Tim Barto: Dennis Prager makes clear the relationship between leftism, anti-semitism



Immediately following the Oct. 7 slaughter of Israeli innocents by Hamas terrorists, the prominent initial reaction was condemnation of the attacks and support for Israel, even by liberals such as Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden.

The near-universal support for the Jewish state quickly turned as leftists began perversely blaming Israel for the beheadings, rapes, and murders committed toward their own people.

The leftist mobs, whose obsession with demonstrations against all things western brought us Occupy Wall Street, the Women’s March, Antifa/BLM riots, and endless screeches about transgender women being women, gladly focused their trendy hate toward Jews. Their anti-Semitism is thinly veiled, but not fully disguised, as anti-Zionism. 

The same ilk that insisted during the “Me Too” hysteria that all women who claim to be victims of sexual harassment and assault must be believed without question, seem to be the same people that are now questioning Jewish women’s claims of rape and torture at the hands of Hamas hordes.

The defenders of women’s allegations have become skeptics who want to see photographic proof of the violations; yet when shown videos of the atrocities as filmed by the Hamas attackers themselves, they deny the veracity of the videos. The images, they claim, are either propaganda or don’t actually show the hideous violations needed to substantiate the Jewish claims. 

The mobs do their best to mimic post-war Nazi sympathizers and other anti-Semitic allies that to this day deny the deaths of six million Jews during the Final Solution, and they are finding sympathetic ears among 1) the mainstream media and 2) what is now being revealed as the base of the Democrat party. Schumer and Biden, as liberal as they are, are dinosaurs in a party now steered by the far left, although the latter is softening his stance to appease the radical demographic.

The anti-Israel demonstrations, often taking place or at least emanating from America’s college campuses, are exposing the inherent hate of its participants. College professors and administrators – vividly exposed as hypocritical and anti-Semitic during their own pitiful testimonies in front of Congress – provide guidance for their gullible and rudderless student minions, but traditional liberals are afraid of calling them out because the leftists now occupy the Democrat base, and it is too politically dangerous to alienate such a loyal bloc of voters, especially when the most important thing in their universe is keeping Donald Trump from ever again stepping foot in the White House.

One of the most outspoken critics making the connection between pro-Palestinian Hamas supporters and leftist mobs is Dennis Prager — prolific author, syndicated radio host with 400 affiliate stations, and founder of Prager U. He is a proud adherent to Judaism and an unabashed Israeli apologist who has long been frustrated by the tendency of his American Jewish brethren to vote for Democrats and leftists while simultaneously forsaking the Republicans and conservatives who have been far more supportive of Israel. 

While hate groups such as neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan have traditionally received the label of “right wing” even though their groups are either fascist-based or founded by the Democrat party, the labels stuck, and anti-Semitism was associated with right wing movements. 

Prager explored this phenomenon during an October 2022 interview of Benjamin Netanyahu, when he asked the conservative Israeli Prime Minister if he ever imagined a world in which the Left, rather than the Right, would be Israel’s biggest enemy. Netanyahu answered that his conservative upbringing, support for the United States, and commitment to free economies, led him to believe the right side of the political spectrum was where Israel’s support would lie.

During a recent debate at Oxford College regarding the Hamas-Israel war, Prager addressed the argument that Israel’s aggressive military response has been disproportionate because thousands more innocent Gaza lives have been lost since Oct. 7 than Israeli lives lost in the initial massacre itself. Prager offered a World War II analogy. Seeing as how he was in England for the debate, Prager referenced Great Britain’s response toward Nazi aggression. Britain caused far more German casualties than they suffered themselves. Was that disproportionate? Was it improper for Britain to bring the Aryan fascists to complete devastation, or would the proper thing have been to match the number of German casualties with the number of Brit casualties? 

The latter argument appears to be what the pro-Hamas/anti-Semitic demonstrators are calling for.  Hamas murdered some 1,300 Israelis on October 7th, so that should evidently be their numerical limit for the number of Palestinians/Hama supporters who meet their demise. Using this logic, one has to wonder, then, if Israel should then have a right to kidnap a couple hundred Gazans and behead a few dozen babies as well. You know, just to make things even.

Israel has to response in an intensely aggressive and utterly devastating manner in response to the October massacre. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s pledge to destroy Hamas is valid and must be carried out to completion. The continued existence of the Jewish state depends on it.

The Left, however, continues to surprise at such an appalling level that one must wonder whether it’s intentionally antagonistic. For example, the debate question at Prager’s Oxford appearance was, “Is Hamas a greater obstacle to peace than Israel?” The question itself begs incredulity. Such a question, Prager pointed out, could only come these days from an academic institution.

To equate the two groups as moral equals is ignorant naivete at best and blatant evil at worst (author’s words, not Prager’s). 

