Time for Eagle River’s exit



How do we inspire the reconnection of our local communities to what is real?  

As we, who keep our eyes peeled on national media outlets, the inestimable waste, destruction, and disrespect of our American institutions in the lower 48 appears very real. We are looking at the incineration of major communities. Hundreds of U.S. communities. 

Homes, businesses, and other edifices already destroyed by a caustic and fraudulent pandemic, now subjected to the defensive needs of a DEFCON 1 on steroids from the violence.  We will see major segments of these municipalities retreat into the countryside with hope of not being followed.  

I will also not see these areas recover in my lifetime.

We will see property values within and adjacent to these blighted areas negatively impacted for years and probably decades.  

We will see federal, state and local funds, our taxes, injected into these destroyed demographic and geographic residential, commercial and industrial  neighborhoods syphoned off by modern day war lords, who never fired a shot, but who were smart enough to use the system for their own spoils of war.

Is this real?

In Alaska, a variety of protests designed to effectuate community activism and “free speech” will lead, if unchecked, to soft anarchism.  We are already seeing it as many of our conservative leaders are either shouted down or shamed down. 

Our local laws ignore the issues of law breaking for one side yet prosecute the other side. With the absence of the law and justice, as history has shown us, a strongman or group will always enter.  A strongman, who likely many more times than not, will lead us to more tyranny.

We have an Alaskan state constitution.  Its main purpose in the development and implementation of local governments, local communities, and local societies was to decentralize jurisdiction, control, and power.  Ideally, so that not one central population area could control the rest of the state.

We see this in so many other states.  The soft tyrannical grasp on so many states has now been effectuated by a single municipality.

We spend so much time fighting over the likes of CNN, FOX, ADN, and the collective media complex.  They already have an established organization with only a few real thinking correspondents. CNN has seventeen panelists that all think the same thing. We have the Democratic arm of the Alaska Legislature.  They all think the same thing. Some of our Republican legislators think the same thing. We have a mayor and several Assembly members in Anchorage that all think the same thing.

We see the costs of government; the private sector and everyday life continue to increase with no change in outcome.  If anything, the outcomes are poorer with each day that goes by with these people in power over our lives.

There are many of our relatives and friends who see this as a good thing.  

Centralization will lead to bigger, better, bolder opportunities for human development so they imagine and think.

But is not this a repeat of so many other social experiments which would make Enver Hoxha proud?  We see the products of this process unfolding before our very eyes.

The development of the “us versus them” strategy, theorized by Cloward and Piven spread throughout our education network, fostered by Saul Alinsky and implemented by Barack Hussein Obama, has sequestered our children into unenlightened nativists.

Look at our fund-raising circles.  

The Right will not write a check unless they have assurances of outcome that can be measured and bring an equitable return to them, so they typically do not support their own candidates.  

The Left writes checks to thematic occurrences like BLM, Antifa, the DNC and like for policy change and the policy changes, further emasculating the Right.

The support structure of these organizations, including many Alaska non-profits, are not just promoting a significant change in Alaska public policy, but dividing and disenfranchising many venues of the Right to the point where the fight is no longer against the Left but among the various parts of the Right.

For many a Kurt Vonnegut quip, “And so it goes.”

I cannot agree.

We as our own communities should not be caring what the media says, what the Left says and what all this infighting by the Right says.  

How do we inspire the reconnection of our local communities to what is real?  

We need to establish our own institution.  

We need to establish what Article X of our state Constitution gives us the right to establish.  

We need to establish our own city for Eagle River, Chugiak, Birchwood, Peters Creek, Eklutna and JBER. 

Our own education system, our own health care system our own property rights and land use system and our own public safety system away from the meaningless dictums which only uses us for our money and gives little of it back.

Our communities. Our voice. Our decisions. Our future.

Michael Tavoliero is a realtor at Core Real Estate Group in Eagle River, is active in the Alaska Republican Party and chairs Eaglexit.


  1. This is a meaningful challenge for those of us who have watched the steady decline of Los Anchorage. We can do better!

    • Nothing to lose if it’s already lost, no?
      Imagine what happens when a regime overly comfortable in its arrogance continues antagonizing men (and women) who may be starting to believe they have nothing left to lose.

  2. The simple fact is, those communities listed above (absent JBER which is a federal installation) simply could not make it financially apart from “Los Angeles” . The tax base simply is not there and nowadays people don’t want to retreat to gravel roads, reduced police and fire protection and inferior schools. Maybe in a bush environment you could sell this “exit” plan but you’re too close to civilization here and when people see one standard they wouldn’t put up with a much lower standard just for driving a few miles north.

  3. In theory it sounds good. How do you propose to go about building the infrastructure to support this?

  4. We lived in ER for 20 years, retired, and moved to Anchorage to be closer to the kids. We would move back to ER if this movement actually became serious.

