Shocking: Michael Schecter’s testimony calling Assemblywoman Allard a disgrace to uniform, country


Here is the testimony of an attorney in Anchorage, Michael Schecter, who accuses Anchorage Assemblywoman Jamie Allard of being a disgrace to the uniform she wore as a soldier, and an apologist for Nazism. His testimony could not be heard on Tuesday night at the Assembly meeting because of the disruption in the room as he read his statement. Schecter is an attorney with Ashburn & Mason, P.C., a law firm in Anchorage and was previously an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Alaska. Schecter has a law degree from Harvard University, and has served on the Alaska Bar Association Law Examiners Committee since 2019 and on the Third Judicial District Mediation Panel since 2017.

Schecter submitted his comments to the Assembly in writing:

Finally, in case you could not hear my comments over the pitiable display from the folks screaming in the audience, here they are.

Thank you Chair Rivera. My name is Michael Schechter and I am an Anchorage citizen. Over this past weekend, a member of the Assembly used social media to abusively gaslight Anchorage citizens about Nazi symbology and ideology. Specifically, she defended “3rdReich” and “Fuhrer” license plates as innocent, non-hateful, and unrelated to Nazism.  And she did so after being presented with evidence that there could not possibly be a reasonable non-Nazi justification.  Either out of willful ignorance, hateful malice, or both, this member chose to make excuses rather than confront the reality of a nazi supporter in her own community. Nazism was a scourge upon this earth that killed 20 million people in Europe, including 6 million Jews, members of my family among them. Over 16 million Americans, including my grandfather, fought against fascism and Nazism in WWII and more than a million of them were killed or injured. Jamie Allard is a disgrace to their memory and a disgrace to the uniform she wore, as well as a disgrace to this Assembly and our City. 

Unfortunately, that does not bring us to the end of Ms. Allard’s actions of the last few days. After getting negative feedback on her ignorant and baseless nazi apologism, Ms. Allard appears to have deleted individual comments and then her entire official assembly facebook page because she did not like what she was hearing from constituents. That itself is an anti-democratic act of political cowardice, surely worthy of our collective opprobrium.

At this point in history, there cannot be good faith dialogue with Nazis, Nazi sympathizers, or Nazi apologists. I urge every member of this Assembly and the Administration to ignore and reject all legislation advanced by Member Allard because upstanding Americans have no reason to engage with Nazis or their apologists. She should also be removed from any committee assignments for the same reason. I don’t request that lightly, but the Assembly must take steps to protect its legislative process and the citizens from someone who will act out of ignorance and malice. Similarly, this Assembly should not give voice to a member who gaslights constituents in order to make excuses for Nazis, nor should this Assembly let that member speak for all of you. Accordingly, the assembly should take immediate action to remove Ms. Allard as the Assembly’s liaison to the National League of Cities, the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce, and the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation.

This is surely not enough and I recognize that we may be saddled with Ms. Allard’s blight upon our city until her next election.

Thank you for your time and diligent service to Anchorage.


Mike Schechter


  1. Another Leftist attorney who doesn’t understand the Fist Amendment and freedom of speech. Reprehensible.

  2. All he said about the Nazis is true they are about the lowest vermin on the planet. What he fails to mention is everyone’s right to the first amendment. It has to apply to everyone including Nazis or Muslims or communists or atheists. If it doesn’t apply to those people it can’t apply for anyone basically he is cutting his own throat. So simple-minded. I wonder how he passed the bar,

  3. Did Schechter slip on his knee pads and jump under the desk to further attest to his admiration of Rivera? What useless individual. What happened the the assembly rule about not pointing out assembly members and direct attacks? I guess that is out the window when it doesn’t include the butt buddies on the panel. This Schechter guy is one of the idiots that keep all the BS alive because all of the people that have brains out here in the public are well aware of wrong and right an shutting down free speech is WRONG for ANY reason. Send Schechter some weenies so he can make use of all the books he will be wanting to burn.

  4. A demonstration of personal hatred by this little worm lawyer. His words are sympathetic only to the Corona Nazis who seek control over the general populace. Yet, it is this chubby lawyer who exercised his First Amendment rights in order to affect a stifling of the free speech of others. A hypocrite! Another lawyer who sucked-up to his Left-wing Constitutional Law professor for the purpose of receiving a good grade. He learned ………NOTHING.

    • Marla,
      this chubby little lawyer you refer to is emblematic of the stereotypical attorney who espouses 1st Amendment protections, so long as they parrot the speech of the woke, hateful rhetoric of the Left. Any words THEY define or characterize as inciteful towards a particularized pressure group, no matter how contrived, is to be censured and prosecuted. THEY are the New World Order NAZIs. And THEY need to be taken down.