Just as Nazi Germany was a greater threat to peace than Great Britain in the 1930s, so too is Hamas a greater threat to peace than Israel today. Prager advances his argument by conjoining Hamas with Isis, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hezbollah. When questioned why he used Muslim and/or Arab movements as examples (because, of course, in the eyes of the Left, criticizing Muslims and Arabs is Islamophobic and racist; whereas arguing against Jews and Israel is legitimate critique), Prager pointed out that these are the only groups on earth that behead people.

In no other conflicts is there a debate about when it comes to a police state (Hamas) fighting a democratic state (Israel). The only country for which it is acceptable to target for extinction is Israel. Prager’s defense of Israel is necessary. It provides a flicker of common sense in a dark world. 

When Prager visited Anchorage in 2022, he expressed a desire to return so he could experience the Northern Lights, so he is returning, this time to Fairbanks for two presentations on Saturday, Feb. 24.  We are fortunate to have a courageous intellectual like Dennis Prager visiting us. 

Tim Barto is a regular contributor to Must Read Alaska, a longtime follower of Dennis Prager, and vice president of Alaska Family Council – the organization bringing Prager to Alaska.


  1. I bet he is selling books, seats to his speech and taking donations from anyone.

    They will sell anything that snake oil salesmen can sell

    • You mean such as the climate (faux)crisis, the “scamdemic”, rigged choice voting, entitlement, to name a few? Sounds like psychological projection.

      Alaska Family Council is hosting Dennis Prager. Any entrance fees would be for that non -profit donation funded organization. Dennis Prager does write books and also has to make a living so why would he not be selling books. Mr. Prager also has a lot of wisdom. A trip to Fairbanks might be worth your time.

  2. A hallmark of leftist is to accuse those you disagree with of doing the exact thing you are doing, in order to somehow justify their actions. Antisemitism is and always will be a part of the left and has no place whatsoever in a society founded upon the ideals of classical liberalism that our country was founded upon. True equal rights wherein the quality of the character of a person is how that by at person is measured, limited government, individualism, and liberty are things that cannot be allowed by the left.
    National Socialism has never been and never will be a right-wing ideology, it has always been a left-wing ideology regardless of how leftists have tried to gaslight the public. It’s similar to how Democrats have tried to frame the conversation about slavery wherein Republicans freed the slaves from Democrats and how in modern times Democrats claim to be the protectors of democracy while actively working to subvert democracy.
    There are more than a few confused individuals who will no doubt spout off with antisemitic talking points, echoing Democratic and leftists talking points while trying to convince others they are the standard bearers of right-wing thought…these are nothing more than useful idiots doing the bidding of the left.

    • 700 days of Israeli refusal to join sanctions against Russia. Who’s the Lefty now, Grasshopper? Fbi-wanted oligarchs enjoy safe haven in Israel, who’s the Lefty now Grasshopper? Any warrant out for Putin’s arrest? Who’s the Lefty now Grasshopper? Take your head out of yourself. 1930s %20 of American Jews belonged to a Communist organization. Most of First Zionist Congress were Russian. Stalin was epic in Israel’s birth. Putin is predisposed to Zionism or Israel could not exist.

  3. Now, if Dennis could somehow make the distinction between so-called “conservatism” and kneejerk pro-Zionism. Or to go further, how being anti-Zionist is NOT being ‘anti-semitic”, and how anyone who speciously makes such a claim is clearly disingenuous and dishonest.

    I won’t be holding my breath waiting for him to hold his mirror up to “his side”, though.

    • Jefferson, there will never be the “perfect” conservative you imagine.
      The Libertarians are not going to take over soon.
      We all know that there is issue w/ wealthy liberal Jewish people who want to control us, buy politicians & deny us freedom, but guess what? They’re capitalist & that’s our system.
      Is taking the side of Hamas & the disgusting libs that disrupt our cities constantly w/ anti Israel, anti America, anti Zion crap a good idea?
      Prager has spent his entire life studying & warning us about the secular Jewish plot called communism.
      He has a guideline: The worst Republican is a better vote then the best Democrat & I agree.

      My issue w/ Israel?
      muslims showed up there 600 years after Christ and 2,400 years after Abraham.
      How is Israel & Jerusalem theirs ?
      There holiest sites are Mecca & Medina, then Jerusalem.
      The PLO turned down a 2 State solution, that gave them 98% of what they wanted, but not Jerusalem.
      They claim Mo rode a horse from the Temple Mount to heaven and they built the Dome of the Rock (a mosque) the one we see in every photo of Jerusalem.
      Elect me president and I would order air strikes on the “Dome”. f them.

      • Quotes from a debate on the Mandate in the House of Lords in 1922 stated Lord Sydenham, that the Palestinian Arabs would never have objected to “the establishment of well-selected Jews; but, instead of that, we have dumped down 25,000 promiscuous people on the shores of Palestine, many of them quite unsuited for colonizing purposes, and some of them Bolsheviks, who have already shown the most sinister activity.”

        The Military Governor, Colonel (later Sir) Ronald Storrs, commented 1920: “Palestine, up to now a Moslem country, has fallen into the hands of a Christian Power which on the eve of its conquest announced that a considerable portion of its land is to be handed over for colonization purposes to a nowhere very popular people.”

