Toothless man gets teeth replaced after all


During the maelstrom of the budget battles this year, one man’s dental plight became Exhibit A of Medicaid adult dental coverage that was being eliminated for able-bodied Alaskans of working age.

The dentist who was caring for the man had pulled all of the man’s teeth, only to leave him hanging with no dentures after the Medicaid funding was vetoed in an earlier version of the budget.

The media blamed it on Gov. Michael Dunleavy and the Left used it as a political battering ram.

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Since then, the man has been back in the dentist’s office getting his dentures fitted, which he believes should be done soon. He told Must Read Alaska that he’s looking forward to being able to eat a steak again. (We are not using his name to protect his privacy).

The Medicaid program funding was reinstated through September to allow those who are in the middle of procedures to have them completed. After that, adults will not be able to turn to Medicaid to get their comprehensive dental care covered.

But there’s been no media followup on the man who became the face of the adult Medicaid dental program.

A GoFundMe campaign was started online to help raise money for the man, but he says he doesn’t know the person and didn’t give her permission to set up a campaign. It has raised over $300 from six donors, but the man says he doesn’t approve of it.


    • It’s a self induced torture caused by not brushing your teeth. Another great way to avoid self induced torture is to stay away from meth. Self Dental Care 101 is concluded, for further education please consult a dental care professional.

  1. Can’t wait to eat steak? So he can afford buying steak but can’t save up for dentures and didn’t take care of the teeth he had in the first place. And this all possible on the tax payer’s dime through Medicaid. Interesting.

      • Can steaks be purchased with food stamps? I hope that dentist saved his teeth and put them in a baggie for a future political campaign, or a toothpaste commercial.

        • Many years ago I was at an Anchorage Carrs. As I was waiting in the check out line, I saw the man ahead of me place steak and king crab down on the belt. Then I saw him paying for it with food stamps. I had only one item, so I was out less than a minute later, and I saw that man loading his steak and crab into his car…a Cadillac. True story. This was at the Northway Mall location.

          • Your memory is remarkable! That years ago you remembered this specific event, and you have never forgotten it. funny how things just stick in your mind like people eating.

          • How can one forget a story like Erik’s? Years ago, I remember a highway begger standing at an intersection with a sign and a tin can. At the end of his shift, he walked into the nearby woods and got into his new F-150 and drove off. I felt like an idiot for giving him $3. I was in my old 1973 Chevy Blazer.

        • Anything that is food can be purchased with food stamps. You can also purchase with food stamps your fishing license fishing tackle and probably some other stuff so that you can catch your own food.
          it must be nice not to have a clue what exactly food stamps cover.

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