trump will see the light on shining bright in him!!

  21. Time for this senile 85 + year old to be thrown out of office like Beijing Biden. All our State Republicans are RiNOs, what don’t these dunce’s think is going to happen to inflation that is at a 30 year high (6.2%)? The dumbbells just voted to throw another Trillion dolly onto the inflation bomb fire..idiots.

  22. Doesn’t Trump have some woman to fondle or something, some court case to fight, some business he should be declaring bankruptcy for? He’s the one who made it an insult to be called an Evangelical, now they are called the Christian Taliban!

  23. Alaska has no representation in Congress – Young, Murkowski and Sullivan all are in the piggy piggy piggy sqaud RINO’s and traitors in my book. None of them will have my vote, none standing up for Constitution or Alaska.

  24. Lets not forget Trump and Kennedy Jr. were good buddies! The right and the left and they could
    talk politics over Sports! Go figure! It can be done! between two parties and all, Parties!

    How will we get there? I have faith we can!

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