Trump: Murkowski is a ‘disaster,’ while Kelly Tshibaka will make a ‘great senator’


At Mar-a-Lago in Florida, former President Donald Trump told Alaskans today that U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka will make a great senator. for the 49th state.

He said it was no secret he wants Sen. Lisa Murkowski out because she is bad for Alaska, but after getting to know Kelly “It’s about getting Kelly Tshibaka in!”

Murkowski is bad for roads, bad for the Tongass, bad for oil development, Trump said. “Lisa is a vote for Biden and Biden’s anti-Alaska agenda,” Trump said, as the candidate and her husband Niki Tshibaka stood next to him.

More than 85 flew from Alaska to Florida for the fundraising event at Trump’s seaside golf resort, where he also hosted a fundraiser for Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy several weeks ago. After the formal remarks by Trump and Tshibaka, the Alaskans gathered outside by the pool to continue their fellowship and lifetime opportunity to hang out with a former president.

Tshibaka has also been endorsed by the Alaska Republican Party, which has censured Murkowski and asked her to not run again as a Republican.


  1. Well, there’s really no denying that Trump was the biggest liar ever to sit in the White House, so you all might want to take his endorsement with a several spoonsful of salt.

    • Really, I remember I never inhaled, or I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Let’s hear what lies he told because every campaign promise he made he kept never seen before in modern history.

      • What campaign promises?. There was no platform for the GOP, just Trump spewing platitudes. He did manage to pay off his rich buddies with his tax cut bill.
        I do seem to have heard him say that we would get tired of winning. If his four years was winning, yeah, I was tired of it.

    • Homo, biggest liar ever? Really? I think your “geezer” Lyin’ China Joe pretty much is the Mt. McKinley of liars to ever be inserted into that office. How about his Homo, instead of your baseless attacks on Trump why don’t you actually do some research about Biden? Wanna bet why you won’t do it? Because you are a useful idiot?

    • Homo, speaking of that, what happened to the daily “Lies Told By The President” that ran at the Washington Post during Trump’s 4 years? It’s suddenly gone. Did you guys lose interest once Biden was installed in office, or don’t they make numbers big enough for the software to keep up?
      Biden was arrested trying to meet with Nelson Mandela? He marched with MLK? He had a house burn down with his wife in it? He used to drive an 18-wheeler? He visited the Tree of Life synagogue after the 2018 massacre? He has “traveled 17,000 miles with” Chinese leader Xi Jinping?
      And let’s not forget Tara Reade’s claim he sexually assaulted her. This is someone you guys are proud of?

      • Whataboutism much? I didn’t see Homo Erectus praise Joe Biden, or anyone else for that matter. He simply shared his opinion that Trump was the biggest liar ever to sit in the White House (he didn’t even claim the only liar). By refocusing the conversation on someone totally different without convincingly countering Homo Erectus’ claim, you’re shining a light on your own inability to deal honestly with Trump’s flaws. Which is a shame. Because everyone is flawed, even Trump, which is why no single party or person, for that matter, should devote their allegiance to a single flawed person, but rather to a broader set of aspirational goals and ideas that over time are achievable by the flawed masses working in concert to achieve greater things. Maybe this is what some folks don’t like about Trump — it always has to be about him, and he always needed to be seen as perfect, when in reality it’s about all of us, each with a slew of flaws.

    • Please, compared to the China Bought off “you ain’t black” Weak Dementia riden sack of skin You crazy Hypocrite Leftists put in office, Donald J Trump was a Saint!

  2. I don’t disagree with Trump much, but if he continues supporting Dunleavy and his medical Director, Dr. Anne Zink, (the Dr. Fauci of Alaska), it will hurt Kelly’s chances. Dr. Zink is all about mandates for vaccines and masks and all the medical tyranny she can get. She says Ivermectin doesn’t work. Yet Dunleavy won’t fire her.

    • How would it hurt her chances? Even if you’re right about not firing Zink (which seems pointless as she doesn’t have any political power) being a mark on Dunleavy’s record, how would that affect the Senate race? Who else are Trump supporters going to vote for?

      • Easy for Liberty, Sean Thorne.
        Not a DC burueacrat insider such as Kelly T

        Or continue down the same twisted path with the same results. It took both parties to get to 30T of debt.

    • I agree with you! President Trump let Fauci the liar spew his s—! Now he says he regrets not firing him! Too little too late!

    • Dr Death just lives a few miles away and we have to wonder how her husband can tolerate the spirit operating through her…it’s a generational curse that affects her children.

    • The uncomfortable truth is that Trump hired Fauci, started the “15 days to slow the spread,” and peddles the Pfizer jab like a used car. His endorsement does not mean that much to me anymore.

    • Yeah, with outsized shares of federal support that our fed hating governor happily gobbles up in his austerity-for-charity budgets.