  5. With all due respect, (none), Mr Schecter is a self serving, partisan, opportunist.
    A Harvard educated attorney should at least have heard of the first amendment. You know, that little thing about freedom of political speech? Ms Allard was not advocating leftist, social democrat politics, better known as Nazis. She was referring to protected, political speech, under our Constitution. We don’t need to like it and we are allowed to be offended by it, but it is allowed and protected!
    There is precedent for this as well. Has Mr Schecter heard of Skokie, Illinois? Every Court that heard the case upheld free speech. As abhorrent as the idea of Nazis marching in full regalia was, in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. I didn’t like that, but it was Constitutionally sound.
    How about flag burning? That makes my blood boil, but guess what? Protected speech!
    Get off your high horse Mr Schecter and stop trying to punish people you disagree with for exercising their Constitutional rights.
    One last this. Any comments on Mr Dunbar’s comments on the Constitution being a racist document? I believe he is still occasionally in uniform. Why doesn’t his protected speech bother you?

    • Allard wasn’t defending the rights of the Hummer owner to espouse Nazi ideology. Rather, she chose to defend the connotation of the words “reich” and “fuhrer”.

      She certainly could have made the argument that people are to put whatever she darn well please on their license plates, but she didn’t.

  6. As evil and despicable as they were, some good came out of the Nazis. The Volkswagen beetle, and von Braun. Without him we wouldn’t have gone to the Moon and developed defensive weapons for our country. I’m not defending naziism at all, just looking at the big picture and the good that came from it even though the bad grossly outweighs the good.

  7. He has no right to attack Allard’s military service, he sounds like a liberal lawyer who supports the fascist assembly but not the 1st Amendment. Smoke and mirrors folks.

  8. The plate in question did NOT say “3rdReich” as this Harvard trained lawyer alleges. It said “3REICH”. Eich is a common German name. However, it is now a common tactic of liberal Democrats to try to paint constitutional motivated conservatives as Nazis. And yet they practice the very same tactics the Nazis used by shutting down free speech, dictating by executive orders instead of letting Congress pass laws in a Democratic fashion, banning debate and spewing hateful propaganda and supporting ANTIFA, BLM and other hate groups who burn down buildings and attack the police in order to silence anyone who dares to oppose them. We need many more Jamie Allard’s on the Assembly, not fewer…

  9. Ashburn & Mason
    1227 W 9th Avenue #200
    Anchorage, AK. 99501

    Michael Schecter is so Sophomoric.
    10 attorneys in firm

    • Hire this law firm to do all the work, then fire them just before settlement. (See The Joker, below). Luvin it!

  10. Someone non judgmental need to quietly take their friend Micheal Schecter aside and inform him that people Israel have had more peace with their middle east neighbors during Trump’s four years than they ever experienced living thru past president predecessors, including what will unfold against Israel with President Biden.

    Last night’s testimony Michael was just as unhinged as the Americans watching all of our freedoms being further eroded, only he was unhinged not seeing the Truth.

    PS now that the DMV taken down these two license plates, now people will take pictures reporting the ethnicity violation from seen the Alaska vanity plates saying ‘Native’ and tribal allegiance group names. I didn’t even know those vanity plates showing someone’s Native identity was illegal but DMV chose not to enforce their own rule. This pettiness got to stop and people got to set aside their pride to do things their way. The reich and fuhrer question just opened another can of worms.

  11. Disappointing to see this article. I don’t agree with him, but don’t believe in cancel culture either, that is for Dems. Listing his employer and affiliations seems like MRAK is trying to cancel him, which we as Conservatives should be better than.

    • Being “better than” is why we are where we are. The libs gloves are off., and they are winning in nearly every tangible way.. Contiinuing to take the high road is why conservatives will always lose the war (yes, this is a war, even if slightly less than hot). Conservatives need to learn how to fight fire with fire. Every war in our history that has been successfully prosecuted has been fought with overwhealming force using tactics that are unpleasant. This has been the case throughout history whether the war was hot, limited, or cold.

    • Thank you Mike – I agree with much of your comment as I think we need to get our own house in order. I struggle deeply with the context of this whole conversation though as I know Germany was right to eradicate and eliminate everything to do with the evils of Nazism after WWII. Yet here we are as “conservatives” using this example as a defense for free speech nearly 100 years later in America (along with issues like the Confederate flag). For a point of reference – What do people think would have happened in the year 1943 if a car had driven down Main Street USA with one of these plates attached? It wouldn’t have been a “red” or “blue” state issue. I think we need to take a deep breath and reflect on that for 30 seconds. I do appreciate having my comments posted without fail and hope the conversations in conservative circles return back to some sort of moral, coherent, and winnable national agenda.

