1. As a retired Trooper myself, I fully agree with Lt Carson. I look at Michigan State Police as an example of a continued heritage who are proud to display that heritage with the single red Bubble Gum light and the same decals that they’ve had since its inception. Loyalty Integrity Courage have always been the credo of AST, and that should not change to invite new blood into the ranks of AST. If a motto change and paint job are what is the attractant for someone to join, go join a club somewhere. BTW, I still love the old blue slash logo that AST had from its beginning. What’s next, a colorful spandex uniform like the NFL uses?

    • I agree; we seem to be appealing to the “I want it my way” crowd. When I joined the Troopers I never saw the decal or the logo until I arrived at the Academy. What appealed to me was the job description of serving the public in sometimes remote areas. Today we should be emphasizing the patrols using state owned aircraft with trooper pilots, snow machines, great boats, and vehicles. We patrol some very scenic areas and not the same street with bars every night. Time to stress the positives and quit the gimmicks of comic cars and a weird logo.

  2. Wrong time and looks like a high school mascot. The cost will be astronomical at time when we need to be fiscally responsible. Not everything needs to change with time.

  3. Yep, “Go Team.” It also has the AK Army and Air National Guard look and saying…”Guardians of the…”
    Except they kept their core values.
    Troopers need equipment and good morale and laws that give them the tool box to do their jobs.

    History and real core values go a long way.

    Recruitment and Retention…takes effort and investment – from the troopers and the people.

    Troopers are my #1, and I appreciate this effort, but I think it is more important to puy money into training and equipment and laws that truly help each trooper do their job, not hobble them.

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