Tim Barto: Allard bill holds physicians liable for mutilating children’s bodies



Rep. Jamie Allard of Eagle River is taking a courageous stance by introducing a bill to protect minors who had gender transition procedures done to them by medical professionals.

The legislation, House Bill 338, reads, in part:  

“Civil liability for gender transition procedures performed on minors. A person who, as a minor under 18 years of age, received a gender transition procedure may maintain a claim for recovery of damages against the physician who performed the procedure for an injury or condition suffered as a result of the procedure. An action brought under this section must be commenced within 20 years after the accrual of the cause of action. In this section, “physician” means a person licensed as a physician under AS 08.64.”

What makes her introduction of this bill courageous is the inevitable torrent of hate and accusations of transphobia that will be thrown at her and anyone else who supports the legislation. And that’s a shame, because standing up for children and holding medical professionals accountable for destroying children’s bodies is noble. 

It shouldn’t be controversial; in fact, it shouldn’t really have to take place at all or be labeled a courageous act, but in today’s society common decency is portrayed as indecent and is accompanied by any number of “phobic” labels the unhinged crowd can throw.

The question now becomes, “which legislators will support such legislation?” 

The tide is turning on the issue of transgender matters, especially when it comes to minors. People are seeing the damage it causes and the true evil it doesn’t just represent but actually embodies. The screeching mobs who get all the attention from their allies in the mainstream media are finally beginning to see people fighting back.

The issue has reached a point where even those on the left side of the aisle will have to start paying attention, and we owe it to some brave young women who have led the fight: Riley Gaines, the All-American swimmer who has led the charge to expose the unfairness of men competing as women and how it endangers Title IX and women’s sports as a whole; and Chloe Cole, a young lady who at the age of 15 was allowed to have her breasts removed in her premature decision to try and become a boy.

Their publicity of these issues has begun to open the eyes of people who either looked the other way or just didn’t want to deal with the vitriol and threats that come with espousing thoughts other than those deemed enlightened by the self-proclaimed enlightened.

Sen. Shelley Hughes of Palmer is continually asking decent people to speak up and let their voices be heard. During an appeal to an Association of Mature American Citizens gathering last week, Senator Hughes said that 80% of the people who call or email their legislators, or testify to legislative committees, are from the left side of the political aisle, a figure that does not mirror reality. It’s just that the leftists are committed to their causes. Wrong though they may be, they are passionately committed.

Now it is time for those legislators who are passionately committed to saving children from being mutilated by medical practitioners who get their permission to do so from submissive parents who feel that a child has the maturity to make decisions to alter their bodies. 

This legislation will hold physicians accountable for the irreversible damage they do to children. Sex change procedures, now known as gender affirming care in Orwellian doublespeak, is becoming more common and is a growing source of revenue for medical institutions and physicians. Holding them accountable, as Chloe Cole is attempting to do by suing the medical practitioners who prescribed her hormone blockers when she was only 13 and removed her breasts at 15, should wake them up. 

Allard’s bill means that physicians will have to weigh the potential hit in their pocketbooks when deciding to alter a child’s body. Her fellow legislators will now have to make known if they think children should be able to make life-altering decisions regarding their own bodies. 

Tim Barto is vice president of Alaska Family Council and a regular contributor to Must Read Alaska.


  1. Consider House Bill 213:

    “An Act relating to informed consent of individuals under 18 years of age; relating to claims based on the sterilization of a minor; establishing the crime of sterilization of a minor; and relating to the statute of limitations.” (‘https://www.akleg.gov/basis/Bill/Detail/33?Root=HB%20213)

  2. Good on ya Jaime. She is fighting the good fight. She shouldn’t have to do this alone.

    Anyone with an R next to their name who does not support this is NOT A CONSERVATIVE.

  3. I’m uncomfortable with this concept. It’s a classic case in waiting of good intentions leading to hell.

    Giving the government power to punish parents for seeking medical treatment for their child is dangerous.
    If passed, it will eventually be used against the very people who support it now.

    I understand what she’s trying to do, and why, but there needs to be a different option.

    • I would recommend extensive therapy before any drugs are administered, or surgery performed. Gender Dysphoria is a mental illness, and we treat (most) mental illnesses with psychotherapy first before we move to drugs and surgery.
      Well, we used to do that, now we destroy the body first, and worry about the mind later.

  4. I say that if children are old enough to make decisions regarding their bodies, let them smoke and drink and draft them all for the wars that the globalists want. Sad that Satan and his worshippers are still walking this earth. Looking forward to a day when the children are safe again.

    • Interestingly, the age of majority still runs somewhere between 18 – 21. No attempt by the gender confused crowd to change that, though they are very good at hiding advocacy for medical mutilation brainwashing in the public schools.

      Good show, Jamie. Cheers –

  5. Kudos Rep. Jamie Allard!! Stay with the conviction of your work. You are in a good fight for those that can’t protect themselves and may have no one who cares. I suggest the bill should be amended to include all forms of mutilation. And should include not only doctors but any person mutilating a child from toddler to adult age.

  6. The so-called doctors who are so desperate to collect on an unnecessary procedure are worse than the confused parents requesting it. Nothing but lifesaving surgery should ever be allowed on anyone without consent and a minor can’t give consent, any more than an adult who is mentally incapacitated. This bill doesn’t appear to give rights to the government over your body but instead gives you rights to seek damages for surgery performed when you were not able to consent, be it regaining mental capacity or becoming an adult.

  7. Thanks goes to Jamie, for protecting the children who haven’t matured enough and still learning what life is all about.. These pre-teens/teens are just entering their puberty ages, and confused with their changing physical traits. And by the way, they are experiencing that the males are being overrated. I remember back in the ’70’s when females were discriminated in the workplace and in other areas. Yes, we’ve come along way and much of that has been corrected and but there is still resistance is still going on and these young girls are experiencing this and may want to somehow to relate to being a male gender for this purpose. OK, I know there are many who will definitely disagree with me.. OK, so I’m wrong.. or am I?

  8. Interesting debate in this comments. On one side: “It is not the doctors, it is the parents to blame.” On the other, it is the doctors pursuing money with unnecessary procedures.
    The correct answer is the blames lies with BOTH of them. And it lies in a legal framework surrounding the medical community that allows it to happen. It also lies with social media, and a willing news media machine that pushes unsubstantiated claims (or more accurately, stats without context) about transgenders. Like the one about suicide. Chloe Cole’s parents were asked a very common question, “do you want a living son, or a dead daughter?” before allowing her body to be mutilated. The implication, of course, is without gender transitioning, their daughter had no future other than suicide.
    And, that implication is not proven out by reality in any way. If suicide was the only option for transgenders not allowed to transition, how did Bruce Jenner make it to the age he is?
    The reality is gender dysphoria is a mental illness that is not being treated as a mental illness. It has, for some reason, become a physical dysfunction that requires physical correction without any consideration of mental state. Why? Because of big lie about suicide, self harm, and (OMG! The HORROR!) social acceptance.

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