Tom Begich, private eye



Tucked into the Anchorage Municipal Code governing business licenses are regulations for those who operate massage parlors and strip clubs.

Between those, one finds Code 10.40.020 — Private Detectives.

Senator Tom Begich of District J — downtown Anchorage — is Anchorage’s newest private detective. He is going to be paid to troll people.

Private detectives in Anchorage must be older than 18, not addicted to narcotics, dangerous drugs, or intoxicants, and have not been convicted of a felony within two years, nor of a misdemeanor involving assault or dangerous weapons within one year. Also, they cannot have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude, assault with a dangerous weapon, traffic in narcotics or dangerous drugs or traffic in women for immoral purposes within 10 years.

The bar, it appears, is set quite low.

Although his constituents might feel uneasy answering the door to him next time he campaigns for office in 2020, his political opponents — and that includes all registered Republicans — should note that as a sitting senator, he has instant access to all voter files in Alaska, which gives him an advantage over his private sector competitors. He has information for which others have to pay and that others receive on a delayed basis.

What is Sen. Begich intending to snoop on? It’s a target-rich environment in Juneau, but he could perform all kinds of political opposition research under the guise of being a private detective.

The municipality defines a P.D.’s duties this way:

The term “private detective” means a person who engages in the business of making investigations for remuneration concerning any of the following matters:

A. Crimes or criminals or discovering information or evidence relating to crimes or criminals.

B. The identity, location, character or activities of a person or thing.

C. The habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, associations, transactions, reputation, credibility or character of a person.

D. The cause, origin or responsibility for a fire, accident or injury to real or personal property.

E. The truth or falsity of a statement or representation.

F. Evidence to be used before an investigating committee, board of award or arbitration or in the trial of a civil or criminal case.

Who will he get said “remuneration” from?

Seeing as Begich comes from a family whose primary business is politics, it could be anything, from destroying opponents of his Democrat colleagues to assisting his brother Mark Begich in finding his political footing once again.

As a part-time musician, Tom Begich may have a hard time making ends meet, although his $50,000 plus salary as a senator is good money for a local musician.

Is this a way for Alaska Democratic Party to pay him? Is this just a license to be a voyeur?

His 36,300 constituents in Anchorage — Fairview, Mountain View, Bootleggers Cover and Downtown Anchorage — will want to know. And Gov. Bill Walker, who is keeping an eye on Mark Begich, will also be watching his back.


  1. Tom was suspect to me in the 1997 school board election. “private detective” is an interesting way of putting it.

  2. Might be interesting when some cynic figures out an elegant set-up that creates a situation from which Peoples Detective Senator Tom Begich finds it difficult, if not impossible, to recover.

  3. So he gets access to registers voters, ?? In kind do we get access to his misdeeds in his past?? This is unbelievable, the slimy demorats are constantly on the lookout to get a leg up on the conservatives. Progressive democrats will go to any length in their deception and voter fraud IE, the last paper ballots was rampsnt with frought.

  4. His qualification for each of his avocations and vocations exceeds none of the others. But this is Alaska – who checks resumes? If you show up boy you gotta job.

  5. Re-established the Bristol Bay Advisory Group while at the same time issuing a
    one -year (Permit) to Pebble Mine to conduct activities on its State-owned mining
    claim. now why would you spend your time conducting that type of behavior when
    its already been denied. this will never work for the people, you will see our fish
    washed up on the banks theses people are not good people for that type of use, your
    Gov Walker acts like a Democrat, for our readers get rid of this Lame-Duck. We have a
    new Gov coming soon he will work for our State and for the people, Gov Mike Dunleavy
    thank you Larry Zenor.

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