Time to cancel the mainstream media



Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years you might have noticed a rather stark trend in America – there is no objective, unbiased news to be found amongst the mainstream media outlets.

There once was a time in this country when reporters and journalists asked tough questions and they were held accountable. They dug into a subject, researched it and attempted to present an unbiased collection of actual facts – then it was up to us to decide what to make of it.

Those days are long gone. Today the mainstream media – TV, radio, and print – have devolved to become little more than the dutiful propaganda bureau for the increasingly radical Left, who seem determined to dismantle all of our foundational institutions that haven‘t already been completely undermined.

We can’t even have a rational discussion anymore with some of our friends and family simply because they get their “facts” from a completely biased media machine that lies to them 24/7. It could well be argued that the greatest threat to America today – is the biased mainstream media.

Make no mistake – we are careening headlong into a one-party country with the media controlled entirely by the state. This has happened in Russia Germany and elsewhere, and a very cursory study of history tells us that it typically ends badly for the majority of the population.

But all of this you probably knew already. The question is: “What can be done about it”.

Well, there is actually a lot we can do. As it turns out, those media outlets – whether it’s the local paper, TV or radio news affiliate – all have rent to pay, and payroll to make. And guess how they pay for that? With ad revenue, subscriptions, marketing “clicks” on their websites and apps. We are literally underwriting their collective efforts to destroy the country.

So, we need to drive them out of business – right now. And here’s how.

1)      Delete their apps from your phone (it’s not real news anyway so you won’t be missing much).

2)      Cancel your subscriptions right now. That magazine with the pretty pictures and the relentless socialist propaganda editorials? Lose it. The “news”-paper that’s little more than advertisements and more socialist propaganda? Cancel it immediately.

3)      If you own a business that advertises with those same media outlets – stop it. Tell them they can have your advertising money again when / if they start reporting real, unbiased news.

4)      Do this right now – and reach out to your friends in every city and state and encourage them to do the same.

This is a struggle for the very soul of the country – and we’re losing. We must resist them in every way possible and cancelling their propaganda machine is a powerful step in the right direction.

For additional info visit: www.DefundTheMSM.org and send the link to all your friends. It’s on anti-social media as-well (but it’ll probably be “disappeared” once they figure out what we’re up to).

Act now, while there’s still time.


  1. Been doing it for sometime, encourage others as well. Many credible journalist on alternative platforms. Get out of MSM, social media, and tech giants MAGA (microsoft, amazon, google, apple)……

  2. Sorry, but did those things long ago and sadly it doesn’t make a difference because when they get into trouble they frown before congress, with their hands soon filled with my tax dinero. I don’t know what to do except hunker down and hope for the best. Even to try to communicate with like minded people is suspect with internet monitoring and so many people presenting false personas to use information against us. This is certainly looking to be a trying time. I have come to the point that MRAK is the only trustworthy forum any more, and some trolls make even that suspect.

  3. Experiment for all of your readers:
    Count the number of days it takes for the main stream news outlets to drop COVID coverage. Some have already started, but I predict there will be little to no mention of the panicdemic around the time Biden hits 100 days in office.

  4. I’m way ahead of you. Ever since Tom Brokaw came out of the closet as a raving liberal lunatic, I have given up on taking anything the media says as gospel. One approach might be to listen what they have to say and then turn it 180° and that would be what the real truth is.

  5. We have to talk government at all levels out of subsidizing Public Broadcasting, especially local government which waives property taxes, and national government. We need Alaska state government to dispense with the current interpretation of public notice requirements that everything has to be advertised in newspapers (in many cases “statewide newspapers”). More than one Alaska Governor tried to make this change but legislators have weak knees. Make those phone calls now!

  6. I never could jump on board with Facebook after hearing Mark Zuckerberg in 2006 introducing his company’s purpose to America beyond his Harvard community ‘A Place Friends know and follow what their friends are doing.’ It made me feel uncomfortable and i presumed Mark Zuckerburg is a Stalker by sin nature. He had the idea to create a place where he can quietly follow people. This is what Tools such as Facebook and Twitter shown themselves today. His tool has led millions of good natured good hearted simple people into sin stalking their friends, their enemies, their crushes and ex’s, their classmates and co workers. I have heard people use their social media tools more for the original purpose checking up on seeing who is doing what and where they go and who they are with instead of making genuine friendships, reading information produced by producers like MRAK, and supporting local businesses.
    There are thousands of Americans deleting themselves off these media tools, still there is not enough. Maybe if people will see Facebook created by a Stalker and led good natured people into becoming stalkers, the consumers will feel more emboldened to delete themselves too.

  7. It’s sad also because we don’t get any kind of news. Nothing when it comes to world events, bad weather, forest fires and houses burning, etc. It’s just Trump/Republican bashing 24/7. Next its COVID deaths and more daily doom and gloom. That’s it. You really have to dig these days.

  8. Never belonged to facebook or twitter and 86’d google last year. But NO, NO, NO, do NOT mess with the ADN … it makes the perfect birdcage liner!

  9. I quit watching the MSM over four years ago and quit watching ktuu after the Parnell election. Now we have a media monopoly in Alaska. The Alaskan newspaper has been trash for twenty years. Journalism is mostly dead.

  10. Done..they called again..to get my business, I said ah no. When you start reporting unbiased truth, well maybe then but not until.

  11. Deleting apps./cancelling subscriptions/ boycotting business/ no more donations to lefty charitable & church of the left groups/. Financial support pulled back – work on family & friends to take similar actions. Just starting MAGA & Drain the Swamp

  12. I stopped watching the alphabets a long time ago. I don’t even watch Alaska’s News Source anymore. Same goes for ADN and The Frontiersman. And last month we turned in our cable box and cut the cord with GCI. I can find all the news and entertainment I want on the internet.

  13. Outstanding in all respects; let’s begin by “taking the boot” to Anchorage Daily News. As Alaskans we need a worldly view if we are to participate and grow in an ever interdependent political, economic, and social climate.
    The Associated Press/Washington Post provides nothing to that concept.
    The minds of Alaska deserve better.

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