1. Wow. I just checked out the gaming channel. It is exactly the same moniker. Maybe even an infringement. This is obviously very personal for Mr. Metrokin. I haven’t walked in those shoes, so I can’t speak to it. But to give back something akin to a silver star means business. He’s not joking around. Something smells bad here. Why do we have to stoop to gaming cartoon characters to attract candidates? Seems anymore we just need to find people that can pass a “wiz quiz” now that everyone is on the herb. Message to next Governor Dunleavy: No more recycling Walt Monegan around the Department. Good riddance already! Suzanne: Thanks for the intel on Sanpaku in the previous articles related to this story. Things that make you go “hmmm”…..

  2. The new logos look like a child’s Game Logo. Ugly. Put them back they way they were. I’d be ashamed to drive the ugly vehicles.
    Back to the drawing board I’d say. Perhaps someone with a little Class and Integrity can come up with a better Representation of our State Troopers vehicles.

  3. This is just another example of wasted money by the state…so THIS is what they are using our PFD money on? The state is in a fiscal crisis, and they waste money desperately needed elsewhere on repainting/new decals on the trooper vehicles? Are they just STUPID or what?

  4. I think the Troopers new logo is not representing the current and past troopers who served this state and its people. People saw those vehicles with that logo and they New it was AST , now they think it’s a new security company or a local school.

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