Trump denies reports he is on verge of being federally indicted


Former President Donald Trump dismissed reports in the mainstream media on Wednesday that federal prosecutors had notified him about an impending indictment in the ongoing Justice Department investigation into his alleged mishandling of classified documents. Taking to his social media platform, TruthSocial, Trump asserted his innocence and said he had done nothing wrong.

“No one has told me I’m being indicted, and I shouldn’t be because I’ve done NOTHING wrong.” He further expressed his belief that he has been a target of a weaponized Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation. Trump listed various episodes from his presidency, including the Russia investigation, the Mueller Report, and the Ukraine phone call, which he referred to as “SCAMS & WITCH HUNTS.”

The New York Times and other outlets had earlier reported that reliable sources confirmed federal prosecutors had officially informed Trump’s legal team that he is a target of another investigation into his handling of classified documents after leaving office.

The notification, which reportedly came from the office of special counsel Jack Smith, is considered a significant development in the investigation and indicates an increasing likelihood of criminal charges being brought against the former president.

The specific timing of when Trump’s legal team received the notification regarding his status as a target in the special counsel’s inquiry remained undisclosed.


  1. It’s yet another National election cycle upon us, and literally anything is possible!
    – Race Riots
    – Antifa Riots
    – Pandemics
    – Climate Disaster
    – Aliens
    – Tom Brady returning to NE Pats
    – Pregnant Men
    There’s an endless array of crisis’ and distractions!

        • If Maureen loses everything she has because of an American collapse, her kind of people just get nostalgic over a past’s glory. But they never learn their lesson. Like some 1940s born boomers in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, They tightly hold on what’s remaining of Russian history, art, and culture. They never see reality cause they to busy looking behind them.

      • Maureen presumptively declares here that election fraud cannot happen, and will never happen, and has never happened.

        Would you like another scoop of Denial of Reality there, Maureen?

        • Offering another scoop of denial of reality J? No thanks

          By the way-Do you read what you write?

          • Actually, Maureen, I’m pretty sure ChatGPT writes his comments for him. You can tell by their repetitive nature and by the overuse use of phrases like “radical leftist extremist”.

      • Explain? How are things like riots, ‘pandemic’ lock downs, or climate change claims be described as victories or democracy? The riots and lock downs got people killed and property ruined and climate change claims are being used to manipulate people and governments.

  2. Ambassadors classify documents every day. An outgoing President of the US and CIC having greater hierarchy certainly can too as Clinton was told he could by Supremes. Why did that morph around in whirlagig DC? POLLY TICKS?

  3. The guy who should be federally indicted and thrown in jail is dirty Joe Biden. There’s a mountain of evidence against Joe. From failing to carry out his duty as President to IRS income tax evasion. From peddling his influence to our enemies like China to hiding sensitive documents in his garage. The DOJ is upside down. The US Attorney General is a criminal. He protects Dirty Joe. The media protects them both.
    Federal officials who should be in jail are deathly afraid of Trump being re-elected, because their sum of fears will be realized.

  4. This is …was … America. You can be indicted for damn near anything. Especially when the deep state is out to get you by any means necessary.

    Most especially when the DOJ is corrupt and serves as enforcement for the wildly corrupt president.

    It better be worth it, progressives. You’re opening a can of poop you’ll never be able to close.

  5. As sure as the sun comes up tomorrow then they’ll also be looking into Biden’s “mishandling” of classified documents… Right?… Bueller?…

  6. I do not doubt that political motivations are in play here. That said, Mr. Trump should take a federal indictment more seriously. Eventually, the swing voters that decide elections will take notice of the multiple criminal indictments. It is not a good look — is it really ALL political? It strikes me as a really, really hard thing to do: Convince potential voters to entrust the future of the country to you under these circumstances. I do not see it ending well. Other, safer, better choices exist.

  7. If Trump is charged with handling Classified papers, I can see many other post presidents/top government officials need to be charged as well, Obama is HIGH on that list and should be higher on the list then Trump. And add to that, Hillary, Pelosi and all their non-profit orgs.. None of these have been charged so why Trump?.. Why is he being charged, when none of these others have been?? We’re not even going to mention a “brainless” Biden.
    Well, we ALL know that answer..

  8. There was a report that came out that said Mark Meadows had pled guilty in exchange for “something” regarding J6. Turned out to be false.
    The leftist media cabal is out in full force. And its going to get worse ahead of the ’24 election.

    • Please enlighten us all Frank.
      What are these unknown reports, and unknown people? We are eager to claw our way out of our self imposed ignorance.

  9. Isn’t he already in jail for the numerous sexual assaults he committed?
    He said something once about grabbing females by their… parts. If bragging is not enough to jail someone, I do not know what is.

    • He is an optimist by nature. Because he highly regards the nation he assumes his countrymen do also. As we can see most Americans are marginal about that. Because he tends to revere the US Constitution, our liberties and runs a clean tight ship his enemies want him out of Presidential position. They are afraid of what a team of honest patriots might do to preserve the nation they have so carefully and completely sold out long ago.

  10. Charging him with being in possession of documents that he had the legal right to declassify? Hmm. How does that work, since declassified documents are NOT illegal to posses?

    • Jesus Paul, he won’t be charged with possession, he will be charged with hiding and sharing them. Where do you come up with this?

      • Umm. First he didn’t hide anything, as he was working with the archive people even before the Mar-A-Lago raid. Remember they had already made suggestions to the Trump staff to insure best security and still allowing them access. And who, other than you, has ever claimed that Trump was sharing classified documents with anyone not rated to access them?

        Go back and read the specific charges, then crack a cold Bud Lite.

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