      • What’s wrong with a Confederate flag? Many see that flag today has a token of patriotism and heritage of the country that their families once fought for.the flag was good enough to fly on a battleship as an entered Tokyo bay after world war II, and it was good enough to be on the general Lee. Erasing this country’s history doesn’t make it go away. The Egyptians tried that but history prevailed.

  12. Ironically by wanting to shut down a person’s freedom of speech he is acting just like a Nazi would. Ironically his last name is German. It means butcher. Food for thought.

    • Almost. My surname is more traditionally associated with Yiddish than German because it derives directly from the Hebrew word “schochet” for ritual (kosher) slaughterer.

      Metzger is the typical German word for butcher. The Schechter/Schachter was responsible for making a quick, kosher kill, salting the meat properly, and saying the appropriate blessings, not making veal chops out of the carcass.

  13. Jamie Allard took an oath as a soldier (and Dunbar did too), that said: I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the president of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.
    I am pretty sure those words weren’t part of this clown’s oath as an attorney. He apparently believes, like most leftists, that our rights are only allowed if we think exactly as they do. Jamie Allard did absolutely nothing to support Nazis. I am quite sure she loathes them; however, she did indicate people have rights.
    The left will chip and chip and chip away at them until they are gone. That is what they are doing and have done. They are PERPETUAL victims and ALWAYS offended. If they would just go to work and live their lives, hug their kids, bounce grandbabies on their knees and stop being offended by every single little thing that passes in front of them, I think they would have a much happier life. They are such a time suck.
    And shame on you Dunleavy for falling into their lair. I have lost all faith in you.

    • You’re right! The Alaska oath of attorney, shockingly, has different words. From APR 5

      I do affirm:
      I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Alaska;
      I will adhere to the Rules of Professional Conduct in my dealings with clients, judicial officers, attorneys, and all other persons;
      I will maintain the respect due to courts of justice and judicial officers;
      I will not counsel or maintain any proceedings that I believe are taken in bad faith or any defense that I do not believe is honestly debatable under the law of the land;
      I will be truthful and honorable in the causes entrusted to me, and will never seek to mislead the judge or jury by an artifice or false statement of fact or law;
      I will maintain the confidences and preserve inviolate the secrets of my client, and will not accept compensation in connection with my client’s business except from my client or with my client’s knowledge or approval;
      I will be candid, fair, and courteous before the court and with other attorneys, and will advance no fact prejudicial to the honor or reputation of a party or witness, unless I am required to do so in order to obtain justice for my client;
      I will uphold the honor and maintain the dignity of the profession, and will strive to improve both the law and the administration of justice.

      • Any lawyer that spends his time providing a full recitation of his attorney’s oath probably doesn’t have many clients. Or, he’s re-affirming here because the Bar is conducting an investigation due to a complaint.

      • I see nothing in there that says anything about defending the Constitution and comparing your oath to the military oath is not a good look. Honestly, I doubt anyone cares about the lawyers oath as most lawyers are not considered in high regard by a vast majority of the US population. You’re attack on Jamie Allard was uncalled for and very unprofessional, which goes against your “oath”. Let’s face it, you’re nothing more than another left wing hypocrite.

  14. Allard wasn’t defending the rights of the Hummer owner to espouse Nazi ideology. Rather, she chose to defend the connotation of the words “reich” and “fuhrer”.

    She certainly could have made the argument that people are to put whatever she darn well please on their license plates, but she didn’t.

  15. Y’all loved me when I was condeming native lands for four wheeler routes at the AG’s office. And fighting to open ANWR for exploration. Now I’m a bad lawyer? Clowns. Every last one of you.

    • To the chubby lawyer, Mikey, who jumps back and forth over the fence:
      try being truthful and honest for a change. More people will tell less bad lawyer jokes about you. Oh yeah, don’t forget to send a congratulatory note to your friend, Lisa Murkowski. You know, the woman who loves Sleepy Joe……….the guy who cut out ANWR during his first hour in the White House. Pick better friends, Mikey.

  16. This guy graduated from Harvard!! And was an assistant attorney general for the state of Ak!! God help us!! As Allard tried to point out some people have “Fuhrer” as their last name and simply want there last name on their plate just as I have. Others have “ Reich” as there last name and again have a legitimate desire to have it on their plate with a designation as the third in that family to further specify them as opposed to other family members. I happen to have my first initial in front of my last name. And all of 5his is moot because the state has invalidated those plates anyway!! I honestly would expect antics of this level from an 8th grader not a “ Harvard graduate” and “licensed attorney “ who has greatly cheated both terms with this ridiculous testimony.