    • Jeff,
      Please inform us, in your opinion, how “being anti-Zionist is NOT being ‘anti-semitic'”.

      Previously you’ve said that being critical of Zionism isn’t antisemitic but instead of being critical of Zionism you’ve railed against Zionists, Jews, and Israel without actually ever being critical of Zionism.

  4. Recognizing and pointing out that many of these Zionists, with Netanyahu being one of their standard bearers, are murderous a-holes is NOT antisemitic. Nor is it pro-Hamas. It is just a fact.

    How many billions of our tax dollars went to Israel in 2022 alone? Does our ‘greatest ally’ ever help us, or just themselves? What group took control in the Russian Revolution? Was that an organic occurrence? What was the Holodomor? Who led that pogrom? Who was Balfour? What groups occupied Palestine before it was decreed that they no longer had a right to their lands after hundreds of years of being there?

    HAMAS does need to be destroyed. Systematically destroying every building in the Gaza strip is something different than just destroying Hamas.

    Seriously, Tim. Open your eyes. Maybe get a rabies shot, too.

    • 2022 US Foreign Aide:
      Ukraine 12.4 B (Christians)
      Israel 3.3 B (Jews)
      Ethiopia 2.2 B (Africans)
      Afghanistan 1.4 B (Muslim)
      Yemen 1.3 B (Muslim)
      Egypt 1.3 B (Muslim)
      Jordan 1.2 B (Muslim)
      Nigeria 1.1 B (Africa)

      So for those keeping score:
      12.4 B for a white Christian Nation
      5.2 B for four Muslim nations
      3.3 for two African nations
      3.3 for Israel

      A lot of anti semitism around here if you ask me.

      • Thank you for the listing! I wonder why it is that our Representatives in Congress not only consider it acceptable, but necessary to send U.S. taxpayer dollars to all of these other countries, along with many more along with NGO’s by the ton.

        Could it be that they believe that their constituents sent them to D.C. to squander our blood and treasure? Could it be that they are easily compromised, and once they become so, then it happens? Who could it be that is setting up the compromising situations?

        In and amongst your statistics is a racist slur. For all I know it may have been, and probably was, just copy and pasted. Wonder why that would be there? Who would be promoting that narrative?

    • Also, who took over the Russian revolution?
      Stalin (not a Jew)
      What group occupied Israel (there’s no palestine) before it was decreed they no longer could stay?

      PS: It seems you & Tim are in agreement here.
      He doesn’t like Prager, the Jew.

      • Just because one Alaskan turns out to be a good fisherman, or housewife, or murderer, never means that they/we all are. Unfortunately, the bad ones get all the media coverage and appear to be disproportionately of concern, and often generate a negative focus on the others.

        We are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made. Some harden their hearts, come into agreement with evil, and cannot be delivered from it because they refuse to come out of agreement with whatever demonic influence(s) it is that afflicts them. I am no better than any other, nor am I qualified to decide who will rise. All I can do is seek to serve with all my heart, and make myself available for the holy spirit to flow through me. Maybe I will be of some value, or maybe not ever. Regardless, I will remain a seeker. The rest of it is above my pay grade. Evil often is readily identifiable. So is the truth if one focuses on ascertaining/discerning it. I may have spoken it imperfectly, but the truth is why I am here.

    • North,
      Blaming Jews for the actions of communism isn’t just crazy, it denies reality and it does so for one singular reason. Blaming Jews for the actions of Joseph Stalin isn’t just crazy, it denies reality and it does so for one singular reason.

      While Netanyahu might be an a-hole and is certainly a Zionist and pointing that out doesn’t make someone antisemitic, the rest of your screed here and previous comments you’ve made make it clear where you stand.

      • Similarly stated: blaming Joseph Biden for the actions of his Administration isn’t just crazy, it denies reality and it does so for one singular reason…

      • Just for the record.
        Benjamin Netanyahu lost his brother Yoni in the battle to free 105 Jewish hostages in Uganda.
        The raid on Entebbe was a rescue mission.
        The PLO had hijacked an airline from Greece w/ 105 men, women & children on it.
        Prior to that Yoni was a hero in the 1973 Yom Kipper war.
        Things get personal over there.

      • seems the un- Evil Empire’s media monopolists
        are ignoring Nobel Peace Prize recipient Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s extensive writings of the Jewish role in the revolutionary genocide and secret police purges of Soviet Russia. I can’t find from sea to shining sea any mention of even one Jew in Putin’s ranks. Stalin had a half-million Jews enlisted in his armed forces, with 200 Jewish generals in command.
        If WWII has become a major building block of today’s Russian national identity, and I believe it has, the ethnic composite of Putin’s forces needs to be accurately detailed. Russia was home to most of the world’s Jews for centuries. Putin has been more predisposed to Russian Jews than any Russian ruler in the past. Jews are no longer seen as an alien force, but as a group fully integrated into Russia. Putin, at will, is able to walk free down the streets of Jerusalem.

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