Trigger happy



The annual legislative shoot took place in Juneau on Saturday. The winning team was, once again, led by Sen. Peter Micciche, with marksmen Matt Gruening and Jerry Burnett on his team.

It was the 21st annual legislative shoot, sponsored by a loose knit group of sporting organizations and the Alaska Correctional Officers Association. The gathering takes place at the Juneau Gun Club and ADF&G Hunter Education Complex on Montana Creek Road, rain, snow or shine. This year’s shoot landed on a “Chamber of Commerce” day for shooting, with just a light overcast providing a glare-free range. Some 37 teams and 111 shooters participated, mostly legislators and aides.

Several readers forwarded the Juneau Empire (James Brooks) photo above to Must Read Alaska, with comments that Sen. Bill Wielechowski shoots in the same manner he legislates — looking backward, shooting forward, and finger curled on the trigger. Poor form.

For lessons, Wielechowski might want to pair up with one of the Legislature’s most capable shooters, Rep. Cathy Tilton, who did not participate Saturday due to a splitting headache. Here she is at target practice:

While most marksmen can only shoot accurately with one hand, the raven-haired lawmaker representing Chugiak-to-Wasilla’s District 12, is an ambidextrous shooter who would drop an assailant in a heartbeat — and keep her French manicure chip-free. (She’s also known as a straight shooter in the Legislature.)

Some of Tilton’s recent targets, first with left hand, then with right. Impressive.


And finally, the photo of Sen. Peter Micciche on Saturday, showing how it’s done:



  1. If we are forced into going over time each year why aren’t they working instead of playing shooting games on Saturday? Get to work you slugs. That’s what your being paid for. I say no overtime pay. If you keep insisting on only doing a 90 session then that’s all you get paid for. If you don’t get it done then it doesn’t get done or you work for free till it’s done.

    Who’s with this idea?

  2. Cathy Tilton has been one of the best of the best since the very first day she was elected. It was an honor serving with her.

  3. Does Neil work 7 days a week? I DO expect them to work on the budget first before anything else, but I would allow a day of fun and comraderie

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