Trump endorses Sullivan


President Donald Trump tweeted out his endorsement of Sen. Dan Sullivan on Tuesday. Sullivan has served Alaska in Washington, D.C. since upsetting former Sen. Mark Begich in 2014 and is running for a second six-year term.

The Sullivan campaign responded, “Senator Sullivan, President Trump and his administration have been working together to advance numerous critical priorities for Alaska, including approval of the King Cove road, rebuilding our Alaska-based military and Coast Guard, cleaning up our oceans, increasing access to federal lands, opening ANWR, combatting domestic violence and sexual assault through increased resources for victims, and historic investments to public safety in rural Alaska. Senator Sullivan welcomes the President’s endorsement and thanks him and his administration for their ongoing work with the Congress to make Alaska a stronger, more prosperous and resilient state.”

Al Gross, a candidate for Senate on the Democrat ticket, received the endorsement of State Sen. Scott Kawasaki of Fairbanks.


  1. YES…..Senator Dan Sullivan! Thank you Senator and your Administration for your ongoing dedication to MAKE ALASKA STRONGER, MORE PROSPEROUS AND RESILIENT STATE. ALASKA FIRST….KEEP AMERICA GREAT! GOD BLESS AMERICA!???

  2. Well, that about wraps it up for me. Anything Kawasaki’s in favor of, I’m against. He was worthless in the House and even more so in the Senate.

  3. An endorsement from an impeached and serial liar, that will great fodder for the fall election. Hopefully it will be on all his campaign literature, “Trump Loves Me, Just like Kim”.

    • Blow hard, you factor in a lot of weight to this impeachment but in reality it’s just partisan politics and the Democrats have been trying to do it since the day after the election. The president will not be removed from office and he will win in the fall of 2020. Those are the facts. On the other hand, shifty Schiff and the whistleblower and others — they should move to some country that we don’t have an extradition treaty with because they’re in a heap of trouble, as is Joe and Hunter Biden. Sullivan is a good man and can stand on his own merits that having the well wishes have a two-term United States president with all that he’s done to make America great again isn’t going to hurt him one iota.

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