  3. This is exciting, we need new and fresh representation that believes in Alaska.
    It is time for Lisa to leave and move to a liberal state.

  4. This would have been so fun. While there are so many issues of great concern, our President Trump took a good amount of time to offer to a great Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka. I really wanted to go just to meet him and his family. He is so succint. A vote for Murkowzki truly is a vote for Biden and that agenda where our super clean oil industry is denied, our over-land route to the lower 48 is ruined by the strange communist agenda in Canada going forward and many other items associated with national security that all need fidelity rather than preventing best results for Alaska. The seventy five who went had a great time and I’m sure had wonderful memories. President Trump and his team deserve thanks for keeping far off Alaska on his schedule. Thank you President Trump for caring about us. Look forward to improvements ahead.

  5. I would like to add Chris tuck into the integrity party when we get a good oath taker into the game we hope the good ones stay in the game. All districts find one like Chris tuck and stand with. Oath integrity thank you Chris tuck south side. Team Alaska

    • OI: One definition of integrity; “Integrity is conforming reality to our words…in other words, keeping our promises and fulfilling expectations.”
      From my perspective, Representative Tuck is not living up to that definition…He may be a good Oath taker, but can he keep an Oath. I don’t see a lot of integrity, honesty, or credibility in Rep. Tuck. He’s just another opportunist trying to deflect attention away from his own shortcomings.

  6. Oath integrity 🥳, im not able to tell if your joking or delusional. I see a few readers were triggered by 45. A man who donated his federal salary and was a politician/public servant for four years. Considering that Brandon has been at it for 50 years I wonder who is responsible for the mess we are getting ourselves into? I look forward to replacing lisa with a shiny new Senator.

  7. Lisa was homeless for a short while too, while Frankie and Nancy cut off her pre-inheritance and quit making payments on our luxury digs in Anchorage. Of course, all of those repeat state Bar Exams cost Frankie some big bucks. And my noodle stand restaurant in Anchorage wasn’t getting much business.

    • Don’t blame me, sonny boy. You should have stuck with the original game plan……a drive thru taco stand. Lisa never did have much for noodles.

      • Kelly T. took the bar exam once because her parents didn’t have money to finance a half dozen or more bar exams and bar prep courses. This is an example that Kelly used her brains to save other people money, unlike Lisa, who thinks her entitled lifestyle affords endless supplies of money by others. Go Kelly T! You are EXACTLY what Alaska needs.

          • I want back in too. Republican Luncheon women are good cooks and make great meals. Nancy never taught the Princess to cook. House husband made some pretty good noodles, though. But noodles three times a day gets old. And Anchorage just doesn’t care that much for noodles.

        • Maybe Lisa should finish out her career as a bartender. Sounds like she took enough exams to make a good VO and tonic.

  8. Send any repub to DC they will be at the beck and call of Mitch McConnell. They will dance to that guy’s spending tune. Just look that 1.2T bill and the 30T of debt. You know the repubs wanted their cut but had to blame it on the dems so Old Young, Murkycowski and Big Dan were called upon to pass this and other dem Bills.
    It’s time Alaska
    Don’t settle for the lesser of two evils.

  9. While a good president policy wise, Trump is gonna be a boogeyman/millstone US politics will have to endure for a generation.

    Hope we survive.

  10. Trump will be headed to prison soon, so his endorsement of Kelly will be an embarrassment. Remember all the R’s who shouted “lock her up” when Hilary Clinton was being investigated for using a private email server? Ultimately. She was cleared of any violations relating to mishandling of classified intelligence. But Trump took boxes of classified dos u mentes with him when he left the White House, in violation of U.S. law, he also shredded official records, tried to flush some down the toilet, and used private cell phones to avoid leaving records of his calls with his Jan. 6 co-conspirators, all in violation of the law. Where are all the R’s who demanded that Hilary be locked up, now that the shoe is on the other foot. More hypocrisy?

    • More TDD from the Biden Peanut Gallery.
      The ones who will go to jail are Hilary Clinton, Jim Comey, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden etc…….and Bill Clinton for having sex with minors. The cameras at Pedophile Island were turned ON.

  11. I think @Lock Him Up has her pronouns wrong. Has she been reading the news lately? Oh I forgot they don’t put the Special Prosecutor John Durham reports out on MSM for the sheeple to see. Trump has already been exonerated, let’s see the ones truly responsible stand up to the scrutiny now.
    Face it folks, Murkowski and Young are both out. Its one thing when a state says we’re done with one party and we’re going to another. Its totally another thing when a state says we’re done with our current party leaders and we want new ones, because we still have the same values. That means that the people in Alaska once determined what they wanted in representation, and now they’re not getting it, they still want that same representation so now the old folks are out. We’re still the same state.

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