  5. The fight is never lost until the last defending soldier dies or leaves the field. Then, victims become us all.

  6. “How do we inspire the reconnection of our local communities to what is real?”
    By enumerating everything which is not “real” and swearing on a stack of Bibles that these things won’t happen in the New World,
    repeating the message constantly in short, simple, stark terms in print, on radio; by interviewing on cable networks, print, and radio; by sponsoring radio programs,
    speaking at church gatherings,
    openly inviting the Mayor and Assembly members for a series of round-table, televised debates on Eagle Exit,
    not relying exclusively on censorable social media to communicate the message; opening an interactive, regularly updated Eagle Exit web site with PayPal, and curated-comment portals,
    applying what’s in “Red on Blue: Establishing Republican Governance” and “Rules for Radicals”,
    figuring out, in advance, what The Plan is after Eagle Exit succeeds,
    acquiring sufficient funds for an Exit Celebration after Eagle Exit succeeds.

  7. Eagle exit supporters are drunk on dreams, short on reality. The tax base isn’t there. Simple as that. Ask how much services will cost
    Schools police, fire, road maintenance, water, sewer, permitting. I’m sure I’m missing more. If you do the math, I think you will find taxes would double.

    • Great point…
      Productive Anchorage residents, through no fault of their own, have no clue how much services really cost, because costs are controlled by union-management teams and politicians whose livelihoods depend on what can be extorted from taxpayers.
      The capital move was a reasonable example. Too expensive according to whom?
      Choice seems simple, pay maybe some extra for a reasonably honest, economical city government you helped build or continue subsidizing the Municipality of Anchorage.
      Short on reality? Probably… Nobody’s done it before. Nobody walked on the moon before. Until they did.

  8. If nothing else, “change is inevitable”. Will we change for the better of for the worse ? The move to make Eagle River – Chugiak independent is certainly something to aspire to. I do. Home Rule, self government, is always appealing to those who see the possibilities. We can do better when we have a measure of control over our future. Mike Tavoliero sees what is happening to our nation, our State and our community. Yes, we can do better…

  9. Conceptually, Eagle River should join the MSB. No reason to build another expense structure and we are closely aligned philosophically.

    • Agree – what would it take to make this happen? I’ve lived in Anchorage for going on 61 years, and it is no longer a place I’m proud to call home. 30,000 residents in Eagle River, Chugiak, Peters Creek, and Eklutna would add to the MSB tax base. The values of the MSB, more closely align with those of these communities. Hope this concept gets legs and is feasible. Roadblocks, I’m sure, but if others are as fed up as I am, I thought the idea should be put out there. I think that would work better than setting up an entirely separate small community of 30,000.

    • Hmmm – What would it take for Eagle River-Chugiak-Peters Creek-Eklutna to be annexed by MSB? 30,000 residents would increase the tax base for the MSB and would be included in the necessary services. Might even lower taxes for all. Probably not “feasible” but my pipe dream for a welcome change. Good will to all.

  10. The point is WE ARE NOT closely aligned. Anchorage is more aligned with Chicago or Los Angeles than Eagle River. We still believe in America, we still hold the US Constitution dear and we are not ready to self-destruct. We can also reduce the cost of our internal structure, once we’ve shed the Social issues of Los Anchorage.

  11. The tax base is there. Eagle River is nothing but a wallet for Anchorage to draw on. We are comprised of the people whom earn substantial livings and choose not to live in the filth that is Anchorage. Eagle River would be much more wealthy and prosperous without Anchorage slumlord policies shoved down their throats!

  12. The people that say Eagle River , Chugiak, Peters Creek and JBER don’t have the tax base simply don’t know the facts ! We are talking about assembly district 2 . This areas includes Tikahtnu Commons . Numbers don’t lie , tax base is definitely there !

    • Show us the numbers – and I really mean the numbers. The break from Anchorage is great in concept, but needs serious in-depth analysis. I totally agree in this “divorce” but a.serious analysis should accompany a serious effort to break away from this disaster that is Anchorage. If we go forward, we need to be prepared. My suggestion to the drivers of this effort. I haven’t seen a convincing analysis yet. Public opinion is great, but with the powers out there to oppose it we had better be prepared, Best to all.

  13. Excellent presentation of what is needed and I totally support the change currently ongoing as Eagleexit. Our one conservative member on the assembly is always outvoted. Now they have two for downtown only adding to the liberal advantage. Mail in ballots will result in a total liberal takeover of Anchorage State and local politicians representing us.

    Just listening to our Mayor since the crisis started should Reinforce why we should elect our own.

  14. If we do exit, we need to tax the churches to help lower the property taxes for those of us who like living here and are not extremely wealthy.

  15. I was adamently against it for many reasons. But since Berkowitz is imposing his will through fear, I finally have had enough of this liberal lunacy. I’m ready to split and I don’t care if my taxes double.

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