    • It’s not necessarily about the plates because like you said they are no more valid. It’s about them looking to find every little nit picking way to Chip away at common decent conservatives. They risk losing their honor and integrity by doing so and what else can you expect when you make a deal with the devil?

    • Uh, John, you’ld be amazed at how many idiots graduate from law school.
      Best way to get back at an idiot lawyer is to get them to take your case on a contingent fee, let them do all the discovery and motion practice, then fire them and hire a new lawyer to finish the job. Watch them fight like a cat and dog over their 1/3 contingency. Funny as hell!

    • There is no one named “Fuhrer” or “Reich” in the whole Alaska phone book.

      Makes me wonder why you’re defending obvious Nazism, John H Slone. Are you a Nazi? Or just a Nazi-defender.

      All the Nazi-lovers in here make me sick.

      • DM – There are several registered voters in Alaska with those names. As you may recall, one is the former head of the NEA-Alaska. – sd

      • I don’t know of a single Nazi lover in here. I know a bunch of people that think are freedom of speech is protected by the first amendment and that also includes freedom of expression. Stop trying to twist it it’s not that difficult to understand.

      • Many names the Newly-Woke associate with former Nazi luminaries appear in Anchorage property-ownership records.
        No vanity plates for them, one supposes…
        Maybe it’s time for Newly-Wokes to force surname changes on those whose surnames should be changed, yes?

  17. Marla,
    this chubby little lawyer you refer to is emblematic of the stereotypical attorney who espouses 1st Amendment protections, so long as they parrot the speech of the woke, hateful rhetoric of the Left. Any words THEY define or characterize as inciteful towards a particularized pressure group, no matter how contrived, is to be censured and prosecuted. THEY are the New World Order NAZIs. And THEY need to be taken down.

  18. In my opinion, defending this kind of license plate is not a conservative value. It is clearly against existing DMV protocols and should be removed. Freedom of speech does not always come without consequence. I can’t think of a single good thing to come from any public official defending anything to do with the Third Reich. True conservative causes and important issues will get lost in the stew of insanity that has been boiling for 5 years. It is time to stop digging in this unwinnable hole and get back to a platform based on good ideas that are conservative, moral, and fitting for the Party of Lincoln.

  19. It was a freedom of speech issue, not a defense of the third Reich. Freedom of speech, is in fact, a conservative value.

  20. It’s journalistic malpractice to publish this story without any context, and to label Schechter’s statements “shocking”. There was NOTHING shocking in this condemnation. What IS shocking is an Assemblywoman embracing Nazism.

    Is Suzanne Downing less offended by Nazi-lovers than she is about people who call them out?

    And all the people in this comment section complaining about the First Amendment… there is nothing in Schecter’s statement that even comes close to threatening Jamie Allard’s rights. Free speech means you can say what you want. It does not mean freedom from the consequences of saying deplorable things.

    • Actually, Redi, what is shocking is you assuming (mind-reading) that Allard is a Nazi-lover. Perhaps you can’t read minds and you were just told that by reading another mind reader’s comments. Allard never said she loved Nazis. She never said she supported Nazis. But you have quickly painted a woman, much like a Jr High girl spat, as a hor for the enemy without evidence beyond her mentioning some folks have that same German last name.
      What’s next? Allard didn’t say she DIDN”T like Nazis. Thus she does? You didn’t tell me you don’t drown puppies. So….
      The right side is getting real weary of folks assuming they know the heart and minds of folks they have never met and placing indictments on them for things they heard the party may have said.

  21. We should not publish inflammatory, malicious and slanderous testimony toward an Alaskan Representative like Schechter wrote. This Attorney is a disgrace to the Alaska Bar Association and should be censored and thrown off the Bar for violating and disrupting our community with falsehoods and using the term Nazi.

    Rule 8.1. Bar Admission and Disciplinary Matters. Rule 8.4. Misconduct.
    (d) state or imply an ability either to influence a government agency or official or to achieve results by means that violate the Rules of Professional Conduct or other law; (a) knowingly make a false statement of material fact.

  22. Tom… don’t get lost in the weeds. This isn’t about “defending anything to do with the Third Reich.” It’s about OUR right to say whatever we’d like in a FREE country. The real danger is coming from individuals like Schechter who want to control WHAT you’re allowed to say. He throws the term “Nazi” around as if it were a school yard taunt. Hmmm… Schechter…. Herr Schechter… that name sounds as if he could be related to a… NAZI!!! If I were his employer, I’d strongly consider washing my hands of someone who seems to be exhibiting actual fascist tendencies. i.e.: One part of the definition of fascism is “… forceable suppression of (the) opposition.” That can be physically or, through legal avenues. If you don’t call it out, Tom, they’ll dig that “unwinnable hole” for you.

