Traveling to Seattle? Mask rule effective in King County


Alaskans heading through the Seattle area should know that there are new rules that have taken effect: SeaTac Airport requires passengers to wear face masks, as does all of King County to the north of the airport. These directives went into effect on Monday.

King County’s directive is that people must wear a face covering when they are at any indoor or outdoor public space where they may be within 6 feet of someone who does not live with them.

A face covering is not needed when people are outside walking, exercising, or otherwise outdoors if they are able to regularly stay 6 feet away from other people who do not live with them. The instructions from the county specify cloth masks, not medical masks.

Read the rules for King County here.

At SeaTac Airport, all passengers, visitors, and workers in the public areas are required to wear face coverings. You’ll see signage and reminders to honor physical distancing.

By June 1, new plastic barriers will separate travelers and airport employees, and the spaces will be reconfigured to create more physical distancing in queues.

SeaTac has an aggressive frequent sanitizing program with medical-grade cleaning products. By June 9 the airport will be requesting approval from the Port of Seattle to implement temperature checks for all departing and arriving international travelers.


    • Not as long as the idiot minority don’t mask up and the china flu continues. People walking around bare backed are the most selfish, inconsiderate sheep on the planet. People should shun them for not caring for their fellow man.

      • The “bare backed” are not sheep at all and I say they should be applauded. Stop living in fear and get on with life.

      • Caring for my fellow man requires me to respect their freedom of choice. If they choose to wear a mask or stay home, that’s their business and I respect that. I expect the same from others for myself.

  1. Great! Wonder what took them so long? This will become the new norm in the USA and should help slow down the progression.

  2. Lol, well, not flying anytime soon! Airlines will suffer big time until, yup, you said it; they rescind that stupid face covering regulation. 🙂

    • Unfortunately, I have a 5 hour layover. Minutes will seem like hours. All I can do is count the walking dead.

  3. I predict we will see an about-face (no pun intended) on the mask requirement in the near future. Facial recognition software is useless when everyone is masked. Big Brother will quickly realize they can’t track or identify people and suddenly masks will be rendered unnecessary.

    • Go in with an Obama Halloween mask and ask for large bills.
      See if it makes you feel weirder.

  4. Better not fart in Sea-Tac either. I hear they are developing a meter to detect the ‘guilty’ and charge them with concealed explosives. Its kind of strange how the strictest, most controlled areas in the country are all tyrannized by leftist government and hotbeds of Wuhan v. L.A. may never get out of prison again. At least, that’s what the mayor threatened, because citizens are starting to resist his “orders”. I guarantee you people in all parts of America are asking travelers, “You aren’t going to Anchorage, are you?”. Haven’t you heard about all the loss of freedoms there too? Just think of Anchorage as ‘little Seattle or L.A.’ Then you are close to reality. Scary, huh?

  5. Observation: During the Vietnam “war” Defense Secretary used body counts to determine success of the “war”. Seems as if we are doing the same thing with COVID-19–counting bodies to ascertain success!

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