Trump gives federal workers Dec. 24 off, with pay


President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order today to give federal workers a day off — with pay — on Christmas Eve.

That means most federal agencies will close on Tuesday, which is Christmas Eve, along with Wednesday. Some 2.1 million federal workers, although those involved in health and safety and things like border patrol will likely be working. Those workers will be entitled to holiday pay.

Alaska has about 15,100 federal workers; many of them will be off duty on Dec 24. But Post Offices are open on Christmas Eve as well as New Year’s Eve, Tuesday, Dec. 31, although most will shorten their retail lobby hours and close at noon.

Trump has signed 43 executive orders this year, the most recent one addressing increased efforts to combat anti-semitism. The executive orders are filed with the Federal Register in the National Archives.


  1. Wow, Trump issued his first Executive Order that hasn’t been overturned by some lefty Judge? Imagine that!

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