    • By your definition, Brad, Eisenhower was a fascist when he forced German villagers to march to and through Buchenwald to witness for themselves what happened under their noses. I am sorry, but Nazism has an asterisk and should always be on the wrong side of any debate. I think there are many other examples that could have been used if someone is defending free speech besides this as “3REICH” + “FUHRER” = evil in any book. Stay from any appearance of defending this horrific tragedy.

  23. JAMIE, NEVER ONCE APPROVED NAZI PROPAGANDA, like the Democrats do.. She was giving the interpretation of the words.. but NEVER approval. I think it is a sham, to destroy her and EVERYTHING she has done to support many of us at the Assembly meetings.. and throughout Mat-Su Valley and Anchorage. We have a bunch of unapproved leadership which is destroying Anchorage with their boondoggle propositions which continues to destroy Anchorage.

  24. Who were one of the first group of people to back Hitler? Academia and the lawyers. When he was done using them they were one of the first groups he got rid of [ie – killed]. If people would just learn from history we would have a much more educated and nicer society. Politicians seem to think they can reinvent the wheel. I used to give them the benefit of the doubt but the older I get I have realized they are honestly ignorant and dumb and most of them seem to be lawyers. Education doesn’t necessarily mean you are smart but we have been taught to think that.
    Number one and two on the Bill of Rights are not one and two by chance.

  25. Thanks for the fair and honest reporting, Suzanne!

    This shady buffoon’s smear campaign needs to be met with as much hostility as the public can legally muster.

    And Dunleavy owes Jamie the most public of apologies for his appallingly unfair treatment of her. It’s easier to see him as a controlled dirtbag with the passage of every day. She might even be a great candidate to run against him in 2022.

  26. Allard must scare the hell out of Felix.

    Can’t help but wonder three things

    1-Did Felix put him up to this?
    2-Did Mike serve himself?
    3-Does Mike have the courage to say this, one on one without an audience, to Allard?

    You get what you vote for Anchorage

  27. I seem to remember a town called “Skokie, IL” from some supreme court case in my civics class years ago. Perhaps Mikey remembers it?

  28. Just look at this twisted soul’s so-called “bonafides”… it’s no wonder he would spew tripe like this. Completely brainwashed as are so many of his fellow Travelers. This is the filth that has infested our state. But that’s what people want, most being asleep at the switch, content with their social media, 100 + garbage TV channels and goofy sports = Death of a state / Nation.

  29. As long as we’re talking about natzis, let’s take a moment to point out which political party is demonstrating natzi-like behavior. We’ve been hearing a lot about “re-education camps for conservatives” lately from the left; from leftist political leaders, journalists, actors, etc. Recent terms used to describe conservatives; subhuman, (a particular favorite of the natzis during the holocaust) uneducated, unwashed, hicks, and so on. I’ve even seen “extermination camps” thrown out there on twitter by some haters. And of course we can’t forget those who want to punish conservatives by firing them from their jobs and making sure they can never find employment again. Who treats people like this? Which party is the real party of hate?

    • He didn’t even get into the let’s take down and ruin statues of George Washington of all people and others as if by doing so it’s going to make it like it never happened. I guess you’re going to need to rename Washington State, Washington DC, take down the Washington monument, bulldoze the entire district of Columbia because Washington surveyed it. Knock down Monticello. Let’s see what else can we tear up? All right why don’t we just burn the Constitution because it was written by slaveholders. Where are we going to start or stop this idiosity? Only 3% of slaves landed on our shores. Most of them went to Brazil and Central America. The Egyptian pyramids were helped built by slaves as was the Colosseum and The monuments in Rome and Greece. Let’s tear down the great Wall of China too cuz it was help built by slaves. While we’re at it let’s burn down most of Africa because African blacks took slaves from tribes that they conquered. So did native Americans. How far back do you want to go?

  30. Michael Schecter, Esq.
    I noticed that your last name is not included in the firm’s title. I can only suspect that the partners in charge aren’t thrilled with your behavior in public and has probably affected the reputation of the firm. Practice … think beyond the moment … WHAT IF.
    Your behavior is very “sophomoric”.

  31. Misdirection , denigration , misinformation, division & obstruction all attorney tactics.
    On display , used & delivered by this citizen. Make up your own mind – decide who’s pushing Anchorage under the bus & who’s honestly trying to push it out of harm’s way.
    Don’t need to hire this attorney to figure this out